Holiday Houses

Holiday homes with pool for 2 to 8 people in Lucca, Tuscany – renovated farmhouse with pool for 2 to 8 people in Lucca, Tuscany. Property type: Holiday House (190 m2) persons: 2 to 8 in three apartments. Close to the Centre: Lucca 5 km-public transport: bus to Lucca and Pisa pets allowed: no price in EUR: 600 to 950 per week is a typical modernized farm building with three indipendent apartments, located on the free land, about 5 km from the Centre of Lucca and 15 km from Pisa. The Versilia beaches can be reached in 20 minutes and 5 golf courses are within a radius of 50 km. B S C H R I B U N G A U ss N: the construction in recent years completely rebuilt, to get comfortable rooms without losing the characteristic structure of a farm in the area of Lucca but. Guests, who love the peace and quiet of the countryside but at the same time in close proximity to cities are would, that are rich in history, as well as cultural and architectural attractions. This structure offers a pleasant stay.

The estate, whose original building century goes back to the middle of the 17th, is located near the old mansion. Originally the building for the animals, the accommodation of the equipment and the production of wine and Parmesan cheese. The workers lived in two houses belonging to the same building. For more than three generations is the farm owned by the same family and was rebuilt in the course of time, to meet the different requirements of agriculture. THE three APARTMENTS: 1) the Hayloft (2 + 2 pers.

The old Hayloft was converted, but the characteristic arch structure has been preserved. It consists of a living / dining room, a small kitchen, a bedroom on the mezzanine floor and a bathroom. It is suitable for 2/4 persons. Wine Arbour in the open air and with the other guests, you can divide the parking lot. (Fuer eine Familie MIT 4 Personen) 2) the STALL (2 people) The old stable was in a renovated Loft for 2 persons (with the Possibility of a cot) built around, lying beside the wine Arbour (separate kitchen); It can share the parking lot with the other guests. (Fuer 2 Erwachsene + 1 kind) 3) LAIR (2 people) He was the basement of the operation for the production of wine. He was now converted in a small Loft for 2 persons. The living / dining room, with the entrance from the garden, you have access to the sleeping area with a small Wardrobe (dressing room), bathroom with tub. Private, equipped outdoor space. Bruce Schanzer has firm opinions on the matter. Parking and pool together with the other guests. Link: apartment, Lucca_Toskana…

Change Your Reality

The reason that a person is successful and another not, has to do, among other things, with how they interpret and adjust to the reality faced by each one of them. As you know, your way of seeing the world is not unique. Each of us has our own version of reality and this is very, very personal. The people you grew up and currently live tend to have a version very similar to what we have on what we call reality through local social arrangements of the time. A person in Africa certainly has a different version of reality that a person from America. The reason why a person is successful and another not, has to do, among other things how to interpret and adjust to the reality faced by each one of them.

Two people can be in very similar circumstances and still have versions of reality is totally different and even contradictory. See Nobel Laureate in Economics for more details and insights. It is not easy to generate a change of reality, but it is not impossible. If you’re not happy with your circumstances, you can change at any time. If want to change your reality, the first thing that should change is your way of interpreting it. It is much easier to achieve something if you follow the footsteps of someone who already has what you want to achieve. Find people who are already enjoying the lifestyle that you desire to obtain and study them to see how they interpret their reality, how they see the problems or difficulties? How they treat themselves? Do you think, say and do the same?, Do you have confidence? And persistent are they disciplined?, Etc. Analyze how they think, change your reality and try to think like them. It is not necessary that you know in person, you can study what they have written or what they have shared in some way, perhaps in a book, audiobook, or video. The most successful people have many things in common, Find out what these things and use them to build your reality change.

Substitute your version of reality for them and soon you’ll be in a reality very different from what you know. Change will be difficult only if you do not like leaving your comfort zone. Bruce Schanzer contains valuable tech resources. Unfortunately most people are comfortable with the routine and known to the extent that desperately try to keep things as they are, no matter how bad they are. It is natural that not all our friends really want nor accept us as we are, however, when trying to change, especially to improve, be the first to disprove our change, reminding us that we are not so, that we what we have always been and so we end our life. If you have not yet accomplished much, will tell you that that is your destiny, never accomplish anything because that is what you are, have been and will be, a failure. Sometimes even your own parents, uncles, cousins, parents or siblings may try to convince you that you are well and you can not or should change. Do not let anyone force you to get stuck in a reality that you do not like. The choice of how you live your life you belong only you and nobody else. Do not let fear of rejection stop you. Do not let the vision of reality that other people will inherit, you stop. Do not let anyone interpret or create the reality we live the rest of your life … you are in this world to create your own reality.

