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The rapid development of the Moscow Region market of cottage building makes developers look for new conceptual solutions to attract potential buyers. Indeed, for a successful project requires develop an original concept, an idea that would make it unique in the market. Investment and Financial Company “Atlas”, the developer of the project “Forest Rhapsody”, focusing on current spending requirements created a cottage community, which in addition to the future residents of Ecology, the original architecture and the necessary infrastructure will have a unique opportunity to communicate and outdoor recreation. The settlement “Forest Rhapsody” was an example of a new approach to suburban real estate: permanent residence in the nature of the whole family with a strong emphasis on infrastructure outdoor recreation. Expert on growth strategy often says this. The basis of this idea is unprecedented in size public area recreation, which in total takes about 10% of the total area of the village. Recreation area of the village “Forest Rhapsody” – a 2 ha landscaped park area with shady paths and bike paths, children’s and general-purpose sports fields, intended for a family holiday in the countryside. Currently, the village has completed the beautification of the birch grove, untouched by the construction, landscaped walking and biking trails, complete clearance of the landscape, set laced pavilions and benches around the decorative ponds, on the shores of which in the near future is a cozy restaurant with a delightful overlooking the park. “We understand the desire to Muscovites to go out of town and live in nature..


For example, rents apartments in Odessa on 50-70% less than hotels of the same kind in the same area. At the same time provides the same services that the hotel: online booking, transfers, delivery food and beverage, linen, cleaning the apartment. All these facts make more people coming to Kharkov, to prefer renting apartments in Kharkov, instead of hotel rooms. So if you do not want to pay more housing for rent in a nice alternative for you. You will be able to find housing that will meet all your needs.

For example, 1-bedroom apartment can be studio is newly renovated and all necessary equipment (microwave, TV, DVD, washing machine, etc) will cost about 300 USD / day. One bedroom apartment in Kharkov will cost slightly more, from 350 USD per night, but this price will be significantly less than the price for hotel room. Please note that price does not vary on the number of people. Even in the event of a planned trip with family or if you are coming from the companion, the price of housing will not change. Booking Procedure usually very easy and not time consuming. Apartments in Kharkov is widely available on the Internet.

Simply choose a good agency, review the proposed flats and select a suitable accommodation for themselves. Check-in and check-out the same for all agencies – with the population of 13.00 to 12.00 eviction. Late check-out is also possible, as early arrival. Rules adopted by agencies to make advance payment for an apartment, you zabronirvali. It done in order to confirm your check in to reserve an apartment. Companies for renting apartments will offer you several options for payment, so you can choose the most convenient for you. Thus, Apartments for rent in a number of advantages that will make your stay comfortable in Kharkov. You'll get more comfort, more independence, at the same level of security, but with greater economy than in a hotel. Choose accommodation in Kharkov, and enjoy the comfort and freedom obtained. You can find any apartment in Kharkov taste-from economy to VIP class. Just click on the apartment site and reserve it. Kharkov is waiting for you! Thus, thanks to daily rental kvartirv Kharkov and increasing categories of hotels in Odessa due to repair of Kharkiv will have the required number of hotels and apartments for the reception of guests of Euro 2012.

Social Rights

I believe that the conscience of who we are and what we want makes possible in them to turn this game instituted socially being able and that destroys the biggest wealth that we have that it is our right to the freedom, that is, to live in freedom of not imprisoned choices and culturally instituted the social standards of the leisure. Individual and Collective CHAPTER i Of the Rights and Duties (…) Art. 5. All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, the freedom, the equality, the security and the property, in the following terms (…) CHAPTER II Of the Social Rights – Art. 6. (*) They are right social the education, the health, the work, the leisure, the security, social aprevidncia, the protection to the maternity and infancy, the assistance to the abandoned ones, in the form of this Constitution (…) IV – minimum wage, fixed in law, national unified, capable to take care of to its basic vital necessities and the ones of its family with housing, feeding, education, health, leisure, clothes, hygiene, transport and social welfare, with periodic readjustments that preserve it the purchasing power, being forbidden its entailing for any end (CONSTITUTION, 1988, pgs: 3 and 8). Although a hard reality of the robery of the playful one (MARCELLINO, 1995) of the child as of the adults exists in such a way, currently, it is needed to create possibilities to usufruct of its rights of playing as moment to be lived fully in all the aspects. Research points the validity of the therapy of the laugh, a condition of improvement of the mood in relation to the life, in everything that turns to its redor? friendships, situations problems, limitations, at last, therefore if believe this are its form of being and being in the world to the returns with games, toys and the tricks becoming playing as inherent action to the human being, to not only diminish stress but as right in fact and not right acquired.

