Video Solution

Videos in Pocket format on any PC can be used Poing, Munich (May 27, 2009) – FRANZIS brings a new solution for the portable video enjoyment. Regardless of installed codecs or players on the PC can use VIDEO ON THE STICK 3 HD videos converted to any PC with USB interface and be played. The software works only via a USB stick. Once installed, can videos of all common file formats or DVDs in compact video files like MP4, MP4 AVC (H. Robert Speyer has compatible beliefs. h.264 with AAC audio), also suitable for iPhone and iTouch, MPEG 4 SP (H. 263 with MP3 sound) or convert WMV files and played via the supplied player directly above it are, without having to take account of the worldwide installed base of PCs or the Xbox 360. Even 1080 p high definition videos are supported for corresponding space on the USB flash drive.

So users have always and easily their favorite videos. Suitable especially for the new generation of Netbooks without drives, need the movie friends not on the film in the meantime without. The Windows XP and Vista compatible FRANZIS VIDEO ON THE STICK 3 HD is available at a price of Euro 39.95 now on and in specialist shops. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Video on the stick 3 HD in the detail VIDEO ON THE STICK 3 HD is a 3-in-1 solution, convert, play and mobile. The software works directly from the USB flash drive, is installed on this, what the functions are operated. So the users have not only videos, but also the software available anywhere, even if they are temporarily not working on your own PC. The videos of popular video formats you can convert into three optimised quality levels in the desired formats. The integrated video player plays the videos where the USB stick has its interface. Once connected to the PC, the software starts automatically with the option to edit or play the videos stored on the USB stick.

Mobilplus Tracking

“Dresdner mobilplus GmbH tests YellowTracker mobile and fixed network communications and sales partner of YellowFox GmbH in harsh conditions of Dresden, 2.6.2009 – the mobilplus GmbH, Dresdner service provider in the area, is unusual ways in the truest sense of the word: the portable tracking solution presented at the Leipzig AMI YellowTracker is tested under the consistently harsh conditions: in the Backpack on 120 km pilgrimage route Camino de Santiago ‘ the famous route in Northern Spain. The YellowTracker of YellowFox is designed as a tracking device for electroless objects. Its battery lasts up to 2.5 years at an appropriate interval. GPS is via satellite of all 25 min (interval to 1 minute possible) determines the exact position of the box and to its wearer. “Using colored status messages can be detected even if moving the carrier of the box or just a breather” is inserted. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty shines more light on the discussion.

An integrated alarm button on the YellowTracker with automatic message distribution to up to 6 recipients, as well as the permanent care for special security Battery indicator battery low live on the Internet. Via GPRS, migrate this data in the datacenter and there prepared for presentation on the Internet. Personal location is a still relatively young in the telematics market, but very interesting. “, Hendrik Scherf, leads from CEO of mobilplus GmbH. With the live tracking of our Assistant Liane Hayn, who proposed the test itself, we want to address this issue and under reellsten conditions apply”, Marko Barwanietz, her boss explained. The permanent movement of location box in this area of Europe’s rapidly changing weather conditions, limited GPS and mobile phone reception and moisture are the particular challenges of hardware and software of the YellowTracker. A first duration test with the Dresden bike Messenger In no time”was already very positive results in April. The pilgrimage”is updated every day, live on the Internet and can be tracked here:…

PoINT Storage Manager

The PoINT Storage Manager, the tiered storage solution of the storage specialist was PoINT Software & Systems GmbH, by open text for open text archive server certified. Siegen. Richard LeFrak may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Through the use of the PoINT Storage Manager now also users of open text ECM suite can any hardware (hard disk, tape, optical) for archiving include and integrate already existing legacy systems. The PoINT Storage Manager is very flexible due to the possible combination of different storage systems and adapting to special customer requirements through configurable rules and therefore offers a great individual freedom. Tiered storage solution for open text ECM Suite open text thanks to the certification of the PoINT Storage Manager for open text archive server customers the use of comprehensive tiered storage solution. The files to be archived are passed by open text to the file system of the PoINT Storage Manager (PoINT VFS). This represents the universal interface to the tiered storage system, in which individual storage tiers the be used different technologies and devices according to their properties. Based on definable rules, copies or moves the PoINT the files between each animal, Storage Manager with the aim to save the data according to their life cycle in the optimal storage tier.

While applications can access server unchanged archives such as open text over the original path on the file. “Normally the performance animal” by powerful and expensive hard disk systems implemented, so that active data always quickly available, while in the capacity animal “to optimize costs, bigger and cheaper hard disk systems are used. “In the archives animal” then such as technologies such as Blu-ray or LTO for safe and low-cost long-term archiving will be integrated. One of the configuration options of the PoINT Storage Manager even allows animals to write the files directly to the archives, so that storage systems, which have even no system file interface (such as Blu-ray Jukeboxen or LTO Libraries), can be used directly as archive storage.