Federal Reserve

Synthetic indicator of activity. Advances, 6 months in advance, the overall performance of the economy: tender for work consumption of cement registrations trust labor occupation within the industrial sector large companies sales turnover to the minor etc. It takes a downward profile since the end of 2006. Ghost real estate crisis in the knowledge construction sector how are banks, because not just be clarified. At a meeting of the Bank for international settlements, which was held in Basel, has asked for greater transparency and that we learn all of the real situation of the balance sheets of banks. (Spanish banks are in a better position than other countries, because the Bank of Spain forced to make counter-cyclical above provisions which are carried out in other countries. Some have done, in addition, extraordinary provisions on their own).

(February 28, Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of USA, said American banks that could fail by the real estate business.) The lack of liquidity. The credit has been difficult because the banks have no money to lend. (If you go out to the street, you will see the amount of Bank campaigns that are now to capture money.) What happens is that the Lord of San Quirze that we talked about before is a little fly and remained doubtful if the best thing is to save money in a sock, as in the good times.) (The credit that has been difficult to say that, do not give it to you, or, if they get it, the conditions are not very affectionate, and for some sectors, frankly unpleasant.) (Closing the circle, you may have guessed that the construction and real estate are two of these sectors.) THE consequences of the GHOSTS the halt in construction has bad consequences. For example: housing prices lower. Many people are with mortgages that are worth more than the home you have mortgaged.


In as to the process of running mortgage non-judicial, the laws of the State of Wyoming contemplate that this will happen, when there is a mortgage a power of sale or a deed of trust. And although with only this the lender can start the sales process, in this State not you can sell the property, without first give you a last chance to the borrower to pay the total balance of the loan. As the sale process, the laws of Wyoming express that when in power or in the trust deed is determined the shape, the day and the conditions in which the sale of that House will be conducted, that stipulation should be respected. But, when you do not say anything about how that should be carried out that sale, stipulates that it must be performed by the lender or by the person who the designated to do so in the following manner: a notice of sale must be created, this will have to be published in the newspaper in the county where the property is locatedat least once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks. This notice must specify in addition to fundamental data, a description of the property, the date, the time and place where the sale will be conducted. The date of sale, any person who is interested in buying it may make an offer, and even the same lender can make it. And as in all sales that are made through auction processes, property will remain in the hands of the highest bidder, i.e., of the person who makes a better offer. Therefore, if you want to buy a cheap home in the State of Wyoming, you already know that you can find them in the local newspaper for the county or city where you want to buy; However, if you want a information more comprehensive and detailed in terms of homes at auction or foreclosure of this State, you can hire a real estate agent roots of the place, without doubt they will have more detailed information on their lists.

Invest Alternatives Binary Options

With relatively little time in the market, binary options are one of the instruments that allow to perform investment fast and clear on different indexes, commodities, commodities, and even in foreign currency exchange rates. Therefore, in this article we’ll discuss briefly its functioning and the benefits that may have against other ways to invest your money. Put in a nutshell, binary options are predictions that are made on the conduct on the market of certain asset, index, currency, etc. Once chosen what about what you want to do the prediction, is simply says if it is thought that its value will increase or decrease over time, which is usually a few days and even hours, so that the result is quickly known. Binary options are born as a new financial product that unlike his predecessors, has interesting features we will try to explain from the concrete example of investment in a product such as oil. Firstly, binary options provide mechanisms simple to invest (hence its name) and then there are only two choices, that of oil to increase or decrease its value; that unlike the purchase of stocks, bonds and other instruments, is not required have greater technical knowledge, only the money necessary to invest.

Secondly, the results of the prediction are known rapidly. Continuing with our example, predicts if oil increase or not its value in a very concrete, for example today’s deadline until tomorrow at 12: 00 hrs., or from today until next week. Unlike the purchase of bonds to 90 and even 360 days, here the investments have very short deadlines and whatever the outcome, will be it known quickly. As third difference may be noticed that the buying and selling of binary options is done through brokers such as 24option, so that an account is opened with the operator, makes a deposit of cash and with funds that are there, you can start to invest in practically anything, as mentioned above. In the event that made prediction is right, the amount of earnings, which would be deposited in the account of the investor, although previously all those quotas should be excluded by the service provided by operators would be clear. To analyze the above characteristics, it is possible to become aware of those elements that distinguish these instruments and which make them attractive to a segment of the population, as opposed to more traditional such as the purchase of shares or currencies, investments the purchase of financial instruments of low risk but with long delays or still more traditional capital investment in a business or in the purchase of real estate. This is a quick and simple option for investing. Her results can be obtained within hours or a few days, and 24option is a broker of leading binary options in the field of binary options that certainly worth knowing.