Attract More Money Books

There are many different theories on how to achieve wealth and prosperity. Today the shelves of most bookstores inundated with books that focus on wealth, success and prosperity. For sure virtually every one of you once read or even holding a book with similar content. And what would you ask? And the fact that many of these books contain not only useful, but sometimes very harmful and untruthful information. AND how to understand the common man, who picks up a book the next guru, where the book useful and interesting information, but where is the dangerous virus, which is picked up, you can not only achieve wealth and prosperity, but also lose what you have. The fact that most of these books were written in the last century.

Some of them 20-30 years ago. Information that they presented, it is possible to work for the twentieth century, but today most of it is lost its relevance. Let's look at one of the principles for achieving wealth, which is quite common among well-known and popular authors, but for most people does not work. This principle states that the necessary tightly control its costs, every day carefully record them, and try to set aside each month for at least 10% of their income. And if you decline the optional and unnecessary spending, and will save each day, then theoretically, you have each month will become more and more money. As a result, you will be secured and the rich man. But let's think about whether this really is.