What Holds Together This World Inside: Management!

What is my dog when I get home? The soft facts determine the hard facts in this world. What is my dog when I get home? Again and again I read the money rules the world. Money makes it the most important basis for the functioning of our world, society, and economy. Those who so argue has understood nothing. Money (hard) is a passive symbol with real low and high nominal value.

A credit alone is not enough as a problem solver. Always the soft facts (disease) – behind the money (symptom) are the biggest energy bottleneck. Plato called it the idea (soft facts) behind the things (Aristotle, hard facts). The soft facts (disease) determine the hard facts in this world. Ultimately someone argued: there but compare apples with pears.

You can’t do that! Sure, I replied: you can’t use it, I can do it (biology and oekonomie.de). I look too soft facts, not only hard facts. Because I know how to do it. One of the spontaneous responses as they are always back reflexively submitted was the former. Here are 2 Examples with correct answers: what came first? The chicken or the egg? Of course the chicken. Located in the egg, the mutation, i.e. the new evolutionary species etc. Why does the quadrature of the circle? Because the two diagonals are vary in length. Where two beings meet together on this earth is an electro chemical energy exchange in the brain: sympathy (empathy) or antipathy. The first impression is within approximately 3-7 seconds. The emotional decision (soft facts) about 3 seconds before the creation of the rational be (hard facts). Is known to be the on drive of every life: food, mating, apartment (hunting). There are the life force (vis vitalis). I deny the death drive claimed by S. Freud. Also people have him only in exceptional circumstances, when a person is with his sense of self worth in the end.


of Colombia). That function of planning unfolds in a double dimension: from one side as an instrument of rationalisation of government action and public spending through the definition of principles, goals, strategies and instruments of governance in a given period; from another, as a mechanism to foster a new relationship between the State and civil society, redefined in democratic terms, in which dialogue and concertation will become privileged in the search tools joint development and collective well-being. In other words, do not want to only get a product, plan; It seeks equally, unleashing a, the planning process that mobilize citizen opinion and that make the entire country in its ethnic, territorial, environmental, gender diversity, organizational and social, without exclusions, play a more active role in the construction of a new citizen and a welfare society. Urban, by the principle of complexity problems are expressed in each of the attributes of the city: land, housing, transportation, utilities, equipment and public space. The economy is essential for democracy, because freedom is based on the property, understood in their public and private expressions which are conjugated in the city. If the Greek polis was born the philosophy, democracy and politics, the oldest and most present, intellectual productions and if polis meant the set of community, political, moral, cultural, and even economic life, we can think that the contemporary city must mean something more than she currently is: at least something of what was the Athens of Pericles, who came to show how the polis was first and foremost a lifestyle in his funeral oration.

Cities built to the measure of the man with spaces in which the mutual knowledge, educating the mind and character of citizens could promote. But also, something different from what today shows the cities against the globalization of the economy. Cities with sizes and densities disproportionate, outside of any human scale, fully intersected by these unexpected mutants of our time: televisions, computers and other devices that make us believe that we interact statement in the globalized world as if it were a village.

Wooden Houses

Wooden houses from glued laminated timber has many advantages and is often used in construction. He was equally dry both inside and outside, will not crack over time. Wooden house from such a timber provides slight shrinkage, which is easy to predict that it is very important in the construction. In addition to all laminated board can reach 12 meters, which will avoid the additional cut down that lead to the loss of heat in the finished house. Wooden houses from glued beams are perfect for people with accuracy and adaptability for which above all else. Wooden Houses made of logs when it comes to a wooden house, come to mind wooden houses made of logs, in which our ancestors lived in Russia. Same diameter logs, straight rows of issues, carved decoration elements roofs and terraces – all this is its unique style, which is characteristic for this type of houses. Done in this small chalet-style home or a solid cottages will look equally good. The walls of these houses do not require additional finishing, except as an antiseptic treatment, which will save considerable time and money. Also home of the tree have the property, to maintain within himself the best man for the climate. Therefore, the wooden houses made of logs are becoming more and more fans.