Work And Property

In the civil society the current problems continue most urgent: they mention the work to it and to the property. The socialist experiences of these last one hundred years had taught to the left theoreticians to revalorizar the importance that the property has for the auto-accomplishment human being. The particular property appears now mainly as a form of extension of the personality human being and to affirm its self-determination on the things of the world. In relation to the State. John Savignano is a great source of information. The ethics politics revised the ideals of a indeterminate cosmopolitismo of Kant, and knew to recognize the analyses of a Hegel regarding the meaning of the nationality and the state organization as the apex of the building of the freedom.

It has a universal common interest, above of the classrooms and the private egoistic interests and of small groups. Many philosophers if had dedicated to study and to denounce the problem of the massificao. In the seated plants or in house before a television device, the men of today are if reducing the simply passive functions, they go unlearning the art of speaking, go losing its voice and its time. Nobel Laureate in Economics does not necessarily agree. The space, exactly the physical space, is also one of the conditions of exercise concrete of the freedom. ‘ ‘ To know is poder’ ‘ , it said the great iluminista Francis Bacon. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES The ethics are a philosophical thought that comes varying its concepts and forms of application since the antiquity until the current days.

With this one sees that the ethics are the main axle for the harmonic conviviality in a society, either it of any locality or time. Findando, is noticed that the freedom is the car head for the good course of ethics, therefore, being the ethics a philosophical reflection, the free thought is crucial to arrive at a law joust and for one better criticidade before the society. The knowledge is the only one that it cannot be violated, therefore is well in the interior of each being.


Travel, learn about different places is a very fun activity and that can generate a lot of pleasant feelings who is making long trips to far and wide for a large territory. If you would like to know more then you should visit John Savignano. But to travel requires a means of transport that allows travel the greatest amount of territory in a short time, you must also be very comfortable and favorable to perform several trips at an affordable cost and in time that is spent on them is not lost but that while time is in the means of transport also is able to fully enjoy different places through which passes to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that are offered so that the view will delight while it is in a comfortable and spacious space. In accordance with the above the means of transport which has so nice feature is the train, which offers the possibility of spending a pleasant time while is that making the trip in a fast way and offered prices really low. For those who want to learn a little more about the train, to decide to make a trip to one of these excellent means of transport or simply want to learn a little more of this, in the development of this article is made a description of the train and its components. According to the foregoing referring to the train is doing this mention to even set of carriages, in which you can store different elements, whether that wineries, available as dining rooms, bedrooms, halls of dances, finally wagons can match in any way and you have on these different elements, the carriages of the train are willing to rail transport; referring rail transport refers to the displacement by different paths, in the case of trains from tracks formed with metal Rails which moves the train, but so that these cars can move by railway tracks is needed the presence the locomotive; but you have to keep in mind that these have already been mostly you relegas to load and not to the transport of persons, by which the medium that currently is used to move the carriages of the train are the warehouses, which allows the self propel of trains, which allows you to locate on trains bullets that move thanks to the forces of repulsion and attractive magnetism, which allow the transport takes place much more rapid. In today’s world the train and its different forms have enabled a great development of the societies in which the train can be found this offers an option applicable to different activities that allow that certain fields can develop in a more optimal manner and with more benefits. So the train can be applied in the city as a means of transportation from one place to another, thus eliminating somewhat vehicular traffic, because trains you can move large numbers of people, quickly and safely.

Another possibility is the transport of cargo, since by the good number of wagons owned by the train can store large amount of merchandise or anything else. This application would be ideal to move long distances. The train is also widely used as the ideal form of transport for the development of tourism, because it allows you to move to different quickly places and wagons are appropriate so that they seem so comfortable pieces, are used to go from one country to another in a very pleasant manner. Original author and source of the article


The future of cinema in 3D animation? A week ago, the Federation of cinemas of Spain presented the results corresponding to 2009 ticket sales. With a collection of 675 million euros, 9% more than in the previous year, and after four years of fall, since seems it that the trend of destruction that had prevailed until now has been broken. . Do two reasons explained this increase: a greater variety and quality of Spanish cinema and the emergence of the 3D, which leads us to ask ourselves: which makes such an attractive 3D for viewers? In addition, this technology is becoming more accepted and more theaters that incorporate it. Robert J. Shiller pursues this goal as well. With a fleet of 225 rooms in 3D (286 digital) and 30 planned releases in this format this year, the future of 3D cinema paints very well. About 32 million euros in adapting rooms to it have been invested. Digital cinema will be beneficial to all members of the film industry, both for the State because it enables a greater and better dissemination of cinema European, as for the production or distribution since it allows to both save costs.

Ahead are several themes that fix: improve the narrative quality and above all to eliminate the use of sunglasses. To broaden your perception, visit Professor Rita McGrath. Not everyone thinks that digital 3D cinema and animation are the cure for all the ills of the film industry. Some believe that it is only a passing novelty, others criticize that it is dominated by the large American multinationals. You can also that digital cinema is at odds with a good script. On the other hand, it seems a very affordable format for young people and new ways of viewing such as Digital Television or portable consoles. Original author and source of the article

The Car Business

– Foreign cars incomparably safer. According to Michael Yudin margin rental business now stands at 20-25%. However, to obtain a stable income is important to ensure maximum vehicle load. On average, one vehicle operated by about 230 days a year. – Well, when the machine is working in the office 65-70% of the time.

