Prenzlauer Berg

In the two main centers in Berlin, the old district Center and the environment of the Ku dam, but also at the Grunewald and of course in the Prenzlauer Berg rents significantly above the model forecasts (on average in Prenzlauer Berg and Center about 20%). This must not zwangslaufig represent an overestimate of the rates, it may indicate in these cases also unobserved qualities. Bruce schanzer describes an additional similar source. What is striking, however, is that the spatial distribution of deviations differ from the model forecasts in the purchase prices of real estate from the rental. In Neukolln stands out particularly from the results. Both rent and purchase prices are overestimated on the border of Kreuzberg which implies gentrification. Southeast of the Hermann square, rents are still not overrated, but the purchase prices: this may indicate expected Gentrifizierungsprozesse.

According to study evidence of real estate bubbles in Berlin markets of part of, the ratio of the overvaluation between rental and purchase prices significantly for this is generally, whether from an incipient bubble speak can or rather not. “” If fails the overvaluation in the purchase prices greater than the rental price “, so Dr. Yosef Gabriel Ahlfeldt, can this pattern be interpreted as an indication for the beginnings of a real estate bubble”. Because rental relatively well the actual ratio of supply and demand are reflected, the purchase price, however, above all expectations. Southeast of the Hermann square can occur therefore also to a bubble if not the expected Gentrifizierungsprozesse. In other areas, as large parts of the Prenzlauer Berg can speak already of an incipient albeit a small bubble. Maps and info to the PSI on the Internet de/showcase/new psi price / de/showcase/berlin-index-psi / initiators Dr.

habil Gabriel Ahlfeldt is lecturer in urban economics and land development at the London School of Economics and political science (LSE) and an associate member of the Center for metropolitan studies of the Technical University of Berlin (co-head of the urban) Economics Group). Dr. Nicolai Wendland teaches and his Habilitation at the Department international economics of the Technical University of Darmstadt and is also an associate member of the Center for metropolitan studies of the Technical University of Berlin (co-head of the urban economics group).

One Exclusively

This places the capital ahead of cities such as Paris and London. Over time, the acquisition of real estate property in Berlin will also but more costly are: to pay the double budget 2014/2015 Berlin’s Senate has now decided to raise the tax to six per cent. Berlin moves as a result at the top of the German Federal States. Only Schleswig-Holstein demands an even higher tax at 6.5 percent. Investors can offset the additional costs on rents. Thus, especially private buyer of an apartment in the capital would remain affected by the price increase. The tax once levied on the acquisition of a plot of land, will act vigorously to the 1.1 2014.

Currently lucrative conditions for the dream house does not allow to do so comes the interest values for loans in the real estate sector, which long had been at historic lows, slowly tighten. Thus, in the future also loans for the construction of houses and real estate in Berlin would be more expensive. Who thinks now of real estate property in the metropolis, let his big dream for this reason don’t wait. One Exclusively offers inspiring insight and much worth knowing about ambitious real estate projects in the capital city of the July issue of the magazine? Real estate in Berlin from the House of the regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. In addition to the latest highlights of living in the capital the editorial presented also as upscale projects, Prime locations and also ideas for an individual and stylish interior.

Special construction projects in the capital are comprehensively presented and illustrated by photo spreads. A real estate of the month is from the large amount of demanding Berlin residential real estate to each issue of the magazine”selected.

Real Estate Valuation Now

So, for example, information retrieval has become much easier and faster. It took several more days 10 years ago until the required information were available today simply click and download the file ends up in fractions of a second on your own PC. The youvalue GbR uses the rapid capabilities of the Internet to provide important digital products to the real estate valuation. The instant download option, the customers at any time and at any place have access to the online products. The products come from the daily practice of an established expert offices.

They have proven themselves over the years and have therefore a high practical relevance. Recourse to the tried and tested products for the customers means a considerable saving of time. Target groups are not only evaluation professionals. youvalue is rather aimed at all those who have a short or long term interest in the real estate valuation. These include, for example, architects, estate agents, Search for lawyers, caretaker and ultimately the “ordinary homeowners”, the information on market values and market values.

The big advantage of youvalue: You buy only the products you really need. You can download the products with just a few mouse clicks on your own PC and work directly. The you can employ immediately pattern advice and scripts in your own valuation.

Real Estate Needs Strong Partners

Casa art holding GmbH offers its customers a full service real estate investment Wiesbaden in May 2010: A new real estate investment raises questions of principle requiring clarification. So has the buyer as the future landlord and owner duties and obligations as the Casa art holding GmbH real estate experts point out. Therefore, it is for the purchase of real estate for the buyer essential, can rely on the service partner. The Casa art holding GmbH is a reliable partner on the side of the buyer of the first interest about buying and financing up to the rental. At a real estate investment business, it’s about values. Therefore, the Casa art holding GmbH puts a special focus on individual cooperation with each customer. According to the Casa art holding GmbH, nobody can better assess the companies as customers.

