The Solution

Peale he meditated it, and then said: yesterday I was in a place where thousands of people have given me to understand that none of them has problems would like to join me? George replied: Yes, I’m going with my suffering to slopes, it seems the right place for me very well replied Peale smiling tomorrow morning will be happy to accompany you to the cemetery because the only people who I know have no problems are those that have given his soul to God. There is a solution for everything except for death, said my grandmother recalls that what is important is not what happens to you what is important is what you do with what happens to you take it as an opportunity to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Keep in mind that one of the objectives of learning and applying NLP is also achieving good communication good communicators imported little rationalizations about why something is not they went well. Appropriate questions you will guide and help to being a good Communicator, to achieve effective communication with yourself and with others to be part of the solution and not the problem! Do you want to learn how to focus on solutions, namely to communicate effectively to obtain the results you want? find out something more of NLP and how to use it to improve your life? Visit our web site and you will get two free E-Books, with two powerful NLP techniques: technique of the anchor and the technique to disrupt and eliminate annoying mental States. Visit already same :> > and receive two free NLP books! Original author and source of the article


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Exemplary Artist

Rosa Fornes, born on February 11, 1923 in Woman s Hospital (110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue), New York, United States, as Rosalia Palet Bonavia, natural daughter of Spanish parents residing in Cuba who temporarily reside in the American city. His mother, Guadalupe Bonavia Fornoza, housewife from Madrid descent and his father Santiago Palet of catalan origin; they had traveled to New York early in 1921 to promote business. They reside in that place until late in 1925, they return to Havana, leaving the father in New York, and later divorced. Lupe, the mother of Rosita marries Jose Fornes Dolz, Valencian who was entrepreneur of perfumery and cosmetics, as well as written had developed his work as a builder of real estate, becomes the father figure, giving lots of love and a daughter verdaera ageing. Rosita is the eldest of three brothers: the second Jose Henry, born in Madrid, and the third Leopoldo born in Havana, both sons of Fornes. In the family existed artistic antecedents through the breast and the brother of her grandmother, was dramatic actor; and a cousin of both was opera singer, his maternal grandfather was impresario. He accumulated a large nightclub, among which highlighted famous operas. His grandmother, before the artistic, and melodious sotes of the girl, sat to listen to those operatic arias and was narrating it fancifully arguments; increasing its musical heritage.

On the other hand, all their playground spun toward art. She acted, sang, declamaba; sometimes with friends and others in the mirror, but did so with such skill that all were admiring his talent. In 1933 the family moved to Spain; settling first in Madrid and then in Valencia, reason that increased his interest in the song and Rosita manages to learn several cuples and coplas.

Social Security

We wonder when we will leave the crisis and when we will live a new expansionary phase. I am personally quite pessimistic in this regard. Only the real estate bubble, no great aptitude and talent requirements activity, gave our country ephemeral moments of well-being. It is not easy to change a production model. It really means break even with a tradition, why not, of a legal nature. And of course previously society has operated a major change of mentality and values. In Spain the entrepreneurial initiative is gun single shot, and with this crisis practically all of our entrepreneurs, they have already made use of it, so it may never again begin.

The liability for a particular title by Treasury or the Social Security for unsatisfied debts, which can lead to the Declaration as guilty of a competition of creditors, or the simple inclusion in a registry of delinquency, among other many threats, will prevent them start again. Inherent to the experience learning, will be dismissed. They will not be able to analyze mistakes. Not even them arise it is, inasmuch as they are aware that the system will not give them a new opportunity, and remembering them, of itself is no longer pleasant. We will live a new expansion when two factors are met. First course will be required an exogenous incentive, called bubble or trend that we come given. And second, that we have a new generation that may feel tempted to carry out. We refer to those who live now teens, totally extraneous to the misfortunes we are dealing with.

We talk about seven, eight, maybe ten years. It may not be otherwise as to current date our country has lost its entrepreneurial strength forever. A host of freelancers and small businesses absolutely not only drowned by their debts; also by an eminently punitive order. If Meanwhile we realise how difficult that is to achieve business success, that only 4 out of every 100 companies survive in the 10th year, perhaps we can autosugerirnos a regulatory change that allows the test of trial and error that allows a wise use of experience that make certain inertia to the creation of jobs, as opposed to the situation that we currently live in which collective redundancies are a constant.