Choosing a Real Estate Broker

You think about how to find a real estate broker, and must be handled in real estate. Firstly, it is much safer. Second, no self-respecting agency does not hold a non-professional staff. Third, in the arsenal of solid Agencies incomparably more options, among which will be found suitable for you in price and quality. Never agree to a deal with the so-called "black" brokers. The apparent lower price for services may in fact result in a complete loss and housing, and money.

"Black" brokers are not registered, do not accept any responsibility for transactions conducted (often, in the event of serious trouble of grief, Realtors simply can not be found). In addition, they may incorrectly process the deal from a legal point of view or sell an apartment in bypass url = rightful owners / url. Solve the same problems You have to. Do not agree to accept service of acquaintances who have recently purchased homes. Buying an apartment has not yet made their professional, thoroughly knowledgeable in such a delicate matter, as real estate. In general, the choice of favor of a specialized firm is obvious.

But the agency also may be different. To avoid trouble, choose only proven company with a name well established in the market and working long enough. Avoid questionable firms – ephemeral. Their task – withdrawing money from gullible people who want to save money on your purchase. Under current laws of Ukraine, the real estate shall have the following details: corresponding to the standard model of a registration certificate Proof of passing a re-entry "Real Estate Operations" in its charter and certificate of registration and inclusion in the Statistics Department Single register must have a postal and legal addresses to have a round seal with the mandatory placement firm in its field, the official company name and registration number (identification code) Required visit the office of the agency in person: a company with good reputation will never be located in a building that does not comply with its status.

Real Estate As A Key Element Of Investment Strategy

Sometimes the contributions to the property are less risky and more stable due to the fact that even after the stages of decline, there comes a time of renewal, with the result that real estate prices again increase. Also, as global investors, rich people are considering the UAE's leading real estate component of their investment portfolio. Investors still want to invest in regional market real estate, but the reason for this is not only a decline in the market. Experts stress that has recently become investors revise their approach to savings and investing in various types of real estate and Popular locations. Until recently, those who have cash, invested mainly in the regional market, making their portfolios out of balance.

At the same time, many have invested in one type of real estate in one market, that, according to experts, is a very risky approach. To date, the consultants recommend investment strategies to rebuild anew, to diversify the portfolio by category of property and geography. Experts point out that among real estate investors in Dubai and now there is uncertainty mainly due to doubt whether the market has reached bottom low, it is precisely the period deceleration is the most profitable for investors. Investing in real estate at prices close to their lower limit in the long term, after the final recovery of the market, you can get multiple dividends. However, at this point, many investors took a wait in the hope that prices continue to fall further. at the same time, experts point out that the UAE real estate market is facing projects, investments that will bring good profit in the long run, because at the moment the price is reached the lower limit. Properties in UAE prityanivaet speculative and not paying attention to risk for investors, with demand for 'risky' property in Dubai even higher than in the U.S., Britain and Germany, where the vast majority of millionaires in the world.

At the same time investing in real estate Dubai is divided into two types: those who want to invest money for the preservation of capital, and those who seek to profit by using the speculative approach. Moreover, speculative investors view prevails. Market experts note that future buyers and investors become more selective and more attentive to the choice of the object of purchase or investment. It is worth emphasizing that the Dubai real estate sector shows steady signs of renewal. Increased liquidity, banks have to lend again on affordable terms, costs, and rents for property in Dubai will stabilize, demand from both investors and by the end users is growing, and strengthened investor confidence.

Municipal Loan

Mortgage loan modern Russian conditions for small businesses is especially important because allows to lose no time to acquire the necessary business real estate, without having the initial capital – on the security of this same (not owned by you) of the property. Documents evidencing the loan, a borrower gives the lender for a mortgage, said mortgage. Distinguish between private bonds and mortgage deed. Private mortgage – debt issued by a borrower (for example, mortgage banks) to the creditor and notarized. In private, the mortgage must be specified loan maturity, the value percent and the name of the property, the employee pledge. Giving out loans secured by property, mortgage banks are receiving loans from other banks, which provide a so-called mortgage deed – long-term loan repayment obligations under the mortgage of the property, which mortgage bank gets bail. Mortgage deed – a form of securities secured by real estate and in circulation in the market. Loan secured surety, involves a contract in which the guarantor undertakes to repay the lender the borrower's debt if necessary.

As this type of loan can serve as a guarantee wholesaler for retail, the manufacturer of goods for the merchant business for each other, etc. Special hopes small businessman holds the surety – the state. In some cases, state and federal Municipal authorities need to be very beginnings of small businesses in its territory, but do not have real means to stimulate this activity. In these cases, the authorities guarantee to banks it may be way out. (In this case you can say to the official: "This matter must be me and you.

I am ready to work. You are required cash contribution, but no money for that. So even if charged, but the money under your guarantee will give the bank. ") A special form of guarantee is mutual responsibility – mutual pledge to each other group of persons or entities. The loan, secured a written commitment – a key form credit. The most common form of a written commitment to a bill. Bill – a written debt obligation prescribed form. Owner notes (note holder) receives unquestionable right demand beyond the period specified in the instrument of payment specified in the same amount of money to the person issuing the bill (drawer). Noteholder has the right, without waiting for maturity to put the bill on the market (in turn). In this case, usually on the instrument is put in addition to the signature of the drawer has one or more signatures of persons, guaranteeing payment on them. Credit, cash-based trust, based on a verbal promise to repay the borrower's loan by a certain date. This type of loan is applicable only when the lender to the borrower is experiencing a special trust or has it powerful leverage. The purpose of credit control by the lender is to receive profits. Provision of credit – risky: there is always a danger of not getting the whole debt and interest thereon. Therefore, it is particularly important in the management of credit to identify the reliability of the borrowers. This is achieved is through bank credit and financial analysis activities particular borrowers on their creditworthiness.