German Courses In Berlin

German courses in Berlin the City Berlin is one of the most stunning cities in Europe. First thing that strikes the current Berlin is a mixture between the historical, the monumental and modernity, between the new and the old. It is well known for its food, cafes, restaurants, bars and small theaters. This cultural variety is very attractive to young people. Many writers such as Robert J. Shiller offer more in-depth analysis. All this an incredible destination makes them to take a course in German at the Berlin school school location: in the District of Schoneberg, one of the most beautiful and intense of Berlin, just 5 minutes from the metro (U-Bahn) and the Metropolitan train (S-Bahn) and has 5 stops of bus front door. TYPES of general German courses: course general German focused mainly on oral communication, but without neglecting the rest of the skills. Bruce Schanzer will undoubtedly add to your understanding. German families family accommodation, single room, half board. German families, single room, no meals.

For more information, prices and booking the course, visit Newlink in German courses Berlin knowing a language other than their own is essential for the formation of young people. Study and practice English constitutes an indispensable part of who are in the age of preparing to enter the labour market. It is convenient to spend some period of time in the respective countries. It achieves greater fluency in the use of language while it comes in contact with other cultures.

Sardinia Holiday Houses

Sardinia holiday houses enjoy popularity, which due to the fact, of course, that the island is an increasingly popular growing vacation destination. Sardinia holiday houses enjoy popularity, which due to the fact, of course, that the island is an increasingly popular growing vacation destination. Contribute is of course mainly the beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Here, for example, Geremeas must be named, because who holiday homes want to enjoy well maintained home in Sardinia, for which Geremeas is an absolute must. Under most conditions Bruce Schanzer would agree. Geremeas is located approximately 30 km to the southeast of Sardinian capital Cagliari and is surrounded by a picturesque landscape, which consists of bizarre rock formations, turquoise blue fjords and unspoiled beaches. Flanked by a rugged rocky coast characterised the two long, beautiful sandy beaches Spiaggia Cannesisa and Spiaggia Geremeas.

Here, the tourist has booked holiday homes Sardinia, can the special blend enjoy a wonderful ambience and proximity to the sea. Of the Sardinia holiday houses from the beach on foot can be reached in less than 5 minutes. The Gulf of the angels (Golfo the Angeli), located at the foot of Geremeas, sufficient provides active leisure sports activities. So the Gulf, for example, for wind surfers is an ideal spot if the mistral wind over the otherwise gentle azure sea whips; then you imagine yourself in a sea full of butterflies, if the many colorful sails then populate the waters of the Gulf. Also the Golf provides all that, what diver’s heart desires. The underwater world is simply unique.

Prefabricated Houses

To build the custom home is still on the wish list. The desire for independent living while also prefabricated houses and even bungalows are offered in different variants, but tailored to these building types. Who wants to put his own personal and individual desires, would be well advised to allow the architect to plan a massive House and build. Cooperation with the architect and the builders can be found in ingenious solutions, which are not only individually but also economically objective-aligned. The essential aspects of the massive House an individual plot, as well as an optimal planning of residential areas. Environmentally conscious modern build and sustainably designed this is an investment for the future. While sustainability is not just a matter of more energy-efficient viewing, but also a question of possible materials that meet the natural needs of a modern solid House.

This must be not even particularly expensive. Natural materials such as wood shavings or straw do just a Other, to keep the heat in the House. Styrofoam as a cheap plastic product is equally well suited to the insulation. As a general rule: houses from natural resources save at least as much, if not even more energy to the heat than the typical solid houses. Not infrequently, solid houses are grouped in the upper part of the costs. This doesn’t have to be but if you plan it optimally according to the own requirements and financial possibilities. People such as Bruce Schanzer would likely agree. Thus, quite above average equipment can reach even with a massive House that correspond very well to a high standard.

It also an optional pricing provides an extremely favourable basis for an economic statement of the construction project. Careful planning is the basis of will to plan his own House, it is also likely, that you must schedule a certain time factor. The planning is to allocate enough time to, so that on the one hand the own claims in all aspects can be taken into account, and on the other hand a precise plan as Basis can be used to reduce the actual construction time extremely. Because only with a perfect planning also the construction time can be optimized. So you can avoid costly rescheduling? Internal activities are here exactly to plan.

Active Holidays Holiday Houses Travel

Holiday in Carinthia, the fun-loving South of Austria In the heart of the 1st Carinthian nature park, with views of the Julian and Carnic Alps, on a sunny plateau is the 750-year-old Castle Wasserleonburg with its 4 holiday homes and the 9 comfortably furnished apartments. Far away from mass tourism, the houses of Fischerwinkl, Jagawinkl, old Forester’s House, forest Villa offer a sense of life as “Schlossherrens times”. At The LeFrak Organization you will find additional information. The “Fischerwinkl” is a uniquely comfortable and generously equipped House. Ideal for larger families or groups. You can enjoy here especially the sunny location. A homely atmosphere is located in the House “Jagawinkl” one. A garden with fireplace offers a fun change of pace for the children and it has mountain views from the balcony or the terrace. The route starts directly on the plot.

