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Did you ever participate in Exercise Trust Walk (walk trust)? This is an exercise in which one person leads the second, who in his eyes tight bandage. There is only words, not touching any way way to the slave. And this second, seeing nothing can move, focusing solely on the information he hears from his guide. But before you go to "walk", a slave turned a few times around its axis. Disorientation, which is sufficient to begin to lose not only understanding where you are, but also a sense of balance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from John Savignano. And now – the walk began … In this exercise, a lot of meanings.

Will touch on just one. Spot perception of most people who find themselves in the role of the slave, blindfolded, noted the complexity of the first moment, when the walk began. come to the same conclusion. Why? Because for a while all that for you there – it's you and the point at which you (a little unsteadily) stand. All the space you are now reduced to this point. All your attention – in it.

You – also part of the point. Voices of the conductors, and if heard, it does not have meaning for you now, do not being perceived by. Fortunately, for most of us, this state lasts for very long. But within a few seconds, challenging everything we have is 1) 'I', 2) this point, 3), disorientation, confusion and loss of balance, 4) awareness of their own disability (dressing does not see that balance upset circling, but no physical support).

Normative Resolutions

It possesss a suspended closet of approximately three meters of length I contend six doors where they are the pouches. Also a balcony of a door is used to keep material of expedient and, where the documents are deposited that will be directed by pouch for the units. For the control of processes and received correspondences and documents to be protocolled, the protocol uses three linked computers to the Internet and a laser printer located on the balcony of a door. 4,1 DETAILING OF THE PROTOCOL SECTOR? The sector of protocol of the Prodepa develops its activities controlling the numeration of Crafts, Would carry, Normative Resolutions, Instructions, Letters, that will be signed by the directions, manages and for the presidency. It receives even though from the diverse sectors of the Public Administration and of the units, a model directed generally for internal email (Intranet), where a reading is made, alterations if necessary, after that are placed in the standard established for the company. A way is directed for approval of the secretary of financial the administrative direction, that makes the due corrections and after approved, prints the number of necessary copies so that the direction signs. The protocol sector also receives internal and external the documents that are of importance for the company, and they are given a generated sequential number for all the State with fear &#039 to it; ' number of protocolo' ' , and as form of base of numeration for a possible opening of process. For the Conarq (apud BREADS, 2005, p.27) process is: Generally used term in the public administration, to assign the set of documents, congregated in special layer, and that they organicly go being accumulated in the continuation of an administrative case or judiciary. The protocol number, that registers the first document in which the process is opened, repeated external in the layer, is therefore, the element of control and filling of the process.

Solution Organizations

In these cases the problem of the succession is the key of its continued success. In this culture if it glimpses clearly that the power of the resources with some elements of being able personal is the base of being able main. In it also if it can see that it is deposited much faith in the individual and little in the committees, the judgment is made by results and has tolerance in relation to the ways. 5.2.Cultura of Papers culture of papers is that one that very establishes a relation next with the system to bureaucratic organization, whose drawing is schematical and if it is similar to a Greek temple, in which the emphasis is given them pillars that support the structure (in this in case that the organization), that is, the apia organization of papers its force in its functions or specialties (pillars), that they are strong by themselves. Thus, for example, any department can have international reputation for its efficiency.

The work of them pillars and interaction between the same ones is controlled for the procedures for papers, procedures for communication and rules for the solution of disputes. Frequently, in the organizations that have this type of culture, the paper or description of the work, they have more importance of what the individual plays that it. An activity beyond the given one for the paper is not necessary, what 0ccasionally it can be also destructive. To the individual security is offered and previsibility, chance to acquire specialist skill without risk of danger, rewards for who makes the work according to definitive standard. The success in these organizations if of when they operate in a steady environment, when controls the environment, when the market it is steady, previsible or controlable or when the product has long life. However these organizations are fragile when exchanges in the environment exist, therefore the cultures of papers delay in perceiving the changes and are very slow to effect necessary modifications for its adaptation to the new situation.

Previous Solution

Getting to spray a layer spray, wet the surface in such a way that did not happen when plastering over-absorption of water from the solution. Main requirement for the first layer gallop-spray – its strong connection with the surface, ie fill all irregularities on the surface, a plastered without isolation, reinforcing mesh and drann. Other leaders such as Robert J. Shiller offer similar insights. This is achieved by choosing the desired working consistency of the solution: a liquid for manual application method (slump of 12 cm) or more thick for mechanized application method (slump 9 cm), as well as coating the surface without gaps and the use of filler grain size from 0,3 to 2,5 mm. The thickness of each layer of soil should not exceed 7 mm with lime and lime-gypsum solution and 5 mm in cement mortar. Average total thickness of the plaster does not gallop exceed for a simple plaster of 12 mm, better – 15 mm high – 20 mm. Each subsequent layer of plaster is applied only to gallop after the seizure of the previous layer, if the latter is made of lime-cement or cement mortar, and after the whitening of the previous layer, made of lime mortar. Each layer of plaster gallop (except scratch coat) should be aligned.

Leveled ground wood poluterkom after the seizure of the solution. Smoothing of the solution is not allowed, the last layer of soil leveled so that layer throughout the thickness had one. Freshly ground to improve adhesion to subsequent layers cut into uniform wavy or cross cutting diagonal and horizontal-vertical grooves depth of 3 mm at a distance from one another by 40 mm.

Definable Absolute Structure

Therefore very well! We go to continue then, in accordance with what we finish to clarify, transliterating in a way more esplanade the beautiful socrtica sentence, saying: A thing I know I am that nothing I know, and if I say that I know is because I leave to know what I only know for knowing, being what I so only know the proposal of what I do not know, and when discovering that I do not know I arrive the clear understanding of what I already know. If it makes widely perceivable that in the set of the grammatical structure of the body of the letter we can all acquire a historical knowledge through the Sacred Holy Writs, with this knowledge establishing itself in you vary sources you specify of preceding the theological academic study confiding for bigger specific questionings of similar scientific research of that new teses can be presented. If keeping exactly there the problem of many Christians, therefore for not going beyond this theological academic body they do not obtain to understand because of many theological denominacionais ramifications if to collate without if knowing with who in fact can meet all to the Biblical truth. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nobel Laureate in Economics offers on the topic.. But if to look for unfastening in them of the particularitity of this teaching in extending to a dimension of the bigger depth spiritual on the part of the centered Definable Absolute The holy ghost to mago of the Divine Flash, granted by God, interlaced in our soul, in a full sincronia to the profile of an inherent personality to the standards of a coordinate structure of our ID, expressing itself in appropriate a gradual estruturadamente psychic subconscious balance of referencial expressive contemplation of this spirit, then we will not be so only feeding our reflective intellect more also in shining way ours soul. Being in this way, what it could mean the thought above? Therefore it is in this parameter of the question that structure all centralidade of our Definable Absolute The holy ghost. .

Apartment Doors

Last installed in our apartment door – This is the second entrance. By the time we began to live better, and so we decided to 'pozhirovat' – bought the door from the array. Beautiful such a heavy, solid. Master, who put the door for us, got on remarkably talented and talkative. I did not depart from it even a step, because the prospect of buying yet another canvas for easy money I do not appeal to me. For the first time I saw a set of tools that have not seen even when I repaired the bathroom room. All that he was lying in a large suitcase: the ruler, screwdriver, screwdriver, tape measure, level, plumb bob, chalk, glue, nails, knife, razor (I do not know why she told him.) Also, I saw that the seizure of the loop do miracle electric intrementom called mill and box not being cut example manually by means of a prehistoric gon, simply and quickly by end saws. Master of my first carefully measured hole, then made a markup on the parts of a door frame, then combine all the parts and tried on at the opening.

He made a sample loop, safety bar, having asked me at what height from the floor I need a door handle. Everything was done quietly and carefully. Chips were removed immediately, unnecessary tools shape in back in the drawer. My observations and commentary were seen quietly. Only one we have not agreed in principle, I asked to put the door box on the profile (such how secure the drywall), but he discouraged. I just do not want the box led, and is no longer open the door, but the master assured that everything will be okay. Probably, and he had some kind of its own technology installation of doors: the gaps properly fitted, the optimum amount of foam, precise cutting of the box – but the door at once and still warms my heart a reliable service.

Now I know that if I had a house five doors – I would did not save for their installation. Avaricious pays twice – it's just about me and about my door in the nursery, which, incidentally, still stands today, because the change of the door – this is not a change of shoes: it is long and expensive. One pleases, that none I have not visited the crazy idea to install the door yourself. Because, I think, but frayed nerves, it could still end and hopelessly corrupt and repair a broken finger. And can still change the door? Especially because I want long-door coupe in the bedroom … Well, now I know where my master works. The company "Garant-Service". installation of interior doors

Apartment Plumbing

If the apartment is the water pressure is weak, to diagnose, investigate the cause. Visit Stephen M. Ross for more clarity on the issue. When replacing plumbing pipes put coarse filters. Tap water is not too clean, and the ball mechanism becomes clogged plumbing appliances. Import taps and toilets so the water does not like. It is best to put good filters at the input, then you can connect any, including import, plumbing, and you will be able to to forget about repairing the toilet. The first step is an expert, whom you call home, test tubes and the state determines which ones need replacement.

Often the master diagnoses overall poor condition Intra-riser, due to which deteriorates water inside the apartment. Further, the expert determines whether to disconnect the water. Following this, the replacement of pipes and emplacement santehpriborov. All these of self-respecting company performs in one day. To meet this deadline, the number of workers on site varies from one to three people, depending on the amount of work. We must clearly understand what guarantees the company offers to work on your stuff. Considered a normal situation, when the company gives two-year warranty on the work and two years on materials. This means that a period of not less than two years, the company that installed in your new apartment pipes, will be responsible for proper operation of your pipes, not only for the goods or the installation. A set of tubes, connectors and fittings must not only be technically sound, but always professional met by a reliable supplier.