Mortgage Loans

It is not clear why so many home buyers, even with good pay, receive waivers from banks and why, when calculating the individual terms of interest rates are sometimes a few points higher than in advertising. To find out the real picture of mortgage lending in Samara was monitored proposals of banks, lenders home purchase. In the area of mortgage lending in the autumn of 2009 there is a revival. For 3-ago quarter has shown that the market begins to recover. Confirms the dynamics of growth in mortgage lending and the statistics of the National Commercial Bank. Not surprisingly, bankers today are rather optimistic and almost certain that 2011 will be a year of revival mortgage.

And the great hopes for the mortgage confer not only the specialized mortgage banks or the market leaders, accounting for just and the bulk of issued mortgage loans, but commercial banks. Mortgage – low-cost destination for any bank, it's customer base for years and the high profitability of operations. In 2011, the expected revival of the mortgage on the old high level. Many lending institutions in 2008-2009 suspended the proper mortgage programs and loans are issued only on the program HMLA. Some lenders have left the mortgage sector to stay. Beginning with second half of last year, banks gradually began to return to the mortgage market.

Now a number of lenders have taken quite an active role in promoting the mortgage products. Sberbank, VTB-24, Delta credit, City Mortgage Bank, UniCredit Bank, AbsolyutBank, Bank of housing finance and others. To clearly understand the situation in the mortgage market in Samara, were monitored. As a result of monitoring revealed that at the present time in Samara, about 100 working banks offer mortgage products around 30. On the one hand, it can not but rejoice, but on the other – too optimistic a picture looks. And, sensations, there is some discrepancy between official and actual practice. Now there are many, even quite financially wealthy citizens, the banks refused to grant a mortgage loan. Today, choose Bank, which will give you the right loan, find the credit program, which is convenient for you, rather than just. This is a difficult job which occupies a lot of time. Proposals from the banks are now quite a lot. Size of loan rates seriously varies – from the really low interest in the banks, working on standards AHML to high rates of commercial banks. We must remember that the smaller the loan, the lower the interest rates. In addition, if the banks operating under government programs, only the official income on Form 2 Personal income tax, then the commercial banks may set off and "gray" income. For example, UniCredit Bank considers income coming Relatives and additional income of the borrower. Any income of the borrower is ready to consider and Rosbank. On the one hand, the borrower is a plus. On the other, negative: in informal income bank nakinet couple of percent, ie the rate on the loan will increase by no less than 1%. If you consider the availability of mortgage loans in terms of real estate, it is worth emphasizing that the vast majority of mortgage programs offered today by banks, designed to ready housing. Mortgage for housing under construction can be considered very accessible, simply because only a handful of banks willing to lend to buy dolevok, and even then – not all.

Registration Of Mortgage

Currently, mortgage (mortgage) is one of the most common method of enforcement of monetary obligations arising from loan agreements, loan agreements, purchase, lease, contract, etc. By virtue of the mortgage lender of the secured mortgage obligation (the mortgagee) is entitled in case of default by the debtor of the obligation to obtain satisfaction from the pledged real property prior to other creditors of the person who owns the property (mortgagor), with the exceptions established by law. In accordance with Art. 339 of the Civil Code, Art. 10 FZ "On Mortgage (Pledge Real Estate) 'contract of mortgage is subject to state registration. The mortgage agreement is not passed state registration shall be deemed null and void.

Registration of mortgages regulated by the Federal Law "On Mortgage (Pledge Real Estate) ' 102-FZ and Federal Law "On state registration of real estate rights and transactions' 122-FZ. Registration of mortgages held on the location of immovable property subject to mortgage. According to the article. 334 Civil Code there is a mortgage on the basis of the contract or by operation of law. Registration of mortgage by operation of law is carried out simultaneously with the registration of property rights whose rights are burdened by a mortgage either simultaneously with the recording contract of a joint construction without a separate application and without payment of state duty. Registration of mortgage, arising under the contract of mortgage, on the basis of the joint statement the mortgagor and mortgagee, except when the mortgage agreement notarized, accompanied by a document confirming the state duty and documents required for registration of a mortgage in accordance with applicable law.

Registration of mortgages held the body implementing state registration of rights, by making a single State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with a record of registration of the mortgage contract and record the mortgage as an encumbrance of immovable property, as well as by putting on all genuine copies of contracts of mortgage inscriptions attesting to the registration of mortgages. Body carrying out state registration of rights is obliged to register the mortgage within one month from the date of revenue needed for its registration documents. The registration of a mortgage may be refused only in cases stipulated by federal law "On state registration of immovable property and transactions them ', namely: if the mortgage specified in the contract of immovable property is not permitted in accordance with Russian law, if the contents of the contract or attached thereto the required documents does not match requirements of state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it. The registration of mortgages, arising by law, can not be denied.