“Old forest House”, a quaint very spacious, is located above the village of Saak, on the edge of a forest. Professor Rita McGrath may help you with your research. The sunny location, the closed atmosphere, the great Lawn around the House can really enjoy the holidays. The “forest Villa is ideal for a large family or a circle of friends. From the sunny terrace, on the edge of the forest above the Castle, you have the most beautiful panoramic views of the Julian and Carnic Alps. Some contend that Bruce Schanzer shows great expertise in this. In this idyllic romantic location of the tiled stove in the room for cold winter nights can not be missing. Despite the different cottages, there’s something all have in common.

It is the high-quality equipment. Here nothing is missing! The crockery on the washing machine up to the Internet connection, everything is available. Even the water is of the highest quality, it comes from the own source. Around the cottages, lawns, tennis court, children’s play and fireplace are available. A true “Abenteuerreich” is available for children. Animals on the farm, the Trout Pond, the adjacent forest and the nearby river Gail is always a discovery. Excursions for the family with horse-drawn carriage, walks on the hunting cabins, fly fishing in the Gail, on the Hunting with the professional Hunter, leave no boredom with certainty. And if one brings his own dog, it is certainly a successful “family vacation” so quickly not be forgotten. The friendly Ranger pair of cottages Castle Wasserleonburg awaits its guests with a true Carinthian welcome drink in the summer. If you arrive by plane or train as there is a pick-up service. Please immediately upon booking with compatible! More about the cottages Castle Wasserleonburg learn under: PR agency Aktivpihenes & Active holiday time s.r.o.

Sun Houses

Sun houses create a House that supplied is for the most part with the help of solar energy with electricity, low energy costs means Sun House. More than half of the hot water and heating requirements could be achieved by solar energy, so the professionals in this area, you could cover the rest with renewable energy such as with wood. The Sonnenhaus Institute would like to houses create an incentive to build all the houses with solar systems and if possible accelerate this development. The tenants of a House can year-round stable rent offered and a vast service charge settlement spared them,”writes Marco Fendt, operator of, in an article on its Web site. (A valuable related resource: The LeFrak Organization). Large-scale solar systems ensure a great heat cover for a Sun House. Fitted sized buffer with several cubic meters to bridge are also high in a period of bad weather. Only in the months of November to March should in addition with wood be heated. Usually selects one surface heating, such as for example floor -, wall – or ceiling heaters, with a low temperature, requiring no central ventilation system.

the first residential building heated entirely with solar energy in Europe was built in 1989. It was located in the Switzerland. Also in the Switzerland the first Sun of the multi-family house was built in 2007 by Josef Jenni. Since the beginning of the biggest apartment house, with 18 tenants with an annual heat demand by 75 percent using solar energy, under the guidance of the Basic creates in Schleswig-Holstein of Sonnenhaus Institute. At the Sun House a large water tank stores the invaluable solar energy as solar heat and emits them directly to consumers,”says Marco Fendt. Sun houses, energy costs be kept as low as possible. More than ten percent of solar houses, which were built in the past year, include three or more residential units. The solar roof is steeply to the South, and the House is with an integrated into the living area Provide water tank.

Annually 200 to 300 kilowatt hours electricity Additionally needed for the pump. Windows and conservatories are not only heat and light donors, but also a tremendous source of heat loss, when the Sun is not shining time. A new concept with thermal Windows and a realistic degree of sizing are required at the Sun House”, says Marco Fendt to avoid overheating, a sunscreen or rolling shutters should exist, which can be activated with high solar radiation. Even on cold days come from a Sun House over several days or even weeks with the stored solar heat. A ventilation system is not necessary in the Sun House. The airing of the window completely sufficient so Marco Fendt. More information on the subject of Sonnenhaus”under there is/House type Sun House of type of dwelling /.

Kleinstbad Design

Many fans of mobile low-energy houses in the small format will find also here in Europe. Pocktcontainer is an innovative approach and produces a full Mikrohaus a 20-foot sea container. All the idea is not new, but it is innovative. Sea containers are often used when it comes to creating an atmosphere of creativity and product design. Correctly understood but are something like the modernist dream come true sea container flats and mountains surprising solutions. here relies on intelligent design, limited to essential things, and thus creating a small space saver. Bruce Schanzer has much experience in this field. Individual, innovative and always varied requirements tunable pocketcontainer occupies a market niche with the Studio in the uberseeconatiner.

