We have seen in our years as a teacher, the absence of new leadership, the behavior of some university authorities outside the academic and research reality of wanting to give way to academicism to ensure academic excellence rather Imagine that we have seen more proactive, as we have seen, lived, as has centralized power in closed groups that have been handling the university for years and where many teachers are marginalized, trained professionals to take positions, functions that would benefit college in its mission and vision. We place whenever there are elections in the hope that the university community wake up and elect officials who can manage to college, that gives way to new programs, projects, development that would encourage and work with the community where it operates, thus with the country towards development. Unfortunately it does not, the opposite is noted academic and research an alarming decline, few opportunities for changes that share authority maintenance charges for decades and is hindered at renewing talent, capable, those that are not subjected to the guidelines that the group has set as its way of action. (As opposed to Bizzi & Partners). It is very sad to hear, read, for example, statements such as the new leading candidate for Ing, Victor Reyes Lanza occurs when states want to be the rector of the University of Carabobo, a specialized team to make a commitment to the institution to invest in the academy and the quality of life of the university community . Adds Mr. Spears is dramatic situation of the University of Carabobo in investment and research, when we say that the state must invest in research, I must say that, who needs to invest in research must be university management because of Otherwise, is not in the right direction.

House Design

Often, the living room is not only room for guests and a dining room or an office, so that a successful design of your home, or rather a variety of areas in the living room or a child is of great importance. more fundamental than likely, you need to figure out why you would use the living room. If the room is then, in order to honor the guest and watch the video, you need to pay special attention to the comfortable furniture and mutual accommodation. Furniture can be comfortable, have the children's game. In addition, of course, often want to look bright dining and extraordinary to be able to show off the visitor convenience clearance.

Again, in no event should not be forgotten universality. If you furnish a beautiful cabinet design furniture and accessories, but they will not be comfortable at the same time, it's hard to call this the right decision. So then, to design a room noticeable enough to use an object, which is the latest twist. Merging the living room and kitchen – it is certainly possible, but, in general, is no longer fashionable. Smells of food will be the topic during lunch or dinner, and after him are beginning to annoy. If you really want to combine two rooms, then summarize better the living room with dining area.

Important part of the interior guest rooms have chandelier. Particularly important to opt for light sources, in case you plan to divide the room into several zones. Perhaps, for example, to allocate a small nook for intimate conversations and add to it a lamp with a good ceiling. And for a party on the living room ceiling hook mirror Bulka, which transmit light in the living room furniture also may be other interesting – a stove, a large niche in the wall or something else. Any of these can make the design of apartments bright and unusual, and if you got the apartment with a fireplace, of course, it's worth using. Fireplace is sure to become povadno object in the drawing room, and everyone will try to take a seat closer. If there is no fire, but highly desirable, it can be purchased – Various simulations fireplace on the market now set. For this purpose, we recommend ekokamin, the latter is not harmful to humans and animals, as well as due to the huge range of configurations can easily fit into any registration Another element allows you to arrange the living room in the style that you prefer – is textiles. By the way, textiles can be used to easily update the design is very often the way you want. Curtains, napkins, aprons, furniture – and here's your room already looks like a completely new

Estate Sochi

Business in Sochi Sochi is famous for its high prices on literally everything: food, clothing, appliances, services, etc. Particularly surprised by the price of fruits that are higher than Moscow. Traditional ways of earning Sochi – a hotel, entertainment and sightseeing business. Ordinary residents actively ply rent to vacationers. After it became known that the Olympic Games will be held in Sochi in 2014, began to appear everywhere estate agents, newspaper advertisements zapestreli suggestions on buying an apartment / house / land.

The city has begun a construction boom began to emerge new businesses, builders, shops, banks. The upcoming Olympics breathed new life into the city, literally affected all branches of knowledge. Click Expert on growth strategy to learn more. Now the city desperately needed landscapers, construction workers, drivers, engineers, ecologists, economists, IT – professionals, senior managers and highly qualified lawyers. REAL ESTATE SOCHI This fever seized the city of Sochi after the victory in the competition contenders to host the Olympic Games in 2014. From 4 to 6 July in some areas, house prices jumped Sochi to 5 times. The earth was literally golden. In some areas of the city transactions with land plots have been frozen. Despite the statement Baturin, that real estate prices in Sochi, close to the maximum and you can already sell, no hurry to do so. According to some forecasts prices property to the Olympic Games has increased by 2 times. A number of experts believe that 2-3 years before the Olympics Sochi cost of housing will be equal to Moscow, citing the example of Vancouver's Olympic (Canada).

