A different and innovative option for all those tourists who visit Spain, is to tour the ribera del Duero River (572 kilometers long). One of the current alternative is done through comfortable and luxurious cruise ships that pass through the region of the autonomous community of Castile and Leon. On board these large ships one can appreciate the spectacular architecture of the place and a great variety of landscapes that beautify all towns and cities that this extensive river crosses significantly. The provinces of Valladolid, Soria, Zamora, Salamanca and Burgos, have become over time, forced places of visit of all the tourists that loops through the extreme south of Europe, on the border with Portugal. The buildings of religious origin and romantic art grace the regions. Similarly, medieval castles and Roman bridges, which exceed the number of one hundred, adorn a landscape that involves memories of other times. Cruise ships that sail through these latitudes visit cities that were the cradle of great poets, as it was Soria, with the passage of the matchless writer Antonio Machado. In turn, they still go places as Aranda del Rio, reference point for the typical Castilian gastronomy and the town of Tordesillas, place where was signed the Treaty that handed out the new American lands between Spain and Portugal.

But, it should be noted, that the great appeal of this land full of history and charm, is its wine production, considered one of the best in the world, for the control of quality of their vines. Wine ribera del Duero is considered one of the best wines in the world. Thanks to the Council regulator of the designation of origin Ribera del Duero created in 1982, the region enjoys international prestige in production, with certified quality, all their strains. Wine characteristic of the area is the Tinta del Pais of excellent properties. It should be mentioned, that are primarily produced two types of wine ribera del Duero; the characteristic red wines and roses.

The first wines are weak acid, with touches of aging, sprays of spices, penetrating aroma, balanced in mouth, and close to the Ruby hues. Roses, in contrast, are close to the colorations of roses strawberries and cherries, with fresh aromas, with hints of wild berries, and lightweight when drinking them. Finally, we must mention that some of the typical wineries of this region are: Winery Vina Vilano, Bodegas Prado de Olmedo, Bodegas Balbas, Bodegas Cillar de Silos, among others.