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Demand shares for monument protection objects representing money market accounts, funds, and other products of the capital market not the adequate solution for the asset accumulation for each customer more. There are rather a property high in the course, which can offer more security and protect the assets from loss. Buying a property is a complex undertaking that requires the consideration of many criteria. Often lack the private investors and companies the expertise, competent to make the decision. However, more and more investors want to invest in listed real estate, to deposit their money safely and generate a second income by renting the object. The economic advice from the HA 67 in Berlin is the right partner for the purchase and financing of listed real estate.

The company advises its customers to ways to make the sustainable rental to ensure real estate. Also clarified through detailed calculations if the profitability of the property is given. Customers benefit especially from the market expertise, since the decision in real estate issues as a result of the changing trends in the markets is increasingly difficult. The economic advice from the HA 67 in Berlin looking for employees to expand their sales and customer personnel. The ability to operate in a dynamic market environment and to create a product with convincing advantages – the listed real estate in their professional focus is the new team members. The profession of consulting is a career path with prospects for the future, which allows the Ascension and the assumption of responsibility for dedicated staff.

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