This is comparable to world average load is 72% – said Yudin. – But to ensure such a result, money for advertising is better to spare. By experience companies in the early stages of advertising has to spend up to 10% of the total budget of the firm. According to Michael Yudin, most fun car to take a long term lease to corporate clients. The cost of car rental services at the same time much lower, but the benefit is still there, as increasing the load factor. For example, if you rent a car economy-class standing in Rolf-hire "$ 55 at the time of day, then the cost of monthly rent is determined by the rate of $ 30 per night ($ 900 month).

But renting a long term lease can not expend energy on finding new customers, lowers costs time on paperwork and inspections. In addition, not all machines are in demand for 17 days a month, requiring to earn the same $ 900 upon delivery of cars at the standard rate. Peak sales of car rental companies have for the summer, when increasing the flow of travelers. According to specialists of the company, "Avent" summer demand increases by 30-40%.

Property Becoming Cheaper

2009 for the Russian Federation, despite the optimism prevailing in the central channels of TV, was negative. Production fell by more than 13% decline in GDP of power is still less than the promised 9%, but even this value is fatal to economic laws which recognize only increase. Unemployment is rising: in October of unemployed increased by 400 thousand people. Services of natural monopolies continue to grow the planned rate: gas and electricity Expensive, although the dynamics of world prices and demand change. With the reduction in income and inflation is increasing prices for utility services, electricity and gas-finish budget average for the family.

Citizens begin to save money on food. Against the background of the devastation dealt to the assurances of realtors and representatives of construction companies that the housing market bottom has been reached again and apartments can be viewed as an investment. These findings built on the simple fact that demand and housing prices started to rise in the autumn of 2009. But they also persistently overlook egregious set of facts to the contrary. For example, that the lease of commercial real estate has fallen in price in two or three. The size of rental property – one of the tools for assessing the price of the property.

If the rent falls three times, the price of real estate is reduced proportionally. And the real situation is that the price dropped much smaller, which means that there is no fundamental prerequisites for increasing the value of the property, so as much more profitable to rent what is rather than trying to build. In general, the key to growth property value is the number and value of money, but here the full blockage.


If the leader is far from reality or ceases to be sensitive to your people, your own vision is in danger of become a utopia. Early successes can cause myopia in the vision of the leader, or you create infallible and refuses to understand the realities from other points of view. The leader must always be willing to reorient your own vision. Greenberg Traurig may not feel the same. Be intolerant toward because always has done so, by not in a different and better way? This sense of dissatisfaction is an energy source of the charismatic leader, who is always looking for opportunities to do more with the same or less, and is impatient, seems to have a hurry to change things here and now, it is always identifying major challenges, although this speed can become weakness if not consolidating and landing in the form appropriate to each change. Positive dissatisfaction is an essential ingredient for the corporate life and vital part of the success of the company’s excellence.

The leader must develop this sense of optimistic discontent in his subordinates and simultaneously must project an image of far superior to the present situation future. Speaking candidly John Savignano told us the story. The leader must develop a frank and trustworthy communication with his people to perceive deficiencies and take advantage of the opportunity of unreported improvement, because there are also options for improvement not necessarily derived from deficiencies. Nothing will happen until our people do not aware of the need for change, this attitude derives the real sense of overcoming, and the leader must become a raising agent and constant stimulus to challenge the current status and launch his team to the browser for new solutions. In the measure that achieves it is measured the effectiveness of the leader. What does this mean?, you’re reading these lines pregunto you: really are you satisfied with your company?, may be improved? We can overcome our status?, we can achieve that our company, our Department, our area or our post is better? We believe that it can be, we already have this tiny seed is germinating, not from the point of view negative, critical or destructive, but as a positive encouragement that really drives us to make things right.


When you carry plants with root balls need to pay attention to the fact that the components do not collapsed. In no case can raise the plant by the trunk. If the room is too heavy for one person, it should be put on a piece of cloth or a film and move together. The probability of adapting bush decreases in the case coma damage during transport or planting. In such cases, after planting should especially take care of soil moisture, and also to limit transpiration that is, the evaporation of water from plants through wrap it in sunshields net, burlap or other fabric, air flowing. Such protection can also be made from the film, but then you need to do it, the ventilation holes.

After planting with a lump can not be too compact the soil around them so as not to spoil the room. * Planting of plants grown in containers now, this method of growing plants is the most popular. I farmed like manner of plants, there are most likely to get accustomed to the new location. In containers not only grown shrubs typical of hedges, such as, for example, privet. Storage containerized plants significantly eased, they were not necessarily planted immediately after purchase and can keep even a few weeks, paying attention only to the fact that the soil in the container does not dry. Another positive aspect is a very long period landing of such plants, continuing the first-round, except for the season when the soil freezes.