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In such a way, she is necessary to understand the historical evolution of the education that must be used as resource, for such historical understanding, some periods, having as parameters practical basic aspects of the educative ones. But, it is necessary to stand out that the history of the education is not linear and to contextualizar it in periods is alone a form didactic and organized to present the construction of the man as for the History of the Education, that was constructed and conceitualizada for the men in agreement its social necessities of each historical moment as a form to favor the construction of the society. Ahead of this conception, she is necessary to affirm that the education all involves the process of convivncia of the human being in the context where is inserted, being the family the first educative institution, followed of school that transmits the institutionalized education delineated for the influence of principles and lines of direction of the proper history of the education. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Growth Strategy Expert. Of this form, can be affirmed truily that the engaged educative system with the formation of the citizen, must have as base the quality that searchs the equality, in way that the pupil if feels privileged independent of the color, race or condition partner? economic and cultural, in way that the affectivity lived for the child, mainly, in the pertaining to school environment is basically important to facilitate the acquisition of the reading. Destarte, the school is a facilitador place of the social life of the pupil and contribuidor for its development and, logically, fortalecedor it its behavior, therefore this educative space makes possible it to it apprehension of rules, values, possible laws of improvement of its personality. Resumidamente, is in the school, also, that the pupil will be able to acquire the knowledge, therefore this must come anchored in a good interaction professor? pupil, searching the development of the person, the personality, pautada in the emotion, as a way to facilitate to the process education? learning, leading, with this, the pupil of the dependence for independence, while to be that before thinking it feels and it searchs its permanence in the world that, also, has its authorship constructed for the made possible knowledge, also, for the reading.

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