Buying Property In Turkey

Turkey – it's 300 sunny days per year, ideal climate, warm sea, magnificent nature, the birthplace of almonds, cherries and figs. Each of the regions of the country in its own interest. Scenic lagoons, eucalyptus and pine forests and endless beaches. The proposed property in Turkey on the shores of one of the best value for money. Now, in times of crisis, the price of 1 sq.

m. – From 600 dollars. During the construction process is strict control of the State control over the entire course of construction. At this point in Turkey a great selection of real estate. Property values in recent years does not increase, it remained the same. Advantageous to acquire property during construction, prices are cheaper. At the conclusion of the contract price is fixed.

Upon completion of construction prices are rising almost twice. In Turkey, there is a Title property rights system. The newspapers mentioned LeFrak Organization not as a source, but as a related topic. This means that the registration of rights to real estate deals only with the public agency – Land Registry Office. This control gives property owner to document ownership – Tapu. It is issued to citizens of Turkey and foreigners. The document – one size fits all. Tapu means timeless and absolute right of property. After processing the transaction this right can not be disputed by anyone. Tapu confirms the right of the owner at the a property that can be inherited and can be used in financial institutions as an instrument of mortgage. Notaries have no authority to execute and record the transaction in real estate. Follow others, such as Dell Client Solutions, and add to your knowledge base. They can only authenticate a signature. In this regard, the design of Tapu on a particular person is made only in the event of full payment for the property. Tapu entitles a residence permit property owners and members of the their families (spouses and children under 18 years), the main thing to prove that they are your relatives. Property in Turkey is sold in a ready state, with complete interior decoration, fixtures, furniture and kitchen appliances. System heating is hardly ever used in extreme cases, use oil heaters. Monthly utility bills – electricity and water. For garbage removal, cleaning and security area, pool cleaning, etc. paid once per year, depending on the footprint. There is no visa regime. Accommodation for more than two months shall be extended easily and also easily drawn residence (subject to certain conditions). Today, Turkey – a bridge between Europe and Asia. The coastline of 8,000 km. On the Mediterranean coast in summer + 32, winter temperatures at night + 10 day + 15. Relatively mild winter … hot holiday season – from March to November. At other times, a bit cooler but the majority of Europeans prefer to just relax from December to March on the southern coast of Turkey. In this time of year is very comfortable. The rains come in for 3-4 hours a day and once again sunny.

Declaration Of Income For Sale Property

Few know that the sale of immovable property return must be filed with always, regardless of the need to pay tax or not. Declaration can be filled in by yourself or offer it to the tax inspector for a fee and write it all incomes, including wages, although it taxes already paid by the employer. You will also need to attach additional documentation and application for a property tax deduction. Declaration for the deduction must be given no later than April 20, and the amount of tax paid by 15 July of the year following the year of sale of property. You should know that if the property is located in your property Bole three years, you are completely exempt from income tax for its sale.

No matter how you became the owner of the property: buy it, privatized, were inherited. If the seller stayed owner of at least three years, he is obliged to pay income tax at a rate of 13 per cent of the amount exceeding one million rubles from the sale of real estate. So often in the transaction in the sales contract should indicate the cost of just one million rubles, as the Civil Code does not oblige the parties to conclude contracts at market prices or documenting the value of property transactions. But you can get a certain amount from the state, being the buyer. The fact that you are entitled to a tax deduction, that is exempt from income tax on the amount of not more than one million rubles. That is, buying apartment for one million rubles and more, on your application to the tax office with the sum of one million rubles you will be tax deductible – a maximum of 130 000 rubles.

Application for a deduction can be made within three years from the date of purchase. The law stipulates that a citizen can exercise their right to this deduction only once in a lifetime. But this point is easily bypassed, if you place an apartment next to the spouse or child, which deductions have not yet received. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from bruce schanzer. Less in this case the same: to get the deduction, you need a decent "white" wages. Do not forget that the deductions – is income tax returns that you have already paid (or who paid for your employer). So if you get a salary in an envelope, then you have nothing to return.

