Industrial Heating

reduce the diameter of the fuel line is not allowed. When mounting, pay attention to the required distance of 30 or 60 mm above the filter cover needed for replacement filter element. Caution: When cleaning the plastic sump is permitted to use only clean diesel. All other types of detergents or solvents, particularly those containing alcohol, may lead to damage to the plastic fuel filter separator 2000 are installed on cars depending on engine capacity. 1. up to 300 horsepower installed fuel filters SEPAR-2000 / 5, 2. up to 600 horsepower and above installed fuel SEPAR-2000/10 filters Fuel filters SEPAR-2000 heater located inside the sump heater efficiently heats the fuel flow, melting the wax catching.

Thus possible to avoid clogging of the filter. Heating control is automatic thermostat, which includes heating at temperatures below about +5 C and off at a temperature of about +10 C. This means that even with the heater at fuel temperature greater than about +10 C and heating system is not working. Functioning heating is determined by the ignition control light in the active position of the heater. In emergency cases, when casting temperature greater than about +80 C heating off a thermal fuse, located inside the filter housing on a single board with a control relay. Insertion of a filter with heater is carried out according to instructions installation, connection warming – according to the wiring diagram shown below. To connect the filter is heated: Filters and swk swk 2000/5/50/N 2000/10/N heated only when the engine / alternator.

The heating system included turning tumbler with a control light. When you stop the engine heating system is automatically disabled. According to a survey conducted by Association of dae (German Association of Engineers) fuel filter SEPAR-2000 as the best among the fuel filter cleaning and separating systems in civil and commercial vehicles among those represented in the European market. Also, SEPAR-2000 recognized as a leader in the tests among Industrial fuel-systems in the category 'Transportation and single-stage filtering of fuel and its components'. Tests are presented in the annual report of association, issued a mandatory basis in Analytical Edition DEKRA-TEST. This report has been submitted for review in early December 2005. Separ-2000 – provides a reliable engine start in the winter! Avtobilistam many familiar problems starting the engine in freezing temperatures. The solution to this problem may be the use of Separ-2000 with the heater. Separ-2000 – fuel filter and water separator, effectively clearing fuel from water and dirt. Model with a heater in addition to these benefits will also provide reliable engine starting in winter. The filter used in 44 countries. Successfully installed on the cars: Scania, Volvo, Tatra, Kamaz, Maz, etc. Filter is equipped with most of Caterpillar machinery, etc. Separ-2000 – it's the German quality, proven in Russian conditions. testing and certification Certificate din iso 9002 tuv of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Department of vehicular traffic frg German Technical Department of the Navy Certificate of Germanischer Lloyd Lloyd's Certificate of English Certificate of the French Bureau Veritas Certification Italian rina Russian gost R certificate

Emery Lanterns

Then the cylinders sawed along. The result was half-cylinder, then it makes an incision at an angle of 30 degrees. Then heated to soften the edge and bends it turns out – a little boat. Edge of the boat saw off and trimmed to Emery for the subsequent gluing seams. Shells were ready, could only drill a hole diodes and mounts. Try on the diodes in the body, wash them under the label of the reflector. The reflector is made of thick foil and gluing the glue "Moment." After the glue has dried carefully cut off the excess foil to extend beyond the body.

Drill hole through the foil. Shells were ready. Reached the stage of electronic parts, a handful of resistors, LEDs was ready. Empirically proved that the light output from the diode, for our purposes is not appropriate, he shined directional beam of light. In one article read that you can solve this problem, gash butt led with subsequent polishing.

The effect of changing the shape was amazing – it became diffused glow and smooth. A very important point to finish, I have achieved transparency, good rubbing diode on wool carpet. Once the LEDs have been prepared, tried to solder everything on the circuit and see what happens. It is important to observe the polarity of the LEDs. Two LEDs give a good glow. Next was a tedious job – soldering. Resistors and diodes for soldering stick to plastic housing, so that subsequent sizing is not required, but for the leak on top of the glue stuck tape. Checking all the lanterns on the performance, proceeded to the foldout protective glass, took stock of the size that it went down with an allowance. Slit missed abundantly clear silicone, but before that they needed to clean up and grease. Fasteners made simple – strips of galvanized steel bolted screws. The next step was to install. In my glance, the whole point was that the buildings were not visible, and the glow appeared as though nowhere. This was the main rule, so that particularly curious will have to lean heavily to see that there is light. When positioning lanterns should take into consideration the fact that they be no further damage and tear at all. That's probably the main criteria for the installation. I put on the vaz – 2109. For bulky bumpers and plastic threshold 'Zatar " lanterns have been easy, but because the bottom is not uniform, so that the proper installation, as the saying goes: 'a technical matter. " Connect all the lanterns overall circuit through the fuse and switch on the panel.