The Executive Secretary

Are many managers who complain about not having a good executive secretary to assist him in the exercise of their profession, which enables it to perform its functions effectively, since it believes that there is much inefficiency in secretaries, where he neglects selection, powers, leading instead of encouraging what harm, often having to perform functions that should play the secretary. It is very true what you wrote. Recently Robert J. Shiller sought to clarify these questions. That the level of knowledge and information is now an assistant needs to master the field and does not cover purely administrative or call. In many cases, tasks that currently apply to the profession require skills in the financial, human relations, and even public affairs and direct relationships with customers of the companies.

Today suggests former assistant position as a new role of integrated value associated with the management of special projects and management of internal systems of the various departments. The paper is to incorporate the concept of Project Management, as an executive secretary or administrative tasks now coordinates, human and financial resources. This implies, somehow, have to lead, not just follow others. Before the role was reactive, did what they asked. Today the role is proactive: do not expect to be asked things, always anticipates what you need it. This happens because there is, on the one hand, much more immersed in the core business of companies and also because they are reported much more, including aspects of national political and economic reality.

HOA Time

If previously could not know in person, even the neighbors on the stairwell, you will now have to meet even the neighbors porch. And if more than two entrances? There are many cases when they are over 10. Forced to make friends not only have with owners of apartments, but also with those who often takes shelter illegally. We are driving hard to the HOA, so we have to manage our homes and buildings. Meanwhile, not even a definition of what a building. Only assumed that this kind of collection of apartments, stairs, porches. For more specific information, check out John Savignano. As stated in one document, “in Russia there is no LCD legal definition of a block of flats.” Meanwhile, the building – a very complex engineering construction, which was delivered into the hands of people, not anything in this smyslyaschih.

Think about what we buy, buying property? The walls are common, floor and ceiling too. And that very often the owners of flats demolished bearing walls in their homes, exposing virtually the entire house. And it is in the apartment. Filed under: Stephen M. Ross. And yet there is a common property – elevators, stairs, where the more impossible to determine who owns what. It is assumed that once people organize a HOA, so as soon as the house begins to bloom, and smell.

But the smell of home is, in fact, indifference to common property. Everyone will understand that the time has come, it’s time to make repairs, but even this dreary busy with someone another. Let it would not be me. The house is neglected. The bulk of the approximately 99.9% willing to pay just to burn lights in entrances and was clean, dry and warm. Sometimes, comparing condominiums and housing cooperatives during the Land of the Soviets. But there is a difference: the co-operatives unite people who are familiar with each other, they knew in advance what to expect. The old building stock is a conglomeration of people with different levels of wealth. They different views, which should be housing. Rich people want a high level of service. But pensioners and the poor can not pay. Here there is a clash of different interests. Retirees will not spend tiny pensions for the repair, and wealthy people will leave this house. We have all been built at the same time, the decline will come too, at one time. It was assumed that with the rise condominiums will be competition for the service. But as they say, man proposes and God disposes. Actually got the uncontrolled situation. All come from the opportunity to get free money now. We give an example to America, forgetting that the comparison should be equal opportunities. And in this case, America is very different from us that there only 20% of housing accounts for apartment buildings. The rest of the housing stock accounts for private housing. Small house with the number of entrances not more than 4 will not cause any problems in the municipality. A completely different picture will be when the house accommodates more than a hundred residents – inevitable disputes and quarrels. And also there is a field for fraud, which is almost impossible to open. A reasonable question – what will happen to our shelter, when it will become worthless due to the wear? Nobody will give a new, will have to live in the ruins. Like not repeated impact of collectivization, but this time in housing and utilities.

What Holds Together This World Inside: Management!

What is my dog when I get home? The soft facts determine the hard facts in this world. What is my dog when I get home? Again and again I read the money rules the world. Money makes it the most important basis for the functioning of our world, society, and economy. Those who so argue has understood nothing. Money (hard) is a passive symbol with real low and high nominal value.

A credit alone is not enough as a problem solver. Always the soft facts (disease) – behind the money (symptom) are the biggest energy bottleneck. Plato called it the idea (soft facts) behind the things (Aristotle, hard facts). The soft facts (disease) determine the hard facts in this world. Ultimately someone argued: there but compare apples with pears.

You can’t do that! Sure, I replied: you can’t use it, I can do it (biology and I look too soft facts, not only hard facts. Because I know how to do it. One of the spontaneous responses as they are always back reflexively submitted was the former. Here are 2 Examples with correct answers: what came first? The chicken or the egg? Of course the chicken. Located in the egg, the mutation, i.e. the new evolutionary species etc. Why does the quadrature of the circle? Because the two diagonals are vary in length. Where two beings meet together on this earth is an electro chemical energy exchange in the brain: sympathy (empathy) or antipathy. The first impression is within approximately 3-7 seconds. The emotional decision (soft facts) about 3 seconds before the creation of the rational be (hard facts). Is known to be the on drive of every life: food, mating, apartment (hunting). There are the life force (vis vitalis). I deny the death drive claimed by S. Freud. Also people have him only in exceptional circumstances, when a person is with his sense of self worth in the end.