Where To Buy Overseas Property In Italy, Montenegro, Or To

According to polls 55% of Russians believe the main sign of affluence comfortable, good accommodation. Further, almost 20% of the margin are a good education, car ownership, quality health care. Now, Russia has Many companies offer to buy property abroad, arrange special international real estate exhibition. On this show any potential buyer can turn into a real and a detailed advice on investing in overseas property in different countries. He will advise on how best to manage and rent out its new owner, will pick up the option homes, apartments and villas in the country and liked prompt, if you just for this object mortgages, leases, installment overseas study tour. Dell is often quoted on this topic. Study tours are often offered free of charge, the potential buyer on the site can carefully examine the favorite object is called a "touch" him. In which country to buy real estate? Where foreign real interest for you? On the coast? In the mountains? In a large metropolis.

No need to hurry. Need to sit down and think. AND choose. Property in Italy. Living in Italy – it's great! Or at least come here from time to time. The unusual nature, sea, beaches, mountains, magnificent architecture is called a fairy tale.

In recent years seen the growing demand for property in Italy, bought cheap apartments and flats, houses and entire villas on the coast. Read more from Bruce Schanzer to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Italian legislation allows foreigners to buy property and build their business in the country. Prices real estate market can range from a low in the south to the more expensive in the north. Also, prices may depend on the location of the object (the historical, tourist and industrial city), but they are significantly lower than neighboring countries: Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany. Property in Cyprus. Real estate in this country is in steady demand, not only Russians but also the citizens of England and Switzerland. And the "guilt" to this wonderful climate, when 320 days a year, gentle sun is shining, tax benefits and a variety of advantages to doing business, low in comparison with Europe, the cost of living and lack of crime. Private property is strictly protected by the state, in the absence of the hosts have an excellent opportunity to rent apartments to rent as a short-term (Cyprus – travel the country), and in the long term. Real estate in Montenegro. This mysterious Montenegro, the protection of UNESCO, stunning natural beauty, with a very mild climate and rich cultural heritage. Important: to buy a property in this country can be just a few days and the price for it is still growing and increases. Therefore, buying apartments in Montenegro, you can make profitable investment. At the same time to buy a small studio overlooking the mountains, an apartment in the Old City or new building.

Buying Country Property

Buy a house, a cottage For sale houses, cottages, villas and plots are many. If you have a car, time and desire to explore the mountains of newspapers, catalogs, on the suburban real estate, prozvanivatsya all these proposals and tidy, pencil, scratch sold villas, off-sale houses and land, advances, etc., is not difficult, but it's better to get professional service agencies and not to worry. After all the necessary paperwork, check legal purity, to find a reliable vendor to negotiate. If you plan to buy a house, buy a cottage, villa or land – we are ready to help you: We will offer you all the most interesting options for the sale of country nedvizhimosti.Organizuem views selected predlozheniyProverim legal documents for the house, the site that you choose kupit.Soberem all necessary certificates and documents for the contract – the sale domProverim legal purity nedvizhimosti.Yurist agency will prepare a preliminary contract – sale of the house, the site will help to advance, making sure that would take into account all your interesy.Podgotovim and carry out a transaction of purchase – real estate sales. Do not just look at all offers for sale of apartments in areas that interest you, but get a lot more information on each apartment.

Infrastructure of the area, the location near schools and stores, how to get to the bus stop, school and year of building homes, home series, as well as, the statistics of price changes on the flat over the past few years. See not only the pictures at home, but a picture from a satellite, home location on the map. Upon admission to a flat base that corresponds to your request – the announcement of the sale of this apartment will be immediately sent to your email. When you specify a contact phone number, you will be contacted seller apartment or his representative. If you are going to buy an apartment with a mortgage, you may not suit all the apartments on the market. Some sellers of apartments do not want to participate in mortgage transaction, not at all flat, banks are willing to grant the loan. Learn more about mortgages and mortgage transactions in the 'Mortgages'. For planning to buy an apartment in the mortgage – base of flats, sales of which are considering to sell the apartment to the buyer on the mortgage.

