Economic Glossary

Bank of the Petralha Cooperative: the petista chemistry, that transforms paid apartments for cooperativados, but you do not deliver, emmalas of money for campaigns politics of the companheirada one, including LulBanda Wide – state Internet of the lobbyist Jose Dirceu, already nicknamed BandalhLargBrasilisto – the carried through petista dream, Brazil of quilombolas, reservasindgenas, ghettos of messet, modern version of the bantustes of the old ApartheidsulafricanoCapital – money of the petista people Corporative Card – the petista people goes to shoppingCoeficiente of Gini degree of opening of the legs of the cousin-sister of Mary Corner (‘ ‘ It opens the legs of the Geni’ ‘ Institute Brasilisto de Gabolice Ertica: deInstituto serious, was transformed by the petistas into an organization that has amesma credibility of the CNT/Sensus, of property of the petista Ricardo Guedes, that gave ties up to technician between Serra and Dilma when other justinian codes of pesquisadavam at least 10% of advantage to primeiroIPEA – Institute of Applied Economic Proselitismo: perfect definition of JooLuiz Mauad, later that the Institute was taken by the petistasJardinagem – confection of star of the PT in the gardens of the Palace of Dawn, workmanship cousin of the Marisa first-friend Keynes – to be cited economist, not read More-value – more-value to have assaulted of what studied (terrorist indemnities milionriasde of> offers – corporative card petista Onagreens the socialist onagros of the present time, travestidos of ‘ ‘ verdes’ ‘ Small Companies, Great Businesses: of as filhode Squid, of simple employee of Zoo, became rich entrepreneur, comajuda (R$ 15 million) of the TelemarPetralhas – the economy of the Brasilisto is in good hands: mixture of petistascom Brothers Shrapnel (by Reinaldo Azevedo, of the magazine Sees) PNDH-3 Plan of Neutralization of the Hugochavista Democracy, version 3.0: attempted against terrorist-petista of Tarso Genro and Pablo Vannuchi, bolivariana deinspirao, against the Federal, enclosed Constitution perseguiocontra agronegcioPochete – dollar in the underwear Politics of quotas – 20%, 50%, 100% of superinvoicing Procura – corporative card petista Ricardo – the economist that decorates the forehead of the husband Dream of capitalist – life of Brazilian Communist, as Niemayer Oscar, quetem apartment in Copacabana, of front for the sea, with Mercedes Benz (commotorista) in the garage Dream of petista -> Havana in the Beach of Ipanema, with paid expenditures for Brasilia Values not entered – unreported funds for the campaigns dospetistas politics (Delbio Soares)


Computers are like faithful pets that need attention. We all want that our computer is fast, efficient and sensitive, but when you start slowing down, the majority of people simply angry with him. Well, they do sometimes. They only have to give a good maintenance and care for your pets. The advice of maintenance in this article will help you to make your XP computer faster, safer and more stable. 1.Reducir the size of the litter bin of recycling nowadays hard drives are quite large, so the default value of 10% for the Recycle Bin is too much. The majority of users would be good with a choice of 5-10 Gb, which in general will be from 2 to 5% of the space on the hard disk. To reduce the size of the Recycle Bin, do the following: 1.

go to the desktop 2. Click the Recycle Bin 3 icon. Select 4 properties. Use the slider to choose the required percentage 5. Click apply, click OK 2. Turn off the remote desktop and the Windows XP Remote Assistance offers services that make possible that other people can access your computer remotely.

They are very useful if a computer is part of a network (network topology), but there is always the danger that hackers can use to access your computer. Therefore, if your PC is not part of a network, best is to turn them off. Here’s how: 1. go to start settings control Panel 2. Double-click the system icon. Select the remote 4 tab. Clear Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer 5. In the same Advanced tab… 6 Clear the allow option which users to connect remotely to this computer 7. Click apply, then click OK don’t worry you can access MSN, Skype and other similar programs. Disable remote assistance and Remote Desktop does not affect them in any way.

Industrial Heating

reduce the diameter of the fuel line is not allowed. When mounting, pay attention to the required distance of 30 or 60 mm above the filter cover needed for replacement filter element. Caution: When cleaning the plastic sump is permitted to use only clean diesel. All other types of detergents or solvents, particularly those containing alcohol, may lead to damage to the plastic fuel filter separator 2000 are installed on cars depending on engine capacity. 1. up to 300 horsepower installed fuel filters SEPAR-2000 / 5, 2. up to 600 horsepower and above installed fuel SEPAR-2000/10 filters Fuel filters SEPAR-2000 heater located inside the sump heater efficiently heats the fuel flow, melting the wax catching.

