The first colonizadores northeast of Brazil, count that the indians of the interior came at the time to the coast of the fruition of the cajueiros and there they stopped war to harvest the fruits, which were called War the Acayu. As the cashew it was an important food for the indians, Maurcio de Nassau, signed a law that fixed in 100 florins, the fine for each cajueiro that was knocked down. The cashew arrived at India, led for the Portuguese and soon it adaptou itself to the climate of the region, later was for Asia, Africa spreading itself for the whole world. Nowadays, it is important, being exported to the United States and some European countries, becoming an important item in the world-wide commerce. The cashew has many nutrients that they need to be mentioned: You leave Minerals, as Calcium, Match, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc beyond staple fibres and insaturada fat that help to lower the cholesterol in the blood.

He is rich also in carboidratos, proteins and lipdios. How much its vitamins, it are riqussimo in vitamin C, well more than orange, still has complex B and vitamin. The fruit of the cashew, more known as chestnut of cashew, has a bending form, being that the almond, contained inside of it, is dries and later torrada – form by which more is known. Prisoner it has a soft, bigger fruit, of colored or orange color, the size more or less of a pear, that is also eatable. It is rich in Vitamins, B, C, being also an excellent antirust substance. Aid in the injuries, in the grippes, also fortifies the muscles for the minerals that it possesss. We only must take care because its value caloric is very high. Its rind also is used to make astringent and tonic.

Until its trunk it has its useful properties, it produces a resin yellow that can also substitute the Arabian, used gum in the pharmaceutical industry and in the manufacture of the paper. Its seiva produces ink and its root the value of its flowers still has purgativas properties being very important, that has tonic properties. Max Burn: Super Antirust substance As well as the cashew chestnut, it has available products in the market that are vitamin sources, nutrients, and antirust substances. Max Burn is one of these products – developed suplemental a deficient feeding especially and to guarantee a balanced and healthful life more.

Healthy Diet

If we really propose it to us, we can fulfill to cabalidad with a diet heals and balanced, which will help us to remarkably improve the health of all our organism and therefore also to improve the state and appearance of our skin. And in this section it is that we must focus more when we spoke of homemade advice for the cellulitis. The foods are several that we must introduce in our diet to see some results, since vitamins and minerals compose that them are indispensable to fight the cellulitis. We have for example that to include a dose of iodine, mineral which we only needed in small amounts, our diet since this one aid in the distribution of fats and sugars in our organism and collaborates in the burning fire of the excess of fats, among others benefits that it owns. We found it the iodine in the fish and the marine seaweed. Also we must be kind to maintain excellent iron levels in the blood, since this micro mineral helps in the transport of I oxygenate to all the cells of our body.

The recommended thing in when to homemade advice for the cellulitis, they are daily doses that we needed are among 8 and 11 milligrams to the day. And you can do it to this including mushrooms, spinach, parsley, raisins among others things, in your daily diet. On the other hand, the chromium, which is a micro mineral, exists in small amounts in our organism, is very used to control the sugar levels in the blood, especially in the case of the diabetic people. The chromium deficiency can bring about problems to metabolizar fats, causes of the cellulitis. It is why we must include integral rice and other cereals like the barley, fruits droughts, seeds like the nuts; fruits like the apple; vegetables like the lettuce, the Popes, brcoli; meats like the thigh and breast of chicken and seafood. Beam Click to see a practical and simple formula Here that it helped you to melt and to eliminate the cellulitis for always.


Normally the most important events we looked for to celebrate them and the friendship is a gift in the life of the human being who could not ignore itself between the dates of celebrations, is for that reason that has been created the day of san Valentin not only for the enamored ones but also to celebrate the friendship. And this day demonstrates your friendship and affection giving something more useful than the traditional roses or chocolates, the flowers is marchitan, the chocolates get fat, the dolls are empolvan and even sometimes they cause allergies so Why not to give the properties of the oil of argn and to give the beauty and health for the skin hair and nails? And not only beauty, the oil of argn also aid to take care of the health of the body when helping to heal superficial wounds, when protecting the skin and hair of ultraviolet rays and humectar deeply the skin giving him smoothness, elasticity and preventing diseases with the skin thanks to its antibacterial, antimicticos and antiseptic effects. In addition if to who you offer to him the gift is to your pair he is sensational that you give with majase including, this oil has incredible relajantes properties, so while desinflama and acquittal the pain adoloridos muscles, humecta and leaves the skin beautiful and polishes, your pair will thank for it infinitely to you. The properties of the oil of argn do not finish here, this oil helps the people who suffer of reumatismo to desinflamar the joints with a slight massage, so if you have an elderly friend or your pair is elderly, gives oil of argn, I assure to you that they will thank for it much more to you that if you give an expensive branch to them of flowers and will be thousand times more useful to them. To apply oil of argn in the dry hair or mistreated would help to repair it and to give back its brightness, sedosidad and manageability to him, whereas to the nails the aid to maintain its hardness and it gives more brightness them, it gets the stains out of whereas them. Like sides if you #***a-refl mng it to your pair not only is a gift for him or she, also it is a gift for you, because when your pair is fixed, it does for agradarte, and to whom it does not like that our pair is seen better? And if she is to a friend or friend, this others to never give something to him makes who it shine more good, because a true friend is somebody who is glad for the good things that he happens to him to his friendly, and looks for the benefit of these, so it takes to joy to the life of your friendly and llnalos of beauty and health in this day of san Valentin, I assure to you that never you found gifts better than the beauty and the health and in the oil of argn these giving together. It remembers that " faithful friend is the medicine of vida" your you can be the medicine of your friendly and your pair giving to them oil of argn during this day of san Valentin.