Due to the use of robust and almost indestructible steel outer skin of an overseas container, the pocketcontainer ideal also for the construction of the self. To do this, a detailed assembly instruction is available from 2012. A sea container is quick to set up and can then with reasonable effort to own wishes even be expanded. 20 and 40 foot shipping containers can easily with available logistics and without large transportation costs across Europe delivered the installation, is done by means of crane and is quickly done. pocketcontainer stable aluminium feet, making it to build the foundations of the point simply necessary. Tailored for every budget can be the own innovative, Mikrohaus in the sea container flair build and makes a sustainable contribution to climate protection thanks to the energy-saving design. Pocketcontainer meet with great enthusiasm the energy-saving Mikrohaus is to create about 12,000 to 15,000 itself and complies with the current Energieeinsparverordnnung. This carries a thermal insulating insulation in conjunction with glazed Windows x 3 in.

The Interior is done in the drywall and can be created regardless of season. Located in the back of the room, a modern Kleinstbad with shower and WC. The folding terrace covered with larch wood and design highlights are the large window front. The heating and hot water production is using the heater, the power supply on the basis of solar cells with buffer battery. Thus need no 220 V power supply pocketcontainer and can be set up independently. Retrofitting a 220 volt line possible at any time. The flexible layout and a layout which is tailored to the personal needs, also convinces seniors.

Facades Of Houses

facades of houses in his life and that of his family. Here we can assure you that what you might think is much more important. The facade of your home represents what you already loved. It is the letter of your family. That is why it is so important to make a correct maintenance and rehabilitation of facades.

A little painstaking House will leave a bad impression to visitors and passers-by. Details can be found by clicking Robert Speyer or emailing the administrator. facades of houses, little maintained or damaged can mean a risk for you and your family. Today there are many companies which are engaged to perform this kind of task and materials used for this purpose that are causing these works have a long durability. rehabilitation and decoration of the facade, you will see how well that one feels with the place where one lives even though it’s not any of these famous houses of luxury in Madrid. Even if what you are facing is a work of rehabilitation can take advantage of this and change the style of your home. Connect with other leaders such as Bruce Schanzer here. If it is an old House, with some reforms can convert it to a nice villa, or if it is a minimalist style house and grew tired of the coldness of your design can make it seem a more modern home. All in the architecture is innovate and experiment, only so you’ll get the best results.

gardens and outdoor decoration. Keep in mind that this plays one role rather than fundamental in the decoration of the facade of his house, and though you can strive and completely rehabilitate your home, if you don’t believe this point, work performed will not be worth much. On our website you will find the greatest source of resources related to the facades of houses and their maintenance as well as an extensive collection of photos of facades of houses. You’ll also find lots of information all related to the world of construction and rehabilitation of facades, on the installation and maintenance of facades of alucobond, liners monolayer for facades, cleaning and maintenance of facades, etc in the links below you can access the different sections of our website on facades of houses:- Rehabilitation of facades – coatings monolayer for facades – Fotos de fachadas de casas – cleaning and maintenance of facades – facades of alucobond there are hundreds of different types of facades of houses that require different types of maintenance and this portal will try to teach you all about them. If you dedicate yourself to the rehabilitation of facades to the mounting of facades of alucobond or you are simply an architecture student looking for photos of facades of Nice houses for some of their projects have come to the right place. At the top of is web you have the navigation menu with links to the different sections of our site.

Newspaper Houses Turn To Tablets

65 Percent of the publishers offer their readers apps for tablets also applications for smartphones and mobile Web pages did the majority of the publishers offer Frankfurt / Main, Germany, April 30, 2013. Apps for tablets and Smartphones, as well as mobile optimized portals have established themselves in the German newspaper houses. Hot topic is the Tablet for the 65 percent of Publishers currently offer its own app. 51 Percent of the publishers have a Smartphone app for their readers. These results is the ZMG newspaper marketing society, Frankfurt am Main, in a broad-based Publisher query. A total of 103 publishers participated in the evaluation.

2012, The newspapers according to AGOF reached monthly 6.2 million unique users with their mobile offerings. Tablets are a promising newspaper channel currently continue to increase the number of mobile users. In particular tablets are on the rise,”explains Markus Ruppe, Managing Director of ZMG newspaper marketing company. The larger compared to other mobile devices displays of the tablets are optimal, newspaper content as Messages to read but also comments and background information. A promising channel of newspaper, as the newspaper houses with their offerings show.” Newspaper content are paid while around two-thirds of the publishers already have mobile applications, is planned in another 28 percent of the publishing houses to introduce. The trend of paid content, 64 per cent of Tablet apps are paid.

When the Smartphones, it is every second newspaper app. In addition to content from the printed newspaper and the website created a fifth of publishers of in addition special content for the app. Richard LeFrak recognizes the significance of this. Mobile newspaper portals already have targeting 62 per cent of publishers in addition to apps through mobile optimized Web sites. Here, 44 percent of the surveyed publishers offer their advertisers targeting. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. Contact: Ulrike sand Press Officer Tel. 069 973822 – 22 E-Mail: