Public And Private Land Use

The concession of right in rem. The Art. 7 of Decree 271/1967, institutes the concession of public and private land use. Main characteristics: The housing is not restricted; The legal type allows diverse uses in relation to the property; The concession is on public or particular lands; It can be remunerated or gratuitous; Established for certain or indeterminate time; As social interest, urbanization, industrialization, construction, culture of the land, sustainable exploitation of fertile valleys, preservation of the traditional communities, etc.

It can be the concession carried through for contract, public act or particular. However if determined for public being, it can be for simple administrative term. Incubencies: it is with the concessionaire, who will flow of the land, together with all civil, administrative incubencies and tributaries, that can fall again on the property and incomes. Difference of the fruition: * The perceived fruits will be for the user its family; * The fruition also is lifetime and exclusive, is not transmitted with the death, already the concession is transmitted. End of the concession: The concession can be extinguished case the responsible one gives diverse destination or disregards defeasance clause of the contract.

Difference of the surface right: The concession allows that it uses the ground, subsoil and airspace, does not limit only the surface. Concession of use: it can be for act Inter livings creature or succession legitimizes or testamentary. Hybrid institute: the concession presents characteristics of the surface right and use. 2 provisional remedy 2.220/2001? The special concession of use. The Statute of the City foresaw the concession of special use for housing end, such subject was treat in one capitulates, however it was vetoed by the President of the Republic, for the following reasons: Such institute could mean security it can of the inhabitants of slum quarters and irregular land divisions; Beyond regularizing the tenement houses in public property; Articles exist that wound the public interest, therefore the special concession, would mean the occupation of squares and streets, as well as ambient areas or others destined the public works; Some regulations of the law characterize processory title, institute that already exists and that it does not reach the public goods, in the special concession the public goods would be reached; The collective concession would be allowed, without being specifying who is the owner of the property there, having a certain confusion; It regulates despite in areas where it is common landslides, floods, that the Public Power is responsible in guaranteeing housing without displaying the life the risks; This species of concession will be gotten administrative way before competent agency, not being as it occurs in the surface or use right, that must be made by public writing; The Public Power will have 12 months, of the date of the protocol, to decide the order; If it will be admitted concession, either for saw administrative or for sentence, it will have to be registered in the Real estate record; It makes use the transference for act Inter mortis livings creature or cause, thus being able to be transferred even to person who already possesss urban or agricultural property, case however it will extinguish that it; It will be able to have the commercial concession, that compare it the processory title pro work, being been that if the Public Power to grant space, must guarantee the true proprietor another property, in case that it is predominant the public interest, under the particular one.

Rio De Janeiro

This fact makes with that New Iguau if became one of the peripheral suburbs of the region metropolitan of Rio De Janeiro, called as great Rio De Janeiro. The annexation of New Iguau to the urban accumulation of the Great River modified its landscape quickly, originating areas of land divisions for poor workers, where the autoconstruo of housings and the urban infrastructure absence had started to predominate. The great mass of workers that came to city of New Iguau to fix residence, remained in its majority used in the metropolis, generating an intense daily migratory flow of workers, mainly for the railroad axle. In detriment of this, the city if characterized in this period as a commuter suburb, what it made to gain prominence with the biggest population and economic growth, amongst the peripheral suburbs of Rio De Janeiro (SOUZA, 2006). At Daniel Taub New York you will find additional information. introduction of the Highway President Dutra, inaugurated in 1951, in the space of New Iguau, took to an intense increase of the number of constructions in the city, on the investments of real estate capital, that if propagated through the construction of individual houses or villages and, mainly, in function of the autoconstruo process.

