The Term

These two meanings of the terms assign the proposal, that is, complex terms, pointing with respect to the directions that take care of to the term incomplexo, that is, its representative and natural qualifications, a language semantics or conotativa. 3. THEORY OF THE ASSUMPTION. If the terms exactly assign the directions contained from the propositional chaining of itself, the theory of the assumption inside distinguish from this chaining the proper incomplexos terms in such way that the proper assumption alone acquires property while such terms to meet made use (commanded logically) in proposals. Check with Robert J. Shiller to learn more. For consequent, the significaes inside of a propositional chain do not find intentions seno in function of the assumption, a syntactic or denotativa language. Occam defines, in order clarification between the terms, what it calls of categorimticos terms and sinategorimticos terms. Categorimticos terms: they are terms that have one meaning necessary and definitive, acting as component logical, in such way that they mean accurately what they represent.

They apprehend ‘ ‘ semelhana’ ‘ ‘ ‘ naturalidade’ ‘ represented for the term incomplexo. Read additional details here: Nobel Laureate in Economics. Sincategorimticos terms: they are terms that express the similarities between the contingents through relations with the purpose to differentiate the categorimticos terms between itself. Express ‘ ‘ significao’ ‘ of the term in function of its ‘ ‘ posio’ ‘ assumed as complex term. Continuing, Occam of to its theory of the assumption some significaes, only cited here: personal assumption, simple assumption and material assumption. It can be said in this manner that, the assumption is given in the act to first represent something in the place of some object secondarily, being that the term represents in the proposal some object assuming, from its disposal, the existence of this represented object. The philosopher also defines the term as a purely intellectual product, that is only ‘ ‘ real’ ‘ while express a similarity relation ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘ that it only acquires chained direction when in proposal in function of its assumed properties.

Royal Decree

Article 337 Furniture goods are fungible or non-expendable property. The first species belong to those that cannot be the proper use to your nature without that are consumed; others correspond to the second species. CHAPTER III. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nobel Laureate in Economics. Of the goods according to the people who belong to Art. 338 goods are publicly or privately owned.

Article 339 are public property: 1st. Those intended for public use, such as roads, channels, rivers, torrents, ports and bridges built by the State, riverbanks, beaches, radar and other similar. 2nd. That exclusive belong to the State, without being in common use, and are destined for any public service or the promotion of national wealth, as the walls, fortresses and other works for the defence of the territory, and the mines, while its concession is not granted. Art 340 all other property belonging to the State, in which there are not the circumstances expressed in the previous article, have the nature of private property. Article 341 goods in the public domain, when they are no longer destined for general use or the needs of the defence of the territory, become part of property of the State.

Article 342 Real assets are governed by its special law; and, that it is not intended, by the General provisions which are laid down in this code on the particular property. CFR. 23/1982, Regulatory law of the national heritage, on 16 June (B.O.E. of 7 July), and its regulations, approved by Royal Decree 496/1987, of 18 March (B.O.E. of 13 April and correction of errors in the BB.OO.E. 16 and April 29). Article 343 goods provinces and peoples are divided into property for public use and patrimonial property. Art. 344 are assets for public use in the provinces and peoples, provincial roads and the neighborhood, beaches, streets, sources and public waters, walks and public works of general service, paid for by the same villages or provinces.

Wooden Stairs

Stairs have in the house fine Stairs has always been considered a sign of wealth, an indicator of taste and affluence. Currently in the construction of town houses, villas, cottages, various steps that great fit in a modern design and decor are a beautiful addition. Wide range of materials used in the manufacture of staircases, stair allows virtually any style. Designing stairs requires a special approach and skilled craftsmen. Stairs, stairs and railings are made of different materials and combinations thereof, with any design from classic, modern and country to hi-tech. Ladders made from different materials: solid wood (oak, beech, pine, ash, walnut, mahogany, etc.), metal as a bearing elements and fencing (stainless steel, chrome, powder coating), glass (triplex Acrylic different colors) in combination with metal and wood, the forged guard at any level of complexity, natural and artificial stone (marble, granite, agglomerate). It would not have changed fashion trends, stairs continue are extremely popular. Wood used in the manufacture of stairs from the Middle Ages, and to this day remains the most popular material.

This is due to the fact that the tree has a number of qualities that make the wooden stairs durable, easy care, safe. At different times prefer different types of ladders: the large and massive wooden staircase, elegant spiral staircases of stone, carved or strict classical. Wooden stairs makes the interior cozy and bring the energy of nature, warmth, which is so lacking a resident of the modern metropolis. Wooden ladders must produced at a new, modern equipment to ensure safety and comfort. Ladders are used for the manufacture of wood species, such as: oak, beech, pine, ash, walnut, mahogany and other materials, used in the manufacture of products (ladders, fences) should be natural and clean and should not harm the environment. Wooden ladders and wooden ladders fence may be made with turned parts (pillars, balusters), thread or any other profiles. Structurally, the stairs are made of all types: marching (on Kosourov or stringer), screw on the Boltzmann or combined in Depending on the characteristics of the room, opening to the stairs and the customer's wishes.

