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Real Estate: We buy an apartment without repair and realize their own interior. Source: last dream come true – you are the owner of his own apartment and the basic desire – to an early start to repair. For example, change the wiring, plumbing upgrade, merge or break a room, install doors and windows. But it turns out that all planned expenditures may be much smaller, and everything else plus legal and building code have been violated. Modern Realtors say housing should be chosen so that in him you and your family feel yourself comfortable and convenient. Of course, the best option: a small apartment in the city and spacious country house. Townhouse is usually acquired solely for the week, but in a country cottage comfortably spend a weekend surrounded by family and friends. The apartment, which was acquired without interior is very profitable acquisition because it allows them to reduce the price of new housing on the purchase of 30% of its market value.

Of course, finishing work will be, but in them the process you realize your ideas and desires. We give invaluable advice: if you want to protect yourself from unnecessary problems in the first year or two, do not buy housing on the upper floors. Just imagine the following scene: Multi-storey houses are famous for lots of neighbors. And if your neighbors at the same time you will be engaged in repair, as well as in elevators to transport building materials and furniture utensils and so on, at least, it will be very uncomfortable for both you and them. In that case, if you already can be called by the owner of a new apartment and you have a frantic desire to redevelop, then follow these tips. First, the project will be properly ordered from the experts of the business, so you insure themselves against possible adverse effects. Most strictly forbidden to demolish the bearing walls, my appearance of the facade.

If you're going to make adjustments to the plan of the apartment, you will need permission. The whole range of bodies which provide such a right, you can get to the Interdepartmental Commission. Weaknesses are permitted during alteration of heating, ventilation, water supply. In these situations, you will not suffer only you but also your neighbors and come to prosecution. Therefore, to avoid confusion and legal squabbles, the correct solution would be to pre-book design project, to make estimates and choose reliable contractor. And in conclusion let me give you one more valuable tip: do not be afraid to buy an apartment without finishing it, and then design, focusing on their own wishes and views. Source:

Kyiv Real Estate

The last few years had to speak only on acceleration or deceleration of growth rate in real estate prices in Kiev. But, unexpectedly, even to many experts, the prices came down overnight, and then completely dashed by speed mountain avalanche. And, anticipating that this situation will last at least until the autumn. The average sales price of apartments in the secondary market has declined by 12%, and considering the possibility of reducing the Kyivmiskbud the cost of square meters in new buildings at 7-10%. Today you can find the "Dormitory," the former ridiculous two months ago the price of 35 thousand dollars. The cheapest district of the capital still Desnyansky and most expensive – Crypt. For the year price has changed most of all real estate in Darnytskyi area – down by almost 21.5%. And least of all Podil's'ki fell flat in the "old town" – about 8%.

What do they say about the situation the experts? In their opinion, it is on sale no more than 10% of apartments, which are another economic situation would have been on the market. The reason is that finding a buyer difficult. Those who are in urgent need of money, sell apartments at a significant discount. The remaining 90% of the potential sellers prefer long lease, not sell their property, and expect a rise in prices. Projected to decrease prices for the 3rd quarter of 2009 by 30%. A therefore, we should wait and get the opportunity to buy decent housing "in the cheap".

It is highly probable reduction in price and "the primary organization." After the spring of prices of construction materials, due to lack of demand and oversupply, will fall at least 20-30%. State intervention is able to establish the situation on the market, but equally it does not change for the better, because to say something with certainty experts are not taken. But suppose the resumption of growth in prices Only by mid-2010, the planned completion of the global financial crisis, but this time the average price of Kiev apartments at risk to fall by 50-60 and even 70%.

Mortgage Credited Buyer

Now firmly established in the mortgage our modern life. Many are afraid not to enter into commitments for years to come. And perhaps they are right? All processes in mortgage lending occurs in accordance with Federal Law "On Mortgage". According to which, it is possible the simultaneous registration of ownership and lien on residential, nonresidential and to this rule does not apply. As a result, banks are forced to develop schemes of transactions non-residential premises with the participation of credit. Only a few banks do not only work with non-residential real estate, but also actively promote the service. The scheme of the transaction based on the same principles, but much detail different. We must first register a pledge – the depositor can vystupitprodavets of the space.

The pledge is made on the borrower's credit obligations obespechenie in favor of a third application is filed litsa.Kreditnuyu buyer (he pay for the purchase). Settlement funds are transferred to the buyer, who takes them and puts it on deposit in the cell, where they lie until the whole process. Receive money from the cell will be the buyer, after re-registration of ownership of the new owner. The bank as pledgee must give permission to move and encumbered with the seller to the buyer, and to sell the premises. Both party transactions are at risk. At a minimum, the seller, making out a pledge, to be sure that the buyer, as they say, "soskochet" and the deal goes through. The buyer is also at risk: the seller may not want to sell, and the loan is already issued, and he will have at least vyplatichivat interest that you know, is not good. But as we know, nothing ventured, nothing expensive drink bourbon! Read continued to – all secrets revealed rielterstva here.