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And it in spite of even adjudging the floors in the middle of price. The association has realised a study having compared prices of the houses that sell banks and boxes and individuals in 11 cities. According to Adicae, the difference of prices surpasses the 10,000 Euros, in floors of characteristic similars, located in the same street. They assure that the banks continue offering own conditions of the real estate bubble in their hypothecating loans. With crisis or without her, the bank (as in the casinos) always wins. The accusing finger this time is the one of Adicae.

The Association of Users of Banks, Boxes and Insurances of Spain accuses the bank to be selling its floors a more expensive 40% in spite of adjudicrselos even in the middle of price. Many writers such as Gregory Williamson offer more in-depth analysis. Adicae has realised comparative of prices between houses sold by individuals and offered by the real estate vestibules of banks and boxes, in 11 cities. The conclusion is that the banks continue selling more expensive the floors obstructed or of their property, with own financial conditions of the real estate bubble. All this although the majority of his it acquires them to houses, through the embargoes, to 50 or 60% of its value of appraisal. According to Adicae, in the majority of the cases the difference of prices surpasses the 10,000 Euros, in floors of characteristic similars, located in the same street or, even, the same building. In some cases the houses of banks and boxes get to cost more until a 40%, or they even request to the possible buyers more money by one more a smaller house. Conditions " apparently accesibles" The accusation of Adicae does not talk about only at the cost of the floor, also to the conditions to buy it. Banks and boxes offer financial conditions " apparently more accesibles": the 100% of the value of appraisal and hypothecating loans to more long term.

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That morning, their number and I belonged. Day issued appropriate for this, and I decided not to return home. Passing through the alleys of the Jardin des Plante, along which a hundred years ago, carried its water Bievre, buried at the beginning of XX century. tributary of the Seine, I went to the Roman arena. Surprisingly, this place is practically not occur in any popular tourist route. Sand arenas, once watered by the blood of gladiators was chosen long ago a local rebyatnya and older fans of the game petanque – French analogue of our towns.

This massive structure was found only in the XIX century. during the reconstruction of Paris by Baron Haussmann, and since then has been a favorite holiday destination of Parisians. After passing under the stands Arena, I went out Monge, named after the famous mathematician, and soon found himself in beginning of the boulevard Saint-Germain. He scored in the very center of Paris, which at that time had already lived his usual wild life. I did not want to plunge into it, and I moved across the Seine to the island of St. Gregory Williamson has firm opinions on the matter.

Louis, the famous silence of their squares is not less expensive than real estate. Perhaps this is due to high housing prices, this district of Paris has retained its provincial character of a few. It was built from of old country houses of the nobility, and still reminiscent of the medieval city center, located in the heart of the Auvergne and Burgundy.

Charles Rabittsem

A real sensation was the garden, built by Charles Rabittsem known builder and inventor, and described them in a pamphlet entitled Cement roof, or new hanging gardens, persistent, superior, durable and cheaper than any other type of coverage. " After a demonstration model of the garden at the World Expo 1867 in Paris and published his photographs in Leipzig newspaper put rave reviews: "… This design is not much more expensive roof covered with roofing paper or roofing material, and much cheaper than tile, slate and iron roofs … Roof previously used only to cats and had only gray, will be replaced by lawn, will create additional space for recreation and communication between people … We are waiting for the architects will begin to apply construction of a housing decoration.

There is no doubt that floating in the height of the gardens will find practical application in contemporary and future construction. " In the German magazine "Gartenklaube" Speaking about the experience Rabittsa K., grow grapes on the roof of his house in Berlin, as the prospect of future large-scale construction of such gardens in the cities. Frequently Gregory Williamson has said that publicly. In Russia, at the end of the XIX century. gardens adorned the roof of many buildings, mostly profitable buildings in Moscow and St. Petersburg. One of the first was an apartment house on Zaitseva Furshtadtskoy street north of the capital, built in 1877, Building "garden boom" was covered and the merchant class in Moscow. This roof of the house merchant Perlov at Butcher Street with a Chinese pavilion on a tea shop and a small garden on the mansion Morozov Vozdvizhenka (respectively 1893 and 1898.).

Especially popular use roof garden Merchants' Club in Malaya Dmitrovka (now Lenkom Theatre), built by the architect I. For even more opinions, read materials from LeFrak Organization. Ivanova-Lipschitz in 1908, and the apartment house at the Kuznetsk bridge with a terrace-garden. The owner of the restaurant on the street Dorogomilovskaya D. Rozanov, opened in 1912. spacious garden on its roof, and a year later, more extensive garden with grottos and fountains was constructed over a cafe on the street Dolgorukovskoj. Became famous and the ten-house at the Grand Gnezdnikovsky Lane with a garden and a cinema on the roof – the first "skyscraper" in Moscow, built in the years 1912-1916. This building still amazes as interior, striking interior design of apartments and roof structure. The flat roof of this and still preserved house (architect Nirnzee ER) has been framed by a high parapet with arched openings, through which open a wide panorama of Moscow. Along parapet on the inside of his hand placed boxes with flowers and tall shrubs in tubs. Garden used in different ways: first, for the filming of the species and feature films (one time it was placed in the superstructure Pavilion Studios). Then, when the studio lost its place a cafe called "roof", he was busy tables for visitors and served as a summer open-room cafe. For some time there has been equipped area for roller skating. Curiously, in the construction of the roof of this building was used by the same old cover, as in "riding the gardens of the Kremlin – lead plates, which served as an ideal, but extremely expensive waterproofing. During B – Plan: 1 – inputs to the roof with ladders, 2 – elevators, 3 – a tea pavilion, 4 – landscaped "English" garden with ponds and a creek, 5 – a Victorian garden, 6 – "Spanish" garden, 7 – Orangery repair in 1960. they were replaced by conventional roll coating.