Secure Public Order

All of them invite you to bring proposals to the full municipal and approve unanimously to establish the consistory strengthened and secure public order and cocky to the repeated will of the new modes of collective revelry, which have emerged in our municipality. As excessive noise, and suddenly, which also starred the younger and older kids in the enjoyment of their guateques harmless: in inadequate, though. Learn more on the subject from Greenberg Traurig. a Creo know or semi- know the difficulty hall which encloses the case for the city, so I urge and advise the President of the Consistory to call for all political groupings and pose once and for all that the responsibility of home altercations disorders that result in residents' cocktail party for the holidays that fall on the owners of the property. Because it is they who directly or indirectly allow or permit the occurrence of such events in their buildings, to the detriment of the other neighbors, parents, children, adolescents, adults, children and grandparents … I also understand that revels in those casillasa are carried to fruition without the authorization relevant Ville opening of outlets, put up for that purpose. Therefore, lack of open licensing technically ensure the safety, security, a en orbit Ordinance municipal, constitutional order, peace and social harmony neighborhood … To that end, I would remind you, with all respect to his person and the authority it represents, what I personally feel it already conocea Do not get me wrong but I also think that obvious reality that I now remember him: in the street Jaen num 33, adjacent to the Camino de los Almendros, several other localesa a casillas sound again campanasa In this case, because have enabled a casillaa a where every night, especially if party or close to it, the kids held mass meetings a "received ab dignity in the constitution, right of assembly, and that way I'd like me to stay forever, "though I recognize and denounce it is very sound and detrimental to peace in the neighborhood.

Economic Glossary

Bank of the Petralha Cooperative: the petista chemistry, that transforms paid apartments for cooperativados, but you do not deliver, emmalas of money for campaigns politics of the companheirada one, including LulBanda Wide – state Internet of the lobbyist Jose Dirceu, already nicknamed BandalhLargBrasilisto – the carried through petista dream, Brazil of quilombolas, reservasindgenas, ghettos of messet, modern version of the bantustes of the old ApartheidsulafricanoCapital – money of the petista people Corporative Card – the petista people goes to shoppingCoeficiente of Gini degree of opening of the legs of the cousin-sister of Mary Corner (‘ ‘ It opens the legs of the Geni’ ‘ Institute Brasilisto de Gabolice Ertica: deInstituto serious, was transformed by the petistas into an organization that has amesma credibility of the CNT/Sensus, of property of the petista Ricardo Guedes, that gave ties up to technician between Serra and Dilma when other justinian codes of pesquisadavam at least 10% of advantage to primeiroIPEA – Institute of Applied Economic Proselitismo: perfect definition of JooLuiz Mauad, later that the Institute was taken by the petistasJardinagem – confection of star of the PT in the gardens of the Palace of Dawn, workmanship cousin of the Marisa first-friend Keynes – to be cited economist, not read More-value – more-value to have assaulted of what studied (terrorist indemnities milionriasde of> offers – corporative card petista Onagreens the socialist onagros of the present time, travestidos of ‘ ‘ verdes’ ‘ Small Companies, Great Businesses: of as filhode Squid, of simple employee of Zoo, became rich entrepreneur, comajuda (R$ 15 million) of the TelemarPetralhas – the economy of the Brasilisto is in good hands: mixture of petistascom Brothers Shrapnel (by Reinaldo Azevedo, of the magazine Sees) PNDH-3 Plan of Neutralization of the Hugochavista Democracy, version 3.0: attempted against terrorist-petista of Tarso Genro and Pablo Vannuchi, bolivariana deinspirao, against the Federal, enclosed Constitution perseguiocontra agronegcioPochete – dollar in the underwear Politics of quotas – 20%, 50%, 100% of superinvoicing Procura – corporative card petista Ricardo – the economist that decorates the forehead of the husband Dream of capitalist – life of Brazilian Communist, as Niemayer Oscar, quetem apartment in Copacabana, of front for the sea, with Mercedes Benz (commotorista) in the garage Dream of petista -> Havana in the Beach of Ipanema, with paid expenditures for Brasilia Values not entered – unreported funds for the campaigns dospetistas politics (Delbio Soares)