Because the Casa art holding GmbH the objectives, who are their clients, with great commitment, whose success is always a success of Casa art. The know-how for a new real estate investment provides the Casa art holding GmbH from the outset of their customers, from finding the right property on the realization up to the end. The right real estate property is found, the Casa type holding GmbH offers its customers a customised product advice and financing. Furthermore, the experts of the Casa art holding GmbH to the complete financing transaction of real estate worry this includes for example a consulting and service over the entire duration of the financing. “” The full service will be complemented by Casa art by the sectors hire “and house management”: the Casa art holding GmbH takes over the complete object rental for their customers on request and provides as administrator for professional object management with the goal of a long-term optimal Werterhaltes of real estate. Casa type holding GmbH, the Casa art holding GmbH is a 2001 company, which specializes in the marketing of high-quality investment properties. While the Casa art holding GmbH focuses on the design of Multi-family homes. The focus is on Grunderzeit houses and residential ensembles of the 1960s and 1970s years to attractive buildings, which are sold to tenants, investors and owner-occupiers.

It marketed the Casa art holding GmbH only in good and very good locations of the Rhine Main region and asserts itself successfully for over 15 years in the real estate market of the Rhine-Main region. The main business area of the Casa art holding GmbH is located in the refurbishment of existing buildings, i.e. in the development and modernization of housing. Also designed the Casa art holding GmbH stock homes with exceptional return potential across Germany, examines micro and macro location of the respective property and develops tailor-made rehabilitation concepts. Casa art holding GmbH is Wiesbaden. Contact: Casa art holding GmbH Volker abomination Biebricher Allee 171 D-65203 Wiesbaden FON: +49(0)611-609 376 10 fax: +49(0)611-609 376 11 E-mail: Web: more at:

Highquality Real Estate

High-quality real estate in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg undervalued and interesting Bavaria has been interesting as one of the most productive federal countries has always been for real estate investments. To come the Suddeutsche mostly mild weather, and the high recreational value, nature, which makes some regions too popular vacation areas. This reflected naturally on the prices, so Munich today is the most expensive city in Germany. Therefore now, many discover the second largest metropolitan area of Bavaria, the metropolitan region of Nuremberg for themselves. This consists of the fused together cities of Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen, and offers an enormous dynamism. You can purchase here new buildings, as well as elaborately core reconstructed objects at a price which buy one almost the double living room allows, as would be the case in Munich. Renowned property developers offer this even the highest quality standards and further service. So now, not a few Munich invest in francs, because here is a Price increase probably more likely, and the rental takes over the building promoter. The figures about population growth are a further point, which speaks for the attractiveness of the region. While the population constantly decreasing the Federal Republic, it is for example increasing in Furth.It is assumed that Nuremberg and its surrounding towns offer long-term security, if you are interested in real estate property. The region is definitely not to underestimate, because now here a total of 1.7 million residents earn a gross domestic product of around 100 billion euros, 58.000,00 euros per head! The author Hans Meyer linens in addition to his work as a journalist also writes on microfibre fleece.

Vorabauskunft Estate

With the help of the new in-house IT network, the real estate company continues on expansion course In April 2010 was a further branch of cock real estate in Furstenberg – in close of Donaueschingen opens. All real estate buyers benefit from the 27 years of experience, the complete service and technical advice to tap real estate with the professional help of the second company Tups Planning Office. The headquarters is located in Frankenthal/Pfalz and e. is headed by Mrs Ursula Tups very successfully k in the second generation. According to the in-house and new IT network, the company is still expanding. The successful company provides cheap and also exclusive selling real estate in the Palatinate, Baden, Hesse, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Their longtime collaborator wife Ursula Geib, since 1996 when cock real estate, was commissioned with the area management for the area of Lake Constance / South black forest.

Here Hahn real estate is once again on the growth market in the Southern Black Forest and Lake Constance. The interested parties will benefit from the relatively constant Purchase prices in the area of terraced houses, semi-detached houses and detached houses with increasing popularity. Customers receive advice even trained and IHK certified real estate and Office merchants as well as own trained and certified real estate agents. The real estate professionals do all necessary steps for the successful conclusion of the contract. The technical consulting service stretches from determining fair market price, get or preparation of financing documents with planning the marketing strategy to the contacting of scheduled and potential buyers. “Object visits on-site” are still the main mediation activity. Regional Manager Mrs.

Ursula Geib technical information the customers receive from 8:00 21:00, on Saturdays from 8:00 to 18:00. The prospective buyers in the Internet presence receive an extensive Vorabauskunft or further technical advice. The real estate company with its branches is one of the leading German national operating Real estate brokers. Contact: Cock real estate owner: Ursula Tups e. k..

Real Estate

Florida has 800 miles of fine sandy beaches, the oil is only about 80 miles in the northernmost area of the Penhandles currently is much reported that the Gulf of Mexico oil is contaminated. That is not quite true. Florida has beaches of fine sand, of which only about 80 miles in the northernmost Florida (Pensacoal) of the oil are affected approximately 800 miles. All other areas of Florida are oil-free and will remain so well. The keys and the East Coast (Miami, fort Lauderdale) has an approximately 30% tige chance in the next few months to see – but only when the oil in the loop current oil.