Thus possible to avoid clogging of the filter. Heating control is automatic thermostat, which includes heating at temperatures below about +5 C and off at a temperature of about +10 C. This means that even with the heater at fuel temperature greater than about +10 C and heating system is not working. Functioning heating is determined by the ignition control light in the active position of the heater. In emergency cases, when casting temperature greater than about +80 C heating off a thermal fuse, located inside the filter housing on a single board with a control relay. Insertion of a filter with heater is carried out according to instructions installation, connection warming – according to the wiring diagram shown below. To connect the filter is heated: Filters and swk swk 2000/5/50/N 2000/10/N heated only when the engine / alternator.

The heating system included turning tumbler with a control light. When you stop the engine heating system is automatically disabled. According to a survey conducted by Association of dae (German Association of Engineers) fuel filter SEPAR-2000 as the best among the fuel filter cleaning and separating systems in civil and commercial vehicles among those represented in the European market. Also, SEPAR-2000 recognized as a leader in the tests among Industrial fuel-systems in the category 'Transportation and single-stage filtering of fuel and its components'. Tests are presented in the annual report of association, issued a mandatory basis in Analytical Edition DEKRA-TEST. This report has been submitted for review in early December 2005. Separ-2000 – provides a reliable engine start in the winter! Avtobilistam many familiar problems starting the engine in freezing temperatures. The solution to this problem may be the use of Separ-2000 with the heater. Separ-2000 – fuel filter and water separator, effectively clearing fuel from water and dirt. Model with a heater in addition to these benefits will also provide reliable engine starting in winter. The filter used in 44 countries. Successfully installed on the cars: Scania, Volvo, Tatra, Kamaz, Maz, etc. Filter is equipped with most of Caterpillar machinery, etc. Separ-2000 – it's the German quality, proven in Russian conditions. testing and certification Certificate din iso 9002 tuv of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Department of vehicular traffic frg German Technical Department of the Navy Certificate of Germanischer Lloyd Lloyd's Certificate of English Certificate of the French Bureau Veritas Certification Italian rina Russian gost R certificate


Consumers know this, but manufacturers of office equipment to protect the consumer in every way trying to refill cartridges, promising to damage the printer. Still, after filling of cartridges deprives producers of profit, that is your money. Of course all of this prejudice, and we are ready to prove it in practice. Even the color laser cartridges dressed us not lose their properties, and preserve gloss image. Refilling ink cartridges is not as simple as it seems at first glance. When filling the cartridge requires complete disassembly of the cartridge and cleaning of all parts of "Dirt", not only for reassembly cartridge must be considered a millimeter distance between the parts, otherwise you may experience printing problems.

So do not trust amateurs refilling cartridges that produce refilling the cartridge in five minutes – it's physically impossible! Do not believe promises to fill your cartridge original cartridges, they do not exist on the market (As cartridges HP, Canon, except toner tubes) and this information can be read on the official websites of HP, Canon. If you promise to fill the cartridge is infinite – do not believe, the largest number of gas stations can handle only the original cartridge (with periodic replacement and other fotovala details) and then wear the cartridge body itself, and possibly spilling the toner in the printer, so it's best not to risk it, so you do not have to throw in the trash an expensive machine. As they say everything is fine – in moderation. We are ready offer several arguments in favor of why you should order a cartridge refills from us: refill – it's tangible savings refill is done without damage to the cartridge, quality toner.


A different and innovative option for all those tourists who visit Spain, is to tour the ribera del Duero River (572 kilometers long). One of the current alternative is done through comfortable and luxurious cruise ships that pass through the region of the autonomous community of Castile and Leon. On board these large ships one can appreciate the spectacular architecture of the place and a great variety of landscapes that beautify all towns and cities that this extensive river crosses significantly. The provinces of Valladolid, Soria, Zamora, Salamanca and Burgos, have become over time, forced places of visit of all the tourists that loops through the extreme south of Europe, on the border with Portugal. The buildings of religious origin and romantic art grace the regions. Similarly, medieval castles and Roman bridges, which exceed the number of one hundred, adorn a landscape that involves memories of other times. Cruise ships that sail through these latitudes visit cities that were the cradle of great poets, as it was Soria, with the passage of the matchless writer Antonio Machado. In turn, they still go places as Aranda del Rio, reference point for the typical Castilian gastronomy and the town of Tordesillas, place where was signed the Treaty that handed out the new American lands between Spain and Portugal.