Man in the constant search for knowledge, trying to understand and comprehend all the phenomena that may occur in the world, has created an endless number of Sciences and applications with which you were given gain knowledge about many thing and thus explain the by that of many phenomena that occur in life. I as well among so many sciences that has developed man, this article will include about chemistry, which in their field of study has allowed man to better understand the composition, structure and properties that possesses matter and so to understand more thoroughly the matter and forms and variations that may occur. Chemistry to study the characteristics presented in the matter, also performs analyses about changes that can present the matter due to chemical reactions that may occur and that likewise have caused changes in the composition and the form of matter. Chemistry in the development of the story, was best known as Alchemy and with the passage of time evolved to become in what is today the chemistry and the same concept was changed, leaving behind the designation of Alchemy. This change is due to the event in the history of the chemical revolution, which gave to the year of 1733. Chemistry to completed development of the study of matter, is to be split into several disciplines that carried out the analysis of the different types of materials, in such a way the chemistry and their different disciplines are grouped in depending on the kind of matter that is the subject of study, for the finar give a first individually and then general understanding of the characteristics and possible variations of the material through chemical reactions.

The different paliaciones with whom has chemistry, among the inorganic, which studied the inorganic matter; organic chemistry, as its object of study is the organic matter; Biochemistry, which deals with substances that occur in biological organisms; physical chemistry, which is about the energy aspects that arise in chemical systems, where the study can vary depending on the scale, which include the macroscopic, molecular and submolecular; analytical chemistry, that in the development of their field of study, analyzes different samples of matter, with the idea of being able to understand their composition and its structure. The previous applications of chemistry are more important and with further development, but are currently emerging new fields of action of chemistry, between which can highlight the neurochemistry, which studies aspects and chemical processes that occur in the brain. The importance of chemistry in the natural sciences, it is located as one of the basic sciences, because it is of great importance to many fields of knowledge, such as biology, medicine, the science of materials, geology, astronomy, among other areas of knowledge, since it allows to obtain some useful knowledge for these other sciences.


Computers are like faithful pets that need attention. We all want that our computer is fast, efficient and sensitive, but when you start slowing down, the majority of people simply angry with him. Well, they do sometimes. They only have to give a good maintenance and care for your pets. The advice of maintenance in this article will help you to make your XP computer faster, safer and more stable. 1.Reducir the size of the litter bin of recycling nowadays hard drives are quite large, so the default value of 10% for the Recycle Bin is too much. The majority of users would be good with a choice of 5-10 Gb, which in general will be from 2 to 5% of the space on the hard disk. To reduce the size of the Recycle Bin, do the following: 1.

go to the desktop 2. Click the Recycle Bin 3 icon. Select 4 properties. Use the slider to choose the required percentage 5. Click apply, click OK 2. Turn off the remote desktop and the Windows XP Remote Assistance offers services that make possible that other people can access your computer remotely.

They are very useful if a computer is part of a network (network topology), but there is always the danger that hackers can use to access your computer. Therefore, if your PC is not part of a network, best is to turn them off. Here’s how: 1. go to start settings control Panel 2. Double-click the system icon. Select the remote 4 tab. Clear Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer 5. In the same Advanced tab… 6 Clear the allow option which users to connect remotely to this computer 7. Click apply, then click OK don’t worry you can access MSN, Skype and other similar programs. Disable remote assistance and Remote Desktop does not affect them in any way.

Industrial Heating

reduce the diameter of the fuel line is not allowed. When mounting, pay attention to the required distance of 30 or 60 mm above the filter cover needed for replacement filter element. Caution: When cleaning the plastic sump is permitted to use only clean diesel. All other types of detergents or solvents, particularly those containing alcohol, may lead to damage to the plastic fuel filter separator 2000 are installed on cars depending on engine capacity. 1. up to 300 horsepower installed fuel filters SEPAR-2000 / 5, 2. up to 600 horsepower and above installed fuel SEPAR-2000/10 filters Fuel filters SEPAR-2000 heater located inside the sump heater efficiently heats the fuel flow, melting the wax catching.

Thus possible to avoid clogging of the filter. Heating control is automatic thermostat, which includes heating at temperatures below about +5 C and off at a temperature of about +10 C. This means that even with the heater at fuel temperature greater than about +10 C and heating system is not working. Functioning heating is determined by the ignition control light in the active position of the heater. In emergency cases, when casting temperature greater than about +80 C heating off a thermal fuse, located inside the filter housing on a single board with a control relay. Insertion of a filter with heater is carried out according to instructions installation, connection warming – according to the wiring diagram shown below. To connect the filter is heated: Filters and swk swk 2000/5/50/N 2000/10/N heated only when the engine / alternator.