Currently it still wise to mile away and when it should be gellingen BP to stop the oil flow in the next few days probably also the East Coast and the keys not in affected will be drawn. SW Florida (South of Tampa and North of Naples) has less than a 1% chance of the oil to be affected, making it the most safest place in Florida. The wild birds, which are maintained in healthy, be sacked here on our SW Coast again in the freedom, just because you pretty safe to assume assumes that we are all very safe. Here is an interactive oil forecast, which will be updated constantly:… Real estate prices are still quite low, the exchange rate between US dollar and euro is still good.

It is therefore a good time to secure a place in the paradise of SW Florida. The following link gives you free access to our central database with all the objects that are currently on the market. Here, you can enter search criteria, and then browse to your heart’s content. “Listingbook” is the name of the program and here is the link: monikawilson.

Real Estate Opinion Under The Microscope

How it works by assessment of the market value, the assessment procedures for real estate are difficult to understand complex and for newcomers. It is particularly important to carry out this assessment so that buyers and sellers know what amounts for the real estate market to achieve. Real estate portal explains how these assessment procedures work First, it creates the market value. The market value is the current market value calculated by experts of the city. This fees are payable, based on the market value determined. The market value remains but not constant. A foreclosure determines, for example, the actual value of the building, which includes the scope of modernization as well as the land value and the market value.

In addition to the market value of the asset, the collateral value and earned value obtained. The value refers to the ground, building and grounds value and flows into the calculation of the market value with a. This value is also based for the collateral value, indicating the price of the long-term returns of the property. This is equivalent to not more than 80% of the market value and is used by banks for financing. The return value consists of the land value and the rental income to be achieved and is most often used therefore in real estate to be rented out.

To get a proper assessment of the real estate, care should be taken, that the expert is highly qualified and impartial. “The appointment of an expert is legally protected in Germany and with the addition of public order” provided by black sheep of the industry to distinguish sworn expert. More information:… Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH

Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors are more popular than ever. There are many reasons for this. Magdeburg, 28.08.2013. Property subject to hardly any cyclical developments. They are also typically predictable income. Considering lower capital market interest rates and favourable financing conditions, they are a useful alternative for those who want to achieve medium to long-term interest and create another revenue opportunity this. Regardless of takes advantage of the extensive protection against inflation. Real estate, posing a not inconsiderable part of work performance in itself, are always more expensive, if just this labor is more expensive.

Since the wages of the development from rise and this according to the inflation, real estate are basically always more expensive. You can say: your price goes up in a certain relation to the inflation rate. These arguments speak clearly, for years for the real estate and especially for the rented condo as an investment”, says Thomas Filor, Real estate expert from Magdeburg. This assessment is also supported by nude figures”confirmed: as the Suddeutsche Zeitung is currently reported with reference to figures of the statistical Federal Office, nationwide roughly 125,000 homes were approved in the first half of this year. These were 9.6 percent more than in the same period last year.

At the building permits of single-family homes, they were, however, only 1.5 percent more. Nevertheless, real estate expert Faraman advises to the exact look. Studies show that the population is declining at about two-thirds of all rural communities and smaller towns. This can have impact on achievable prices in the resale of a property, seems to understand. In addition, one should let show up when buying an investment reference objects of the developer and Manager of the objects. A trend back to the cities and to larger apartments is clearly visible. This was one reason that many families looking for the amenities of the cities again with its offer, especially since more and more Cities in Germany are working on a significant improvement of the quality of life. On the other hand, there are but also increasingly older people who come back to the cities”, as Thomas Filor. Often they had during their family”lived in the surrounding countryside or the bacon belts of cities and now were looking for alternatives that allow a better coverage generally in old age or disease. For more information,

Hamburg Training

First awards in January 2011 in Munich awarded onOffice improved the training offer for REALTOR experts: in addition to the advanced selection of training places, the onOffice Software GmbH immediately selected training participants with the predicates onOffice Pro is and expert user. Professional brokers work is the focus of our training”, Andre Stormberg, trainer of onOffice Software GmbH. highlights from this reason we certify the participation immediately our participants upon successful completion of our training sessions with our onOffice Pro and expert user certificates. The proof of this quality certify the broker that he can offer its customers and prospects professional service in the field of real estate marketing with the onOffice smart software, which we regard as a standard in the industry.” The predicate onOffice per user will be awarded for basic training, where participants tips and tricks for the daily work started with the onOffice is smart to learn software. After the individual fine tuning he smart onOffice versions While the expert training, the participant receives the award onOffice expert user. Hereby he can present his additional qualification as a professional software users in print media and on the Internet. In addition extended onOffice training capabilities by periodically changing locations in the entire Federal territory. Thus, all onOffice users with the opportunity to expand your skills in using the software. The positive feedback and the rising numbers of participants at the seminars in Munich and Hamburg encourage planners, that the concept of the modern real estate agents is accepted and appreciated.