Xovi Affiliate

Xovi offers not only online marketers interesting data and analysis capabilities, but also very attractive affiliate program. With the Xovi partner program is the online marketing tool not only for marketing managers and agents of interest, but also for affiliates. Whether as an agency partner or in the form of Xovi white lable solution, anyone can participate in the success of Xovi in the form of cash money and at the same time its customers or mediated customer to enjoy of a variety of benefits come, as shown by recent tests on Madayo and in the journal for search engine marketing Search radar. How will the cooperation paid for? Xovi affiliates (agencies) will receive a 20% revenue share per switched license and monthly from the first customers. More than 20 existing customers can be conveyed, participation in the sales increased 40 percent in the month. Also getting Xovi partner more 5% revenue share on the revenues that can be generated through mediated Xovi affiliates. Is a 6 – or a 12-month rate with semi-annual or annual payment is completed, the complete Commission will be paid out immediately.

That is expressed in numbers, that up to 475,20 EUR per mediated 12-month rate are possible. Now, many affiliates of their opportunity at the Schopf have packed and benefited from the attractive commissions of value-added tools. An additional 5,000 euros at the Xovi Affiliate challenge win since January 18 the Xovi Affiliate challenge is underway, at an attractive price is waiting for the winner. The Affiliate challenge, where as the top prize 5,000 euros in cash wave, partners who are responsible for this, that Xovi was a great success in the shortest time specifically addressed the all Xovi. The Affiliate challenge runs until 31 May (12 hrs CET). Who manages successfully to mediate 25 existing customers, up there can enjoy not only about the achieved commissions which are of course not affected from the competition, but also about the main prize of 5,000.

Holiday In Japan: Practices At Japanese Weddings

A holiday in Japan is a special event, when one is invited to a wedding there. A holiday in Japan is a special event, when one is invited to a wedding there. Many tourists make contacts at the holiday in Japan and most like to come back to renew acquaintances. Japanese are not enthusiastic in personal contacts, but also when they show their affection does not open, and certainly not on the road, so they are not so dismissive. Germans also have a fairly good reputation in Japan.

We meet again at any Japan holiday, you will be invited at a wedding with security. You should answer an invitation as soon as possible. Who can not participate, congratulates anyway, is insulted the Japanese pair therefore not be, because the arrival of course associated with much effort. The first rites of the wedding are present mostly related. For the holiday in Japan one dresses like in Germany on solemn occasions chic.

Is a normal dark suit and something festive for women entirely appropriate. At the gifts, it is somewhat more difficult for the wedding at the holiday in Japan. It is customary to consult with other guests. Usually it gives money and this should be roughly equal of all invited guests during the holiday in Japan. You put the money in an envelope. To write outside the sum and the name on the envelope. For this envelope, there is a further, larger envelope. Buying which, if possible, while traveling in Japan. These envelopes are very artfully made. Also, to write his name. The envelope you are not the bride and groom, but reaches him at the wedding right at the beginning of the person at the entrance. There is also the list of invited guests and here enter yourself and the company. Then you will meet probably the first time during their vacation in Japan directly to the bride and groom, that waits to welcome all guests. Then, you must take place in the Ballroom. Below there, as in many cultures, lots of speeches, which they probably don’t understand. Nevertheless you should behave respectfully attentive during the entire event on holiday in Japan. After it is eaten. A wedding cake is part of the celebrations. It is not allowed to smoke in the Hall. To leave the Hall is considered rude, so long until the very festive part of the evening is over. The wedding couple moves to traditionally three times. While still the usual wedding attire is worn at the beginning, to switch to the normal kimono and later to the Western-oriented and festive evening wear. After the end of the ceremony, the couple adopted every guest personally. You can fill during their vacation in Japan the rest of the time with various companies. Who has a taste for festive events, you will get many opportunities in Japan. The most popular festival is the Cherry Blossom Festival. It begins at the end of March and is celebrated in all public parks with picnic and lots of singing. It is to see a good opportunity during their vacation in Japan free artists and even Geishas.