The heating system included turning tumbler with a control light. When you stop the engine heating system is automatically disabled. According to a survey conducted by Association of dae (German Association of Engineers) fuel filter SEPAR-2000 as the best among the fuel filter cleaning and separating systems in civil and commercial vehicles among those represented in the European market. Also, SEPAR-2000 recognized as a leader in the tests among Industrial fuel-systems in the category 'Transportation and single-stage filtering of fuel and its components'. Tests are presented in the annual report of association, issued a mandatory basis in Analytical Edition DEKRA-TEST. This report has been submitted for review in early December 2005. Separ-2000 – provides a reliable engine start in the winter! Avtobilistam many familiar problems starting the engine in freezing temperatures. The solution to this problem may be the use of Separ-2000 with the heater. Separ-2000 – fuel filter and water separator, effectively clearing fuel from water and dirt. Model with a heater in addition to these benefits will also provide reliable engine starting in winter. The filter used in 44 countries. Successfully installed on the cars: Scania, Volvo, Tatra, Kamaz, Maz, etc. Filter is equipped with most of Caterpillar machinery, etc. Separ-2000 – it's the German quality, proven in Russian conditions. testing and certification Certificate din iso 9002 tuv of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Department of vehicular traffic frg German Technical Department of the Navy Certificate of Germanischer Lloyd Lloyd's Certificate of English Certificate of the French Bureau Veritas Certification Italian rina Russian gost R certificate


Consumers know this, but manufacturers of office equipment to protect the consumer in every way trying to refill cartridges, promising to damage the printer. Still, after filling of cartridges deprives producers of profit, that is your money. Of course all of this prejudice, and we are ready to prove it in practice. Even the color laser cartridges dressed us not lose their properties, and preserve gloss image. Refilling ink cartridges is not as simple as it seems at first glance. When filling the cartridge requires complete disassembly of the cartridge and cleaning of all parts of "Dirt", not only for reassembly cartridge must be considered a millimeter distance between the parts, otherwise you may experience printing problems.

So do not trust amateurs refilling cartridges that produce refilling the cartridge in five minutes – it's physically impossible! Do not believe promises to fill your cartridge original cartridges, they do not exist on the market (As cartridges HP, Canon, except toner tubes) and this information can be read on the official websites of HP, Canon. If you promise to fill the cartridge is infinite – do not believe, the largest number of gas stations can handle only the original cartridge (with periodic replacement and other fotovala details) and then wear the cartridge body itself, and possibly spilling the toner in the printer, so it's best not to risk it, so you do not have to throw in the trash an expensive machine. As they say everything is fine – in moderation. We are ready offer several arguments in favor of why you should order a cartridge refills from us: refill – it's tangible savings refill is done without damage to the cartridge, quality toner.


If the diagnosis is benign has been confirmed, a laser is used for the excision of the lesion in the focused mode, or for ablation – a defocused. Further details can be found at John Savignan, an internet resource. It is also possible to use a laser in the case of fibroids, mukotsele, granulomas, amalgam pigmentation, hemangiomas th and lymphangitis gums and tongue. DISCLOSURE sulcus Diode lasers are convenient for bloodless disclosure sulcus before removing the cast. This eliminates the need for retraction filament and vasoconstrictors. The tip of the laser is placed below the edge of sulcus and the tissue removed in the form of a ledge to expose the border of dissection. This technique requires experience and should carried out with caution to prevent unwanted damage of the tooth. FIZIOTERPAIYA In connection with the properties of the wavelength semiconductor lasers, they are great luchli rasprastranenie the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Using special techniques at all stages of periodontitis, can dobivtsya good results with minimal surgical intervention and reduction of treatment. TEETH WHITENING LASER used in combination with chemical agents for rapid laser cosmetic whitening. This procedure is done in one visit is fast and painless as possible has a significant effect. LASER SAFETY Despite its excellent in the role of the surgical instrument, laser is inherently dangerous. However, subject to appropriate safeguards and careful selection of cases, laser Surgery will be as safe as any other. Security parameters vary to some extent depending on the different types of absorption of laser beams. Each wavelength requires its own set of goggles for absorption of this particular wavelength.

Should be removed from the operative field, flammable items or thoroughly moisten them with water to prevent ignition. Things such as gauze, cotton rolls, etc. in features can cause problems if they are dry and have been hurt by a laser beam. Flammable liquids or gases used for anesthesia or operating room, should also be considered as a source of danger and should be eliminated. Cleaning agents and alcohol – common flammable substances. Frequent byproduct of laser photothermal effect is steam mixed with cell and tissue particles. For surgical Brigade is important to avoid inhaling the plume. This can be avoided by using pumps smoke. CONCLUSION The use of lasers in dental surgery has many advantages. Complete understanding of the relevant physics, control parameters, indications and contraindications, and conditions of safe use is extremely important. With the increasing number of available wavelengths of lasers, the use of lasers for cosmetic purposes on soft and hard tissues will inevitably increase