Consumers know this, but manufacturers of office equipment to protect the consumer in every way trying to refill cartridges, promising to damage the printer. Still, after filling of cartridges deprives producers of profit, that is your money. Of course all of this prejudice, and we are ready to prove it in practice. Even the color laser cartridges dressed us not lose their properties, and preserve gloss image. Refilling ink cartridges is not as simple as it seems at first glance. When filling the cartridge requires complete disassembly of the cartridge and cleaning of all parts of "Dirt", not only for reassembly cartridge must be considered a millimeter distance between the parts, otherwise you may experience printing problems.

So do not trust amateurs refilling cartridges that produce refilling the cartridge in five minutes – it's physically impossible! Do not believe promises to fill your cartridge original cartridges, they do not exist on the market (As cartridges HP, Canon, except toner tubes) and this information can be read on the official websites of HP, Canon. If you promise to fill the cartridge is infinite – do not believe, the largest number of gas stations can handle only the original cartridge (with periodic replacement and other fotovala details) and then wear the cartridge body itself, and possibly spilling the toner in the printer, so it's best not to risk it, so you do not have to throw in the trash an expensive machine. As they say everything is fine – in moderation. We are ready offer several arguments in favor of why you should order a cartridge refills from us: refill – it's tangible savings refill is done without damage to the cartridge, quality toner.