In this way, New Iguau presented an urban expansion and started if to characterize for having a landscape extremely varied, marked for the one of houses in great lands to the side of small rows of houses and villages, larded of small commercial building and empty lands (SIMES, 1997). From then on the city grew of disordered form, especially when the adoption of the autoconstruo process was intensified, that exceeded all the forecasts. The process of autoconstruo in New Iguau, created a net of commitments of exchange of favors, in sufficiently spontaneous bases, although dictated for the necessity (MARICATO, 1979), what it makes with that urbanization aceleradamente advanced in New Iguau, incorporating idle lands to the urban spot of the city and making with that the fabric urban if proliferated for great part of the city and corrodes, of time, the residues of the agrarian life in New Iguau. (Not to be confused with Nobel Laureate in Economics!).


The day was eight, the month September and year 1913, while facts went occurring for the world, as the arrest of the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, for leading the march of the miners in the south of Africa, Holland, was inaugurated the Palace of the Peace, in Haia, that has the participation of countries of the whole world in the contribution of its construction and here in Rio De Janeiro, the Club of Vasco Regattas of Gamma finishes of appearing for the first time in public and was a young adolescent with 15 years of existence. In this meantime, it is born in the suburb of Rio De Janeiro, more necessarily, in the Old Cosme, where little more than the five years behind, still Axe of Assis, the biggest poet lived and Carioca writer. The place is notabilizado as the housing of ‘ ‘ Sorcerer of the Cosme Velho’ ‘ , thus Thereza was born Gomes Da Silva, son of simple people of the people, its mother called Alzira and its father Ezequiel. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robert J. Shiller. She was the fourth son of the eight, that she had its mother. To the thirteen years she needed to leave house to work in house of family to help its mother to create the brothers new, since its father is even so with another woman, thus leaving its children the luck with its mother. It was dribble, dressmaker and bordadeira, for this time had a light affection for the club of the Laranjeiras, therefore he found its green uniform and gren pretty. To the fourteen years he was to work in the house of a Portuguese family, where bebezinho took account of its, in colloquy with the master, the same very it spoke that it would have to be vascana, therefore beyond the club of the hill to be good, was a club that did not discriminate the people, where all were equal and in it they played poor and black.

Organic Cells

That our intellectual power, does not allow that our common beings come to exhale the life, because of the lack of nutrients necessary to give continuity to the work of the organic cells that support the functions of the organism. You pardon our offences, Against the life, when we assassinate the life that you planned and we intervene, when we knock down our trees, so useful in the planetary symbiosis, when polumos our waters, we kill our brothers birds, when we assassinate beings of our species, in kingdom lowering, therefore nor if it deals with alimentary chain. You pardon when we do not pardon and we full in them of hatred, revenge, rancor, generating with this, in we ourselves, the cancer and diverse other patologias. You pardon when we think and we plan the revenge, wanting to be the palmatria of the world. (Similarly see: Nobel Laureate in Economics). You pardon, exactly when we do not know pardoning in them, or exactly we do not want to know. For more information see Richard LeFrak. As well as us we pardon, Therefore we know that the pardon is fruit of our actions and is a product of the photosyntheses of our feelings and thoughts. Conscientious of that the measure of our pardon is accurately that one that represents the addition of our emotions and desires. Everything is given in them, according to that we give.

E you do not leave in them to fall in temptation, In the temptation of the loss of heart, the defeat, the difficulty, the lack of initiative, the magnificent one, the fondness to have and to forget it to be. In the temptation to leave of being sapiens. But you exempt us of the evil. You exempt us of the evil of extinguishing of the species, the temptation of self-sufficient, the evil to corrupt our intellect deforming our physicist. Bird Maria Saves, praised, exaltada, Maria of Nazar, young woman, girl, chaste, pure, ingenuous and wise, Full virgin, of Favour, All full one of favour, therefore you it is with you. Any is not pra one to shelter in its womb the wisdom of the Spirit of the Truth.