But, it should be noted, that the great appeal of this land full of history and charm, is its wine production, considered one of the best in the world, for the control of quality of their vines. Wine ribera del Duero is considered one of the best wines in the world. Thanks to the Council regulator of the designation of origin Ribera del Duero created in 1982, the region enjoys international prestige in production, with certified quality, all their strains. Wine characteristic of the area is the Tinta del Pais of excellent properties. It should be mentioned, that are primarily produced two types of wine ribera del Duero; the characteristic red wines and roses.

The first wines are weak acid, with touches of aging, sprays of spices, penetrating aroma, balanced in mouth, and close to the Ruby hues. Roses, in contrast, are close to the colorations of roses strawberries and cherries, with fresh aromas, with hints of wild berries, and lightweight when drinking them. Finally, we must mention that some of the typical wineries of this region are: Winery Vina Vilano, Bodegas Prado de Olmedo, Bodegas Balbas, Bodegas Cillar de Silos, among others.

International Business

“Discover how to earn more money (a monthly income and unlimited extra boost). Even while you sleep starting their own Internet International Business” Today we can see that Each country has increasingly poverty. Due to the poor distribution of global wealth. And one reason is education. Because terengganu ‘Well, because the poorer classes are educated to be employed by someone else. It inculcates are required to find a steady job. Be satisfied and productive and stay there until reaching retirement age or retirement. Even parents tell many consider a career or profession according to their class as klang bricklayer, electrician, plumber, ect. A race that does not need to go to college. Because according to many kancil University may pay only the middle class or higher. And the middle class are educated to be professionals. As johor doctors, engineers, lawyers. That is a profession where you can be self employed or work independently. But the problem with the poor and melaka middle class is that hardly can enjoy more freedom of time and simultaneously raise their status in life. Because if they stop their service and knowledge exchange do not earn any safe selangor dollars. And if you want to earn more money have to work longer than others. Which they will decrease their free time to less than 8 hours a day. And eventually his physical capacity to perform their jobs will decrease. Both the majority of people who comprise the poor and middle class do not enjoy sufficient free time than they would like to devote to the activities they wish and enjoy. And on top shah alam of the little time that remains untapped kuantan aswatching television programs that benefit them intellectually unproductive or watching videos and chatting on the Internet. But the economic problems of each being sarawak not disappear kelantan just because of ignoring them. Anyone wishing to improve their quality of life must take full responsibility for their finances. They jalan must learn and apply the formula that creates wealth. A How is the educated and upper middle class (the rich) ‘The middle class jawatan kosong and upper are educated for business owners and investors. Why ‘Because true wealth is created in two basic forms. 1. Through investing money in a business where thanks to efforts taman of others is multiplied. Having people working for you. 2. Multiply big-money through the interest generated kedah by them in a bank account. Knowing these basically two ways that create true wealth. We see that for the poor and langkawi middle class would be difficult to become wealthy. It has no capital (money) enough to even multiply in the bank or invest in a conventional business. It is thought that the only way to start a great business is with a large capital and individual. Because a conventional business requires local costs involved as electricity, water, telephone, Internet, rent, taxes, wages, ect. Now with technological advancement that exists today are like cell phones, and Internet ipodphone the evolution of the ways in which business can be both poor and middle class can reach your desired kota kinabalu financial freedom and stop living from paycheck by check or paycheck to paycheck and stressed by the concern of how to meet their obligations. As you know in business is not profitable conventional teach others their knowledge for perodua their work. For fear that he removed his post or creating more competition for you. But you know that in our business model if it is profitable to teach and help others.

Attract More Money Books

There are many different theories on how to achieve wealth and prosperity. Today the shelves of most bookstores inundated with books that focus on wealth, success and prosperity. For sure virtually every one of you once read or even holding a book with similar content. And what would you ask? And the fact that many of these books contain not only useful, but sometimes very harmful and untruthful information. AND how to understand the common man, who picks up a book the next guru, where the book useful and interesting information, but where is the dangerous virus, which is picked up, you can not only achieve wealth and prosperity, but also lose what you have. The fact that most of these books were written in the last century.

Some of them 20-30 years ago. Information that they presented, it is possible to work for the twentieth century, but today most of it is lost its relevance. Let's look at one of the principles for achieving wealth, which is quite common among well-known and popular authors, but for most people does not work. This principle states that the necessary tightly control its costs, every day carefully record them, and try to set aside each month for at least 10% of their income. And if you decline the optional and unnecessary spending, and will save each day, then theoretically, you have each month will become more and more money. As a result, you will be secured and the rich man. But let's think about whether this really is.