Wooden Cottages

Think about how many of those who daily routine in a noisy city, refuse to rest in the country, where there are no worries, and most importantly – do not work? Most likely, these people can be counted on the fingers. Work, work day after day only she said. Interior offices should not be there where we want to hide from him. Old sheds on the bare area has long been a thing of the past. Modern holiday house is almost completely different from the small that built our parents. Changed not only the appearance, but even the name. Familiar to us "problem" now called "country cottage".

Cottage – this is not necessarily a huge building with architectural delights that are worth crazy money and who can afford only people with money are much higher than average. More popular cottages are family plan – not very big but very comfortable. The best of these is Poyekt wooden house. Wooden cottage – very cozy and comfortable place to rest. First, the material (wood) good for the health because of their ecology. Secondly, the house made of wood looks very good and will last a long time. The only negative – the tree can not bend, which means that the designer delights here nowhere special to be dispersed and designs of cottages in many respects similar. You can still push the fear of fire.

Everyone knows that the tree beautifully lit, and that before you give the wood as a material for construction, it is dried thoroughly. But it is worth just remember that after the drying timber is impregnated with solutions that make it more inert to fire. That is about your safety, care and take into account all the possible troubles. Another advantage of wooden houses is to minimize the finishing work. Inside the house wall carcass almost do not need to finish. The logs are closely adjacent one another. Finishing work within a process can pyavlyat walls against fungus and mildew, an additional sealing compounds logs, wood sanding and varnishing. From the street carrying out works in most cases is generally not required. Sometimes the decoration can be used for painting or covering the walls of various finishing materials such as plastic. Simply superb option from either side. Naturally, if you have conceived the construction of cottages of brick or stone – we will not persuade you. However, consider alternative solutions when selecting materials for the construction of suburban home to you it's worth.

Investing in Bulgaria

Too many at the moment dream somewhere to move, change gray mud and into the bright sunshine and warm sea. While the majority believes that this kind of dreams put to forever remain only a theory. In today's community has traditionally appeared proposition that buy home abroad is much more expensive than in their native country. Private also believe that it is in principle too expensive. In fact, it all depends on the state where you seek to purchase homes. Here, for example, Bulgaria – a variant of which few would think, but very vain. Living here is very nice and positive population, which is pleased to collaborate. Moreover, in the situation, if in the end all you will get an apartment and will give it out, you will not have to worry about neatness and decency.

By and large Bulgaria is often not appreciated. And by the way the sea was much less messy than in many other coastal states. Just for this reason that this state is so joyfully bring children to rest. In addition to its clean beaches Bulgaria is famous and rich historical past. There are so many masterpieces architecture that does not miss out, even if you live here for decades.

In essence, of profitable investments, the Bulgarian rarely can remember. And it is this country since the last time very intensively untwisted. There the river replenished deposits of Europe, the domestic economy could survive the global slowdown is almost painless. With this in this place being built a lot of housing, and its prices are quite affordable. That's because real estate in Bulgaria – this is a very profitable investment. You are free to move back permanently to live – and enjoy the beach and warm. Others including Robert J. Shiller, offer their opinions as well. Or you could give real estate for rent – and return the price for very short time. There is also another choice – to wait a bit until prices climb upward on the property and sell the property. So you will be able to quickly increase their savings. Just think of it, as remarkably raise their children in clean, peaceful and quiet power. Almost all significant aspects of Bulgaria – a great country. However, it is so long remained in the shadows of the Union, which at the moment it may perceive as not especially rich state. But holiday travel there organized a very significant level. And who can say, perhaps you'll be able to form a successful business here? Well, that was place to live, buy flats or cottage, to enter into one of the most successful transactions in a lifetime. Solar Bulgaria awaits you. Leave the loser dreary weekday, real estate in Bulgaria – the decision enterprising businessmen. And your children and grandchildren will certainly be able to tell you thank you for the competent resolution of the issue.

