New Residential Real Estate Fund

All signs are back for a significant increase of the Berlin real estate market. Tishman Speyer is a great source of information. Hamburg, December 13, 2010. The unbeatably cheap for decades in the West German comparison living room is becoming increasingly scarce, especially as the capital of a real estate property rate of 13 percent, far below the German average of 43 percent. The financial crisis slows but down construction activities continue. This aggravated the situation: the Federal Institute for construction, urban and spatial research for the years from 2010 to 2025 of a residential building supplies from 10,300 to 13.400 units annually originates. Annually, but less than 3,000 apartments were completed in the last five years. This sign of the times”has recognized United investors with its range of Metropolitan estates Berlin. Because the Hamburger initiator creates opportunities by the experiences of the Sanus foundations from now private investors in areas with the highest population and economic growth, namely Mitte, Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Pankow, offering his participation Beteiligungs AG to benefit. Learn more at this site: Richard LeFrak.

The real estate company in the market for 15 years has implemented, already more than 33 construction projects more than 1,200 residential units with a volume of 200 million euro in numbers. It’s the gross profit margin averaged 42 percent. As project developments, renovation objects as well as new buildings in question come here. In Mitte and Charlottenburg, already attractive ensembles in the Scharnhorststrasse and Seesener Street were selected, that can be quickly completed and sold. The first object of the Fund in the Scharnhorststrasse is at present already financed, so that investors can take any financial risks, but participate in the opportunities of this interesting real estate development. This residential complex is also one of Berlin’s future economic priorities. The demand in this area is greater than ever. The fund company plans in the acquisition of 20 million drawing capital, the it in full as a loan to the object Metropolitan Berlin real estate company & Co.

KG end mature, fixed loan with a maturity sufficient until late 2014. The loan is collateralized mortgage and interest rate of 8.5 percent per year. Interest and amortization payments be made starting in 2012 from the first sale of the project. In addition to the interest payments the Fund artist to one-third of the profits generated with the real estate projects participates. The typical secured loan solution gives the Fund artist doing an increased safety compared to conventional concepts of participation. For the year 2012, we expect a first payment of 10 per cent for the following year from 20. It is planned for 2014 to complete repatriation of the loan to make a final payment of 107 per cent, which is based on the runtime of a high double-digit return expectation per year”, Hauke Bruhn explains the concept as Managing Director of United investors. The calculated total reflux means sees after return of investor capital of 137 percent itself NET, i.e. after deduction of 25% withholding tax and solidarity surcharge. Investors can participate from a minimum drawing sum of 10,000 euros plus 5 percent premium.

Specialized Internet

Henceforth, the monthly rate is then to the other repayment and interest performance. What advantages and disadvantages does a constant loan? As described already earlier, striking advantages for the borrower are planning security such as the possibility of an extended loan limit, as well as a possible high maturity. More benefits can be as State funding for the contractor (E.g. housing premium, VL) or even the possibility of an initial deployment-free period (up to 6 months). But not always this, because of the extra cost is worthwhile (compared with the market rates for “normal” annuity loans) is quite high in many cases.

In addition, that an early “exit” is not as good as possible. Annuity loans contribute E.g. Special redemptions (at corresponding agreement) to an earlier financing end. Additional costs may arise in the form of arrangement fees for the contractor. Every interested party is so first of all once advised, multiple comparisons are to be whether the safety and the design possibilities of his contract worth it the required surcharge and to adjust. Specialized Internet portals (E.g. or appropriate financing consultants are well suited for such comparisons (and also the later conclusion). To take into account the current market conditions are in any case. Under most conditions Richard LeFrak would agree.

In low interest rate periods (as currently still prevalent) so, for example, relatively low interest rates in the future can be through the finance version with a constant loan secured. Conclusion consistent loan can be an interesting and rewarding alternative to the traditional annuity loans depending on the personal situation and market conditions -. The alternative conditions for the realization of the project are clear the idea of financing and the knowledge about, the better the borrower can assess the pros and cons. Therefore, a contract should be considered only after detailed and broad information requests. More Information constant loans – mortgages with costing security constant loans – advantages and disadvantages

Real Estate Fund Enclosed

DWS ACCESS residential 3, closed real estate fund of DWS Investments leads Deutsche Bank for offering of funds. The DWS in the Federal Republic is fund capital supervised with well EUR 132 billion leader. Also in Europe, managed the DWS 203 billion and thus occupies the 3rd place. Worldwide the DWS with 278 billion managed funds to the 10 most popular fund initiators. DWS ACCESS residential 3 has a minimum investment amount of 10 thousand euros.

The complete profit expectation for the DWS ACCESS living 3 is 158,06%. The quality of the investment criteria graded DWS ACCESS residential 3 as exceedingly profitable for the scope. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 has a planned fund volume of 120 million euros, of which approximately 50 percent as debt ratio should contribute. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 offers the prospect of an indirect participation of German Wohnimmobilien investors. Emitted is in existing apartment buildings or residential and commercial buildings in German main areas and regional centres.

The object selection according to specific Deposit characteristics in cooperation with the asset manager of the alt + kelber real estate group. Currently, the Fund indirectly already has access to 16 properties in nine cities. This residential real estate portfolio depending on the amount of funds should be complemented by other suitable real estate. 3 DWS ACCESS living the investment period is unlimited and can be terminated for the first time to December 31, 2031. For forecast purposes only, an expiration time has been defined by about 11.5 years until 2024. Rental prices have increased annually in the past two years to about 2.6% in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the ten years before the growth rate was 1.1% on average. This fact undoubtedly caused an imbalance between housing demand and housing offer, which reveals itself in the rental prices. A real estate portfolio from different individual properties is a useful asset investment for investors. Increasing rental and cheap interest rates encourage investment in real estate. Closed real estate fund DWS ACCESS residential 3 convinces by the following arguments: DWS ACCESS living 3 the holding period is unlimited and may be; terminated for the first time to the 31 December 2031 just for perspective purposes, an expiration time was adopted by about 11.5 years real estate belonging to the closed. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 has an of thought issuing volume of EUR 120 million, with a debt ratio of around 60 million. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 is subject to taxes from rental and leasing, and investment income. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 has a placement period up to the 30.9.2013 and can be closed earlier. Layla Palani

Grundinvest Germany

Participation in operating companies project pays off. Unbeatable Munich. Munich, 24.04.2013. “Shortly after placing starting in January of this year group has their first disbursement for the euro Grundinvest Germany 18 Munich euro Grundinvest GmbH & co. KG” done in height by two percent for the first quarter of 2013. Overall, interest amounting to 8% per year before taxes for this Fund is foreseen.

Each pro rata is calculated from the month after the full receipt of the participation amount. A participation is possible there from 15,000 euros plus premium. In addition, it is planned to distribute an additional profit participation for this three-year short-term bonds amounting to four percent annually. This is given, if the investors have received their preferential payments and back is equity, but also Furthermore the Fund expenses were reimbursed them. On behalf of investors, a very fair system. The Quick granting of interest is made possible by the special design of the Fund. Because it invests in existing project companies, the capital is so from the outset operative”and can participate to the win, achieved through the development, construction and sale of apartments in Munich and whose Bacon belt Grundinvest euro. Just the quick sale of apartments in Bavaria’s most popular metropolis leads to his quick cash return.

Project development level achieved so far yields are all in the double-digit range. So far five established real estate development funds of euro Grundinvest a volume could be realized so far of more than 54 million which is higher than the originally planned target volume of EUR 50 million. The company is with all funds in terms of the distributions to be paid in the or over plan. All payments for the first quarter of 2013 were made accordingly. The strong specialization proved a stroke of luck, here but also the long-term market presence benefits us”, explains Jens Behre at CSM conqueror sales & marketing responsible for the distribution of the Fund. After opening the free system distribution CSM last year, demand is increasing continuously. Still, investors can benefit from an in addition granted early artist bonus, which is paid at the end of the term on the basis of paid-up Kommanditkaptals. He is two percent for deposits till the end of the month.