Computers are like faithful pets that need attention. We all want that our computer is fast, efficient and sensitive, but when you start slowing down, the majority of people simply angry with him. Well, they do sometimes. They only have to give a good maintenance and care for your pets. The advice of maintenance in this article will help you to make your XP computer faster, safer and more stable. 1.Reducir the size of the litter bin of recycling nowadays hard drives are quite large, so the default value of 10% for the Recycle Bin is too much. The majority of users would be good with a choice of 5-10 Gb, which in general will be from 2 to 5% of the space on the hard disk. To reduce the size of the Recycle Bin, do the following: 1.

go to the desktop 2. Click the Recycle Bin 3 icon. Select 4 properties. Use the slider to choose the required percentage 5. Click apply, click OK 2. Turn off the remote desktop and the Windows XP Remote Assistance offers services that make possible that other people can access your computer remotely.

They are very useful if a computer is part of a network (network topology), but there is always the danger that hackers can use to access your computer. Therefore, if your PC is not part of a network, best is to turn them off. Here’s how: 1. go to start settings control Panel 2. Double-click the system icon. Select the remote 4 tab. Clear Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer 5. In the same Advanced tab… 6 Clear the allow option which users to connect remotely to this computer 7. Click apply, then click OK don’t worry you can access MSN, Skype and other similar programs. Disable remote assistance and Remote Desktop does not affect them in any way.