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I know many of my readers feel the less astonished to see that such a question I ask myself, knowing my love and passion for advertising and strategic communication in general, but for various moral reasons I am compelled to publish this article. There have been countless mails I've received through the web has invited me to echo the latest rumor of our little world has entered the fray. Evil tongues say that Ruiz Nicoli Lines has purchased outright the prize has been awarded recently by Nielsen. I really do not know what to think. I have always believed and still believe, in cleaning up this type of event where our best creative undoubtedly make a display of professionalism running a large-scale pieces.

I can not imagine managers Ruiz Nicoli Lineas "wheeling and dealing" under the table by taking away a prize or so. I think the first and most important is to make sure where you are coming that kind of rumors, "are perhaps the competition?," Come from the assumptions harmed by the award?, have you leaked the information to someone in the organization of the prizes? These are things to keep in mind, let's not forget that we are dedicated to advertising, counter advertising, information, misinformation … in this sector and we all come back. There are also rumors of the alleged purchase of gold in Cannes, or at least tell me that readers like you who dare to write me, if this is so, we face the same international conspiracy right? No truth, my all this gives me to think not that I prefer to look away, or a lover of mainstream dogma, is simply that I strongly believe in the professionalism of all those who like me to train and qualify to establish itself as authentic strategists century. I firmly believe in the professionalism of the advertising sector in Spain and I think the management of this sector is being carried out by professionals in a masterful way, putting Spain at the top of international scene. However it goes without saying that if I was working in the communications department of one of the two companies involved in the rumor, or Nielsen or lines Ruiz Nicoli not take long to post a disclaimer and try to identify the source of such harmful rumors to stop them in terms that might be required.

In our country the style is very much "if you give importance'm telling you I have done" but things are not so. You can not play with these things if we want to be a serious sector. Must be found liable whether the rumors are true or not and put an end to such practices. Not be allowed or corruption within the sector nor tarnish the reputation of a great agency for free. Anyway dear readers … time will tell! By: Javier L Piriz

Cuzco Hotels

Peru is a very famous tourist destination in the world and much of this fame is due to Cuzco and its priceless archeological sites as the great citadel of Machu Picchu and more. Lima is the capital of Peru and is located on the coast facing the Pacific Ocean. Usually this is the first stop toward the United States because the only international airport is located in the capital. Lima has much to offer in its different districts, some more than others as tourist Miraflores, San Isidro, Surco, and Barranco. Miraflores is known for its luxury hotels, as good as the Hotel Cuzco. Cuzco was the capital of the mighty Inca empire that dominated much of the South American territory for many years. Cuzco is a city of more than 3,000 meters above sea level making it necessary for a prior acclimation or otherwise avoid physical activities.

Altitude sickness known as altitude sickness is very common, so it is best avoided. The historic center is a favorite spot for tourists to book one of the hotels Cuzco, this could be your option, Prices vary according to the characteristics of the lodging. Today, Cusco is known as the archeological capital of America. The trip to Machu Picchu is the most interesting thing you can do during your holiday in Cuzco. This trip by train takes about 3 hours. Machu Picchu is amazing because it was built in the middle of the mountains with huge rocks.

Inca architecture was one of the best of his era. There are also some hotels in the area surrounding Cuzco to Machu Picchu but prices are relatively more expensive. Reserve one of those with proximity to downtown. Another interesting destination is worth exploring the White City. Sara Martinez recommends a book. Sara writes interesting articles on tourism and other topics of public interest. The United States can offer more than you expect to have a memorable holiday, visit it.

Real Estate Sale

The sale of farms is not easy since they are big businesses. Everyone is looking for the best deal out winners, as the amount that can be released from this act usually is of considerable size. To make the work of the sale of property is less difficult, we must make certain improvements that contribute to the recovery of the property to make it more eye catching to potential customers. So the most useful tips in improving a property to promote sales in this case the sale of property, are: the farm must be in the best possible condition at all times for the eventual arrival of any prospective buyer, or activities as mechanisms for this task, it is good to give the general property maintenance such as cleaning, painting, retouching of metal and wood structures, we must keep the property stays closed long time since it began generate odors that hinder the sale of the property is good to use all media possible to fulfill the task of selling the farm, so way be put advertising in media such as print, online, comment on the report of the sale of property to the known, place ads in places of competition, if there is a close friend who has a shop is good to place a notice on its establishment, provided that without the authorization of the same, is also a useful tool to go to a company that promotes this case the sale of property, as they can provide advice at the time of the sale of property, is also of great benefit since that these businesses already have a track record and can generate greater advertising impact than a single person performs as a reference point to those places easier to reach people and from there you can give information to prospective buyer, in addition to a possible visit to the property by a prospect buyer, the company could have a commercial agent to be a professional in the subject of the sale of farm and may have a greater impact on the criterion of buyer. As regards Concerning the value of the property is necessary to study certain aspects to determine the value to agree on the sale of property, the most important aspects are: – location of property – state where the property is located – a comparison against any sale of Previous farm, which has similar characteristics to the property to be sold – must be given real options to encourage the potential buyer, also if in the event that a buyer make an offer close to amount request to accept the proposal, perhaps losing a bit a win-win much, that the more time passes more investment must be made to make the sale. So when the sale of property should be studied very well all the aspects to expedite the sale of the property and available quickly so that capital held static..