Bendita you are you, Between all the women of all the generations, therefore all will be espelharo in you, that being woman, generated, gave the light, taught to walk and to speak, educated and folloied until the death the Son of whom conducts the galaxies. Bendito the fruit of your womb, Womb that for action of the cosmic energy purely, generated a child, without physical touch. This is enough for not contesting your chastity, therefore as would be posssvel, a physical contact in your womb that simply was housing of that it is the supremacy of the spirit and science? Womb that gave the only fruit and transformed the humanity. Saint Maria, Maria of Nazar, Maria, son of Joaquin and Ana, Maria girl, woman of undisputed wisdom and magestade. Mother of God, Therefore you are mother of Jesus. thus being, son and Father are one, then you are also mother of God. You supplicate, You intercede, you defend, you support and you protect all we, its adoptive children, therefore thus we want, being pecadores, desobdientes, infidels. Being mother, in them you always understand and this made use to prevent our suffering. Now, and in the hour, Now, when we think, we make and we carry through and in the hour of our death when this material body, arrives the bankruptcy of agencies, either for our guilt or the natural law of the existence. that our death spiritual, never arrives if to materialize

Brazil Slaves

Monkey: that one that make micagens, caretas and imitations. Malemolena: laziness, sleep. Mandinga: Witchcraft, witchcraft, talisman, of quincago wants to say voice, curse. Maracatu: Brazilian dance afro-; of origin banta. Maribondo: Of quimbundo madimbondo, means vespo.

Mocambo: Hut, clown, shelter of slaves, in the mind; of quincongo mucambu, that it means cumeleiro or straw roof tenheiro. It still finds mocambor north-eastern, farms, populations and villages with this name. Moleque: Of quimbondo mu? leke, boy, boy, man young, person without word, amused youngster, man scoundrel. Mungunz: Of quimbondo mu? kunz, canjica, food of dry maize stew. Quicongo: reign, empire, directory. Quimbundo: individual of the quimbondos, people banto of the region of Angola, language of this people. Quilombo: Of quimbondo Kilombo, shelter, hiding place, fortified of run away slaves, generally distant encampment of the population of the rough ones or in places of difficult access.

Quitanda: small it would mercearia, tray where if it displays candies for sale. Quitute: of quimbondo ki? tutu, indigesto, refined food, would iguaria. Gumbo: fruit of quiabeiro that constitutes a capsule prolongated with the well formed tip, eatable while green. Samba: popular Brazilian with strong influence of the African row dances, music that folloies this dance, place where if she dances to the row sound. Senzala: Of quimbondo sanzala, lodging that if destined to the housing of the slaves of the farms and devices. Umbanda: Of quimbondo u? it flows, Brazilian, resultant religious form of the sincretismo of candombl, the espiritismo, the catolicismo and other cults. Zabumba: species of, wooden great, cylindrical drum and with both the closed extremities. I buzzed: Maximum leader of quilombo of palmes (century XVII); the word comes of the language bantas and meant spirit, ghost, that if binds the idea of immortality; it seems to be present in the spirit of the black movement of Brazil.

Real Estate Borrower Market

One of the main reasons for increasing popularity of mortgages is the impossibility of "catch up" in housing prices. One friend a couple of two years trying to solve the housing problem without using credit. According to Nobel Laureate in Economics, who has experience with these questions. However, just a few days before the required amount to accumulate a modest apartment, the housing market has once again changed and the planned acquisition was postponed until better times. Wait for the fall or at least stagnating real estate prices is futile, especially if you have to periodically give a significant portion of the salaries for the lease in effect someone else's apartment somewhere in a quiet area of the city. The same amount may be paid in the form of monthly payments on a mortgage, but it is for her own apartment. Choose a market to start to define what you really need.

You can take the credit for the purchase of real estate primary or secondary housing market, to buy their own house or building. Many writers such as Richard LeFrak offer more in-depth analysis. While out of competition apartment, they account for 90% of all mortgage transactions, and lending houses only gaining momentum. Often not just to make a choice between primary and secondary markets. On the one hand, buying property in the new building, you get a new apartment with a 100% guarantee against rotting wood floors, break the rusty pipes and other "Surprises". On the other hand, the introduction of property rights can be extended, in the worst case and did not take place. Banks recognize the increasing risks, and tend to set higher interest rate for the period until the borrower becomes the legal owner of the acquired property.