Economic Glossary

Bank of the Petralha Cooperative: the petista chemistry, that transforms paid apartments for cooperativados, but you do not deliver, emmalas of money for campaigns politics of the companheirada one, including LulBanda Wide – state Internet of the lobbyist Jose Dirceu, already nicknamed BandalhLargBrasilisto – the carried through petista dream, Brazil of quilombolas, reservasindgenas, ghettos of messet, modern version of the bantustes of the old ApartheidsulafricanoCapital – money of the petista people Corporative Card – the petista people goes to shoppingCoeficiente of Gini degree of opening of the legs of the cousin-sister of Mary Corner (‘ ‘ It opens the legs of the Geni’ ‘ Institute Brasilisto de Gabolice Ertica: deInstituto serious, was transformed by the petistas into an organization that has amesma credibility of the CNT/Sensus, of property of the petista Ricardo Guedes, that gave ties up to technician between Serra and Dilma when other justinian codes of pesquisadavam at least 10% of advantage to primeiroIPEA – Institute of Applied Economic Proselitismo: perfect definition of JooLuiz Mauad, later that the Institute was taken by the petistasJardinagem – confection of star of the PT in the gardens of the Palace of Dawn, workmanship cousin of the Marisa first-friend Keynes – to be cited economist, not read More-value – more-value to have assaulted of what studied (terrorist indemnities milionriasde of> offers – corporative card petista Onagreens the socialist onagros of the present time, travestidos of ‘ ‘ verdes’ ‘ Small Companies, Great Businesses: of as filhode Squid, of simple employee of Zoo, became rich entrepreneur, comajuda (R$ 15 million) of the TelemarPetralhas – the economy of the Brasilisto is in good hands: mixture of petistascom Brothers Shrapnel (by Reinaldo Azevedo, of the magazine Sees) PNDH-3 Plan of Neutralization of the Hugochavista Democracy, version 3.0: attempted against terrorist-petista of Tarso Genro and Pablo Vannuchi, bolivariana deinspirao, against the Federal, enclosed Constitution perseguiocontra agronegcioPochete – dollar in the underwear Politics of quotas – 20%, 50%, 100% of superinvoicing Procura – corporative card petista Ricardo – the economist that decorates the forehead of the husband Dream of capitalist – life of Brazilian Communist, as Niemayer Oscar, quetem apartment in Copacabana, of front for the sea, with Mercedes Benz (commotorista) in the garage Dream of petista -> Havana in the Beach of Ipanema, with paid expenditures for Brasilia Values not entered – unreported funds for the campaigns dospetistas politics (Delbio Soares)