Strategic Planning

The strategy is a comprehensive formula to guide what to achieve, how it is to compete, what market is going to participate and which items are going to fight. Consequently, one strategy is to be a combination of ends and means, the guidelines on how to reach those ends. Realtor may not feel the same. Any strategy must contain a consistent set of decisions aimed at improving and strengthening the position of an organization relative to its competition, with its market and its environment. Strategy planning with strategic planning is the logical response to the needs of searching an uncertain future, complex and changing. It is a diligent process of gathering information, analyzing it, to peer into the future, to produce ideas and to formalize plans.

It is a journey that follows a methodology appropriate, apply various techniques and features creative analytical capacity of those involved in the formulation of strategic plans. End illustrative generally recognize three stages which begin to question the organization from various perspectives in time and in what he has done, does and should do in the future. The stages are: Where are we? = Set current strategic position (this position) Where do we go? = Peer into the future and predict consequences (position description) Where do we go? = Projecting the organization with the strategic position that should be the future (policy position) “Strategic planning in business is the plan to achieve the best performance of resources” i. “It is the means by which a corporation channeled efforts to differentiate itself positively from its competitors, using their comparative advantages to better meet its customers’ ii.


The consuming public almost always people of high purchasing power are, that they move for this type of housing in the one search den lost, condition that if multiplied in recent years in Brazil. Although he is legitimate of the point of view of the individual to search greater tranquilidade, pure air and security for itself and its family, this phenomenon accents the social exclusion and reduces the public urban spaces, a time that propitiates the growth of private spaces and restricted circulation. Frequently Nobel Laureate in Economics has said that publicly. It had a moment that the nature in the city was only presented as leisure point, which was characteristic of the urban small farm, now it highly is incorporated the economic life of the city. The nature passes to be portraied under the economic point of view, to be incorporated, to be produced and to be vendida in accordance with the laws and objectives of a capitalist instrumental rationality, to be come back toward the profit and the private property. In this aspect the consumerism becomes a same habit or a life style, that starts to be the focus of the capitalist relations in all the spheres of the life and, the nature, or better, the nature concept, inside starts to be a mere product of this logic. At the same time it is placed idea to buy a life in harmony with the nature, what he is contradictory.

The interest of the speculative agents, mainly those on ones to the real estate market, manifest and is materialized in the sales of ' ' areas? greens? found in the urban space, transforming the city, breaking up according to characteristic the areas favorable to the real estate incorporation of the territory. The woody quality of air, squares and parks become consumption objects. The nature becomes, due to rarity in some cities, a luxury article. Any object associated with a nature idea becomes synonymous of quality of life and makes possible the appropriation of values, through the increase of prices in land divisions, as the case of the Ecoville object of this study.


of Colombia). That function of planning unfolds in a double dimension: from one side as an instrument of rationalisation of government action and public spending through the definition of principles, goals, strategies and instruments of governance in a given period; from another, as a mechanism to foster a new relationship between the State and civil society, redefined in democratic terms, in which dialogue and concertation will become privileged in the search tools joint development and collective well-being. In other words, do not want to only get a product, plan; It seeks equally, unleashing a, the planning process that mobilize citizen opinion and that make the entire country in its ethnic, territorial, environmental, gender diversity, organizational and social, without exclusions, play a more active role in the construction of a new citizen and a welfare society. Urban, by the principle of complexity problems are expressed in each of the attributes of the city: land, housing, transportation, utilities, equipment and public space. The economy is essential for democracy, because freedom is based on the property, understood in their public and private expressions which are conjugated in the city. If the Greek polis was born the philosophy, democracy and politics, the oldest and most present, intellectual productions and if polis meant the set of community, political, moral, cultural, and even economic life, we can think that the contemporary city must mean something more than she currently is: at least something of what was the Athens of Pericles, who came to show how the polis was first and foremost a lifestyle in his funeral oration.

Cities built to the measure of the man with spaces in which the mutual knowledge, educating the mind and character of citizens could promote. But also, something different from what today shows the cities against the globalization of the economy. Cities with sizes and densities disproportionate, outside of any human scale, fully intersected by these unexpected mutants of our time: televisions, computers and other devices that make us believe that we interact statement in the globalized world as if it were a village.

Choosing A Real Estate Agency

The most important issue in the life of any person – is the question of housing. How much effort we spend to search, select properties. Everyone dreams of having his house met all his demands to close was a park and not far from work. And for the working person is looking for time after work. Check out Expert on growth strategy for additional information. And even if you find some sort of offer it to look, and accordingly if the option is not found fit to start all over again. Options in the market town of Tula, as in any other city, very much. To avoid confusion in such a variety to any person require assistance in this case, a real estate agency in very handy. In the company directory can be find different deals: commercial real estate, town houses and apartments in Tula. To select the real estate agents need to pay attention to the lifetime of the company in the market of real estate services, which additional services offered, such as legal support or assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan. And the most important advantage over the independent search, you are working, and realtors looking for lawyers process, and track documents.

Steinberg Armaturen are Bathroom Fixtures of Note

When you think of bathroom fixtures, most think first of a good-looking design. But with the beautiful design, the main task of a suitable bathroom faucet is still far from settled. Go to John Savignano for more information. Therefore, we will take specific valve manufacturer in the known “Steinberg Armaturen” on top quality. Well-made bathroom fixtures must be able to keep the noise low. For if the water runs through the tap, are often created currents that cause in the room next door standing disturbing noises. If you are not convinced, visit Robert J. Shiller. Just love the neighbors will be about such harassment hardly pleased. Thus, to avoid disputes arising, installers may use the prescribed exclusively “soundproofed” bathroom fittings. If a valve for example, is mounted directly on the wall, allowed twenty decibels (volume unit) can not be exceeded.

The big drawback to cheap fittings, is the dispensing of nickel and lead to the water. This is just dangerous in children because they can excrete less lead than adults. The limit of 0.04 milligrams of lead per liter of this may therefore be exceeded under any circumstances. Also seal rings used in the many bathroom fittings. Especially recommended it is when these do not contain PVC. PVC is an environmentally harmful substance that is fortunately, however, harmless to health. But the more serious is an extremely high water consumption. In the “water” the different faucets 8-20 liters per minute range.

Helpful is an operations system, which can affect the consumption of the users themselves. Thrifty people are also on the hot block have a treat. With such a device can be set to the maximum attainable temperature. Since a good bathroom faucet brings great benefits, you should preferably rely on the well-known manufacturers. Various tips hotels rely on the quality of the Steinberg fittings. It does not matter whether a Marble fittings and chrome fittings are preferred. to give “Steinberg Armaturen has embarked on all price classes so everyone has the opportunity to make these fittings.

Tenants Anchor

Most common in Ukraine received a mall format, "anchor" which appears supermarket, which in addition to low prices, the buyer offers a wide range of quality products and the ability to buy everything you need at one time and in one place. Anchor tenants are the "bait" for customers. Click Stephen M. Ross to learn more. Distinguishing characteristics of the "anchors": the large footprint size (more than 1000 square meters. M), long-term lease (10 years), as well as significant investments in commercial equipment and technology sales. The main function of an "anchor" – the generation of flows of visitors (for himself and other tenants) and their direction in certain places the shopping center. In accordance with the international experience is considered the most effective placement of anchor Tenants in places as distant from the entrance lobby, for example, floors that need to climb or descend. In Ukraine, the anchor tenants are typically commodity groups such as food goods, building materials, furniture, office equipment, information technology, home appliances, clothing, footwear, children's products, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and gifts.

The growth trend in effective demand positive impact on the dynamics of the development of shopping centers in the regions. Despite the fact that the regional commercial real estate markets lag behind in Kiev for about four years, in general, in Ukraine there are about 60 major shopping centers with a total area of more than 600 thousand square meters. m. Most of the existing regional shopping center is a refurbished department stores and supermarkets. Accordingly, many of them on the concept, the areas and architecture can not be considered professional shopping centers.

Wooden Houses

Wooden houses from glued laminated timber has many advantages and is often used in construction. He was equally dry both inside and outside, will not crack over time. Wooden house from such a timber provides slight shrinkage, which is easy to predict that it is very important in the construction. In addition to all laminated board can reach 12 meters, which will avoid the additional cut down that lead to the loss of heat in the finished house. Wooden houses from glued beams are perfect for people with accuracy and adaptability for which above all else. Wooden Houses made of logs when it comes to a wooden house, come to mind wooden houses made of logs, in which our ancestors lived in Russia. Same diameter logs, straight rows of issues, carved decoration elements roofs and terraces – all this is its unique style, which is characteristic for this type of houses. Done in this small chalet-style home or a solid cottages will look equally good. The walls of these houses do not require additional finishing, except as an antiseptic treatment, which will save considerable time and money. Also home of the tree have the property, to maintain within himself the best man for the climate. Therefore, the wooden houses made of logs are becoming more and more fans.