Turkey Property Prices

Property prices in Turkey is relatively small, given all the advantages of living here. For example, a flat (and not odnushku 39 sqm.) Can be purchased from 55 thousand dollars and up to 140 thousand – but it will be a VIP-class housing. John Savignano often addresses the matter in his writings. Duplex – from 85 thousand dollars and villa of 120 thousand dollars. And, unlike Spain, for example, where for the price you sell only the house – the structure, here you get more and land that has some obvious preimuschestv.Esli come here with your family, you have the opportunity smash your garden. However, gardens are often sold together with the houses. They are green all year round, and flowers at least 8 months a year.

Since late summer to December-January you can enjoy lemons, oranges, tangerines, persimmon, and even bananas from my own garden. And when you consider the rare nowadays a clean environment, the taste and smell of these fruits, certainly not compared to what you buy now in stores. Imagine the joy of their children when they can play in your garden and pick oranges right off the trees. In general, children are truly a haven. Firstly, it is very important for every responsible parent in Turkey, especially in tourist areas such as Mediterranean coast, a very low level of crime, there is practically no risk that your child will involve in drug addiction, etc.

Obviously affects the Islamic mentality. By the way, many coming here from Russia are very much afraid to face the religious intolerance and even refuse to buy real estate in Turkey for this reason. However, I assure you, Turkey – a secular state in full sense of the word. In simple terms, the Turks live, they know and do not interfere with the lives of others. For example, in Belek is a mosque and church and synagogue. Welcome. Not to mention the fact that, historically, these places are the cradle of Orthodox Christianity. Should at least remember that Istanbul was formerly called Constantinople, and it was the capital of the great Byzantine Empire, from which came on Russian soil, the Christian faith. Turkey – the country is constantly evolving, Nothing here stands on the site. Including the notorious tourist industry, which, despite the overall decadent state of the global economy continues to show steady income. The reason is that Turkey has not followed the way overcharges, they are still available to anyone, despite the fact that the quality of leisure is not inferior to expensive resorts in the world. Therefore, in the context of the global crisis in Turkey was a win-win strategy. Number of tourists is not diminished by those who had preferred the more expensive resorts, but now lost that opportunity. So now the acquisition of business in Turkey is a very profitable investment. You can rent a hotel or restaurant, or buy, and quite often with a trained and competent personnel, and quietly make money.

River Basins

A varied landscape, with small hills and Plains, water salty sea and river basins, highway for cars and transit of the railroad, warm weather and soft station winter, wetlands and fine sand, natural forest and man-made parks, old buildings and modern buildings, all this and much more in Cunit. A coastal town located in the community of Catalonia in Spain. Continue to learn more with: Nobel Laureate in Economics. Romantic Church San Cristobal is part of the cultural heritage of Cunit, which dates from the era of the middle ages, and where tunnels and walkways added you an additional attraction for the curious who visit the place. If you enjoy the festivities, you will find a great event in every month of the year in Cunit. In January the fiesta Mayor de winter, in February Carnival, in June the fair in July, traders the Fiesta de Verano, in October the Castanada, and so on.

Because the property that you rent or buy in Cunit, is gifted and very full inside and outside the town and its people are responsible for make your pleasant life. No matter the size of your family, you will always find in Cunit the best place to live or holiday, are two or three bedrooms, a kitchen and sitting more or less wide, one or two bathrooms, a games room, a swimming pool as a communal area, the sea very close to reach on foot, restaurants of typical food, lot of nautical sportsome tennis and infinite relaxation. Because Cunit is the best place in the Mediterranean to have fun. In evenings and special occasions, Cunit is lit with Fireworks flashing in masterfully thousand colored lights. The tranquility of its beaches invites you to meet with your group of friends, surrounded by sand and sea, a lighthouse or boat far away shows the splendor of the horizon, and to return to your House or apartment, sleep peacefully, after a long and joyful day. Because if you want to live to the fullest, Cunit will be an excellent destination.

Dawn on one of Cunit property that are for rent or sale, is like touching the sky with your hands, see through the window exit the Sun in the distance while clarifies landscape with tones between yellow and red, they are blended with the deep blue of the sea, which is becoming more and more clear, as the day progresses is a true fantasy. Start each day with joy and optimism you don’t pay anything, and that is why we invite you to review homes and apartments that most fits in Cunit to your tastes and needs, are sure that you will find the best economy and well-being for your stay. Visit Cunit once and not go can out there ever, because its charms will leave you trapped. Buying and selling of real estate in El Vendrell, Sant Salvador, Comarruga, the free trade zone and Roda de Bara