Environment Compatible Solutions

A territory in the ample sense but of the term, is an environment on which all the living beings compete and coexist, taking than each from them he needs to survive. The same must so be used of way of not altering the balance necessary to guarantee the existence of those same living beings, that is not to unbalance the environment. The intention of this is not to offer a global vision on the diverse uses that become of the territory, but an analysis of the implications that certain interventions of the man can cause on the environment. We will make related reference, in particular, to the hydrogeological aspect and other works that comprise integral of the presence of the man on the environment surrounds that it. The works in fasciones conjugate with gardens and constructions the materials and the average ones on which we will try are the fasciones, the mattresses and the networks of woven wire, that have been used for more than a century for the construction of hydraulic and road works. By their own nature, these materials have the capacity to integrate themselves with surrounding land, on the environment, assuring therefore the success and the durability the carried out work. It is possible to indicate that its extreme simplicity, sometimes seemed not to be in agreement with the era of technological innovations that we lived. Nevertheless, the reality indicates that its capacity free drainage and to tolerate establishments, as well as to promote the development of vegetation; all this next to its great resistance, allows to document to its great trustworthiness and its harmony us with the environment..

Green Chemistry New Ecofriendly Solutions

Recently, the transition from administrative methods required to control unwanted emissions and destroy formed by chemical processes harmful substances to a fundamentally different method – the method of "green" chemistry. "Green" chemistry in its best incarnation – it's an art form that allows not just get the right stuff, but ideally get it in a way that does not harm the environment nor on the one stage of production. Of course, the substance itself must also be friendly biosphere. Using the techniques of green chemistry leads to a reduction of production costs, if only because they do not need to enter the stage destruction and recycling of hazardous by-products, used solvents and other wastes, since they are simply not formed. Reducing the number of stages leading to energy savings, and this is also a positive effect on environmental and economic assessment of the production. It is important to note that the view of the ongoing research from the viewpoint of green chemistry can be useful in purely scientific terms. Often such a change of paradigm allows scientists to see their own research in a new light and open up new opportunities that benefit science in general 1. By "green" chemistry from the standpoint of a chemist, you can include any improvement of chemical processes which has a positive impact on the environment. In the recent literature 2 formulated twelve principles of green chemistry, which should guide researchers working in this field. Can divide issues within the competence of the "green" chemistry into two directions.

The Dissolution

In addition, stimulates the synthesis of cell proteins of the skin: collagen and elastin. Status of collagen and elastin in the skin over time in cross-linking of collagen molecules occur as a result of which collagen becomes hard, inelastic state. The enzyme collagenase, both domestic origin and added to the composition of cosmetic products, prevents the emergence of such links. Impact solar ultraviolet Interaction of reactive oxygen species (oxygen radicals) and molecules of fat, involve the formation of any internal cross-links in the major lipid molecules, or their conversion. Oxygen radicals arising from ultraviolet radiation, may be the cause of 'cross-links' in the molecules of elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, as well as reduce the rate of division of the basal epidermal cells. Counteract these processes capable of antioxidants.

Many scientists and beauticians advise after 40-50 years, regularly taking low doses of aspirin, which exhibits pronounced anti-oxidant properties, as well as vitamin C. But of course, better to use Natural sources of antioxidants – fruits, herbal extracts, herbal extracts and oils, which have a softer and more versatile effect. The status of hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid – a complex and very large molecule, which is located in the skin in the complex with water. The main function of hyaluronic acid – retention in the skin of moisture in the form of a gel. The gel transports toxins from the body and passes outside the bioactive substance. With aging, the action of peroxide compounds, the molecules of hyaluronic acid, there are intermolecular and intramolecular crosslinks that make this 'grid for water' is more rigid and less permeable. Therefore, in the older age significantly slower excretion from the body toxins and dermal oxygen, and bioactive substances from cosmetic products.

There is need for more active medical cosmetics. For example, the dissolution of cross-linked hyaluronic acid in the dermis carries the enzyme hyaluronidase. Therefore, the introduction of this enzyme in the composition of cosmetic products for rejuvenation is interesting innovation. At an early age, the skin is very elastic. But if weight loss occurs after 35-40 years, there is a 'residual strain' skin – the appearance of wrinkles or coarse wrinkles. The main reason is peroxidation lipid, which is why in collagen and elastin in the skin arise 'matching'. That is what leads to a decrease in skin elasticity. In addition, age-reduced ability of the epidermis to retain moisture, which also affects its elasticity. And yet – with facial and other short-term, but permanent changes in shape of skin having residual stresses, which eventually give rise to wrinkles. It is therefore impossible to establish health, cosmetics, suitable for all ages. On the contrary, cream composition for youth, may be useless for older people, and vice versa.