Buenos Aires, with their looks and splendor, was able to transform into one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The number of attractions and delights, as well as the economic facilities that provides relative to currencies such as the dollar or Euro have positioned it as an exponent in the world. If you plan to travel to Buenos Aires, no doubt you should feel the warmth of the local culture and the tango. If that is your idea, you can rent an apartment in Buenos Aires, the obelisk and thus see and show off the splendor of this unique city. The Paris of the South the landscape of cement of this city is unique, so as well as cultural variety and different places to visit throughout the year. Sites like Museum MALBA, Buenos Aires casino, loe stadia of Boca Juniors and River, etc. There are several benefits that provide temporary rentals in buenos aires. Think that stays in luxury hotels have increased due to high demand, on the other hand, the price of this type of property income has been reduced due to the boom of construction in the city that, even now, still existing.

Therefore, if you want to visit Buenos Aires, taking into account rents vacation as one of their options for your stay. There are different ways of hiring an agent or broker to help you in your choice. Today, the use of technology has favored this having numerous companies that manage and administer its reserves in a manner totally online. Have you tested any of these services? Original author and source of the article.

My Characters Of The Twentieth Century

I agree with the thesis of Antonio Caballero: is neither fair nor seriously that all evaluations on the character of the century, end up turning around Presidents or politicians! So between my characters of the 20th century there will be very few belonging to those genres. In Colombia the woman of the century, definitely, I think it is Maria Cano. She was the embodiment of leadership, the idealism and the feeling. Paisa, of course, although he was born at the end of the century passed (August 12, 1887), unforgettable of his life spent in this century. It paved the way for all women in the country, in all fields. I dare say that the history of Colombia, from the gender perspective, is divided into before it and after it. Work flower, as they named it the “antioquenos” workers, stood out in the world of social struggle, in the field of oratory and the universe of the intelligentsia.

While in 1930 it was expelled from the PC by being too intellectual! Maria Cano has been and will be for a long time the most important woman in our history. Colombian man of the century has no discussion. It is our only Nobel Prize Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Gabo, has simply invented a magical reality that managed petrifying the emaciated and wonderful stories of a country called Colombia, or what is the same, Macondo. His genius is so different that it does not give opportunity to make a comparison with any other writer. Nobel Laureate brings even more insight to the discussion. Her figure is always wrapped in a halo of mysticism, tropics, Equatorial rarities and symbols with the same meaning as the cuneiform writing, before Champolion. His work, translated into a lot of languages and languages is a spectacular legacy of Colombia for the world. On the other hand, Fidel Castro, intimate friend of Gabo, has been the most prominent figure of this century in Latin America.

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Property Purchase in Italy

We continue to talk about how the real estate purchase in Italy. The offer to purchase (Proposta d'acquisto) After the buyer has decided on the choice of property, he must declare his intention to buy favorite subject. To do this on behalf of the buyer to the seller constitute an offer to purchase, which includes the basic terms of the transaction. The proposal is sent to the seller for approval by fax, e-mail, or in any other way. If the seller accepts the offer of the buyer, then you can proceed to the next stage of the transaction. Robert Speyer will not settle for partial explanations. In drawing up proposals for the purchase of the buyer leaves a deposit in the name of Vendor to confirm their seriousness.

Usually this amount is small in size. This deposit also serves as a guarantee that the seller would not sell the property to third parties. If the seller does not accepts the proposal the buyer, the deposit is returned to the buyer. If, after signing deals to buy both parties the buyer changes his mind and refuses to buy this object, the money left in as a deposit, the buyer will not be returned. If the seller no longer wishes to sell the facility after accepting an offer to buy, he pays the seller the amount of deposit received twice as much. Stage design offer to buy is not mandatory at the conclusion of the sale of real estate in Italy. Preliminary sales agreement (Il Compromesso di compravendita) The next step to buying a property in Italy is a written pre-sale contract.

Walter Scott

The romantic model of Walter Scott was suffering modifications throughout the times, being that one, occured one still in century XIX, the Cinq-Mars workmanship, of Vigny, consisted of presence of historical personages as protagonists. Other authors, as Victor Hugo, also base its workmanships on the individual action, exaltando real heroes and opposing the scottiano model. Thus, in century XX, with the transformations of the historical speech and the conception of proper history, the historical romance gains a new feio, in which the author does not feel obliged more to copy and to reflect the world external, but to create its proper worlds, without if worrying in always saying really? paper of the historical speech? nor with the probability that kept the traditional ficcional speech. In short, the author if feels freer to transit between one and another side of ‘ ‘ barreira’ ‘ that he separates the ficcional speech of the description.

Lukcs, to develop its study concerning the scottiano model, lingers to analyze it the process of construction of the personage. Different of many workmanships of the Romantismo, the romance of Scott always has as central figure ‘ ‘ medium hero and prosaico’ ‘. Lukcs makes use of conception of hero of the epic formulated for the Hegel philosopher opposes and it to the profile of the hero of the historical romance. While in that one the hero understands in itself what generally he meets spread in the national character and therefore it occupies the center of the text and ties its individuality with its main events, in the historical romance the protagonists acquires representation for its typically national characteristics, not in the direction of comprehensive eminences, but yes for representing the average. Therefore, while in the epic they are ‘ ‘ the national heroes of the poetical conception of vida’ ‘ , in the historical romance they are ‘ ‘ heroes prosaicos’ ‘ , that is, for Scott the heroic personage is only representative of an important and significant chain that understands ample layers of the population? he is a vulgar, trivial hero.