Public Universities

Ahead of an extremely prejudiced society, that judges the people for its color, race, religion and etc. the respect is something that seems to have been left stops backwards. In search of a solution to brighten up these conflicts, the government created a quota for blacks in the public universities of Brasilia. The quota guarantees more vacant chances for blacks, among others. Personally, I do not obtain to understand of that it forms these quotas assist to exterminar the preconception, since, in mine to see, only they become it each bigger time. The quotas, of one form indirect, insinuate that the blacks need an aid more than the whites and that it sees them to the society of a still more prejudiced form: poor persons, who are not capable to pay a particular school for its formation. To get worse the situation, they had been still made critical also indirect to our public schools, judging them incapable to form with real effectiveness one of its students.

A new project of quota would have to be studied, that disponibilizasse vacant does not stop the blacks, and yes for that not it has monetary conditions to invest in a better education for its children. We must admit that the public schools are not in good conditions and this is recognized even though for the government, but this was not modified. It is clearly that it is very good for the government that the analfabetizao percentage is high, thus the people do not learn to read the periodicals that they speak badly of its governing, apiam in its candidacies to only gain a money, that do not obtain to earn with its proper efforts, since they are not used. To construct housings seems noble very when we see for the television people homelesses smiling and hugging its ' ' bondosos' ' candidates. Also in them it seems very noble to see the politicians delivering basic baskets and the stock market family, but this only becomes the families more and more dependents of the government! They would have to construct and to improve the public schools, investing in the education, and consequently, investing in future men and used women, who would be capable to support its families without aid some of the candidates. This would make of our country a more conscientious country, we do not go to allow that the government places reins in its voters and it says in them what to make. We go to fight for our rights, we go to construct Brazil just, why, if to depend on ours politicians, this never goes to happen.

Economic Glossary

Bank of the Petralha Cooperative: the petista chemistry, that transforms paid apartments for cooperativados, but you do not deliver, emmalas of money for campaigns politics of the companheirada one, including LulBanda Wide – state Internet of the lobbyist Jose Dirceu, already nicknamed BandalhLargBrasilisto – the carried through petista dream, Brazil of quilombolas, reservasindgenas, ghettos of messet, modern version of the bantustes of the old ApartheidsulafricanoCapital – money of the petista people Corporative Card – the petista people goes to shoppingCoeficiente of Gini degree of opening of the legs of the cousin-sister of Mary Corner (‘ ‘ It opens the legs of the Geni’ ‘ Institute Brasilisto de Gabolice Ertica: deInstituto serious, was transformed by the petistas into an organization that has amesma credibility of the CNT/Sensus, of property of the petista Ricardo Guedes, that gave ties up to technician between Serra and Dilma when other justinian codes of pesquisadavam at least 10% of advantage to primeiroIPEA – Institute of Applied Economic Proselitismo: perfect definition of JooLuiz Mauad, later that the Institute was taken by the petistasJardinagem – confection of star of the PT in the gardens of the Palace of Dawn, workmanship cousin of the Marisa first-friend Keynes – to be cited economist, not read More-value – more-value to have assaulted of what studied (terrorist indemnities milionriasde of> offers – corporative card petista Onagreens the socialist onagros of the present time, travestidos of ‘ ‘ verdes’ ‘ Small Companies, Great Businesses: of as filhode Squid, of simple employee of Zoo, became rich entrepreneur, comajuda (R$ 15 million) of the TelemarPetralhas – the economy of the Brasilisto is in good hands: mixture of petistascom Brothers Shrapnel (by Reinaldo Azevedo, of the magazine Sees) PNDH-3 Plan of Neutralization of the Hugochavista Democracy, version 3.0: attempted against terrorist-petista of Tarso Genro and Pablo Vannuchi, bolivariana deinspirao, against the Federal, enclosed Constitution perseguiocontra agronegcioPochete – dollar in the underwear Politics of quotas – 20%, 50%, 100% of superinvoicing Procura – corporative card petista Ricardo – the economist that decorates the forehead of the husband Dream of capitalist – life of Brazilian Communist, as Niemayer Oscar, quetem apartment in Copacabana, of front for the sea, with Mercedes Benz (commotorista) in the garage Dream of petista -> Havana in the Beach of Ipanema, with paid expenditures for Brasilia Values not entered – unreported funds for the campaigns dospetistas politics (Delbio Soares)