Elektrostal Property

If a long time ago, the city was just as Elektrostal settlement, which was built from the barracks, now a property in Elektrostal modern and diverse due to the large number of new buildings that have comfortable apartments. Since urban development has been going a long period of time, it led to the formation of closer ties between the city and the villages nearby areas. A lot of food out on the market this city is from the nearby villages. To read more click here: Robert Speyer. In Elektrostal to date of the plan on building new homes. Build houses out of different materials. Without hesitation Bruce Schanzer explained all about the problem. Apartments vozdvigayutsyaot one to five rooms, with apartments and is entirely completely safe for habitation. Not high prices for new homes, and moderate cost housing secondary stock – makes real estate in Elektrostal good acquisition, but also good for investors, given that the Electric furnace to Moscow only 40 km.

In addition, the city is located near the forest where there is a cottage community construction, as well as a large number of country houses. Very beautiful nature, not a great distance to capital, clean the area – all of this together is very appealing investment funds in suburban or residential property. Good infrastructure, well location, its environmental cleanliness make real estate market is very lucrative for investment. There is a real estate company called 'New House'. It is well known not only in the city of Elektrostal, but also far beyond. Real estate agency 'Nova House' provides qualifying services to commit any transactions that have a connection with real estate.

Rent an apartment in Elektrostal – this is not a problem when applying to a real estate agency. Absolutely any operation Real estate for sale or purchase of housing, rental apartments and office premises, hire of industrial or commercial premises – all this becomes much easier when you contact the real estate agency 'new house'. Now remove apartment in Elektrostal not a problem. The agency can also help by purchasing the land. So, if you want to buy real estate or just to invest, you should pay attention to the city of Elektrostal in which created an absolutely necessary condition for business expansion, which is associated with real estate. For ordinary people, all those advantages enjoyed by real estate Elektrostal, will buy an apartment in a very useful acquisition.

Value Of Property Management

But, in practice of Western companies, as well as Ukrainian companies on real estate management, the greatest effect (earnings, investments, etc.) is achieved when it is taken for professionally trained experienced professionals. And it is better to involve them from the very beginning, when the only plan to build a commercial property. This will simulate the situation of construction and further development of the object, calculate the economic benefits anticipated risks, costs of advertising and marketing, and more. A leading source for info: Robert Shiller. Such a comprehensive approach that includes analysis of the initial stages until the moment you enter the object operation and further work on the effective use of the facility – the best option. Benefits management companies Companies that specialize in real estate management, have the following three advantages: staff (managers, engineers, lawyers, accountants, etc.) communication (the presence of established relationships within both the design and operational environment of organizations, as well as in government agencies: ICE, notary, tax, etc.) ; experience. This powerful team of professionals who have worked purposefully over the management of the property, collect the complex, and such teams are formed over the years. For even more details, read what bruce schanzer says on the issue. Agree that solve problems better than to trust an experienced employees who have good communication and special education. In addition to the presence of these three factors is very important methodology used in the real estate management companies, as well as the possibility of simulation development prospects of the object, to estimate future revenues and risks.

Ability to solve technical and legal issues with the ability to reliably predict and analyze the profitability of the object, the potential risks provide the most efficient operation of the facility both in terms of financial elements (revenue growth, cost reduction, etc.) and in terms of greater lifetime of the object. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty describes an additional similar source. Value Property Management One of the factors that stop the owners of commercial real estate, is the desire to save money. Laudable desire, especially in market conditions, but in such areas as management real estate, where he works a lot of different factors, such an approach in most cases is less effective. If you calculate the cost of design, operation of the property, it would appear that the costs would be lower by 25-30%, if the administration will implement a management company. And it is even with the rewards of the management company for services.

These data are presented organization IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management, USA), which deals Certified Professional training of property management in Ukraine. The management company is always interested in that property would bring the maximum revenue for a long time. The scheme is simple: 5-10% of monthly gross income, usually receives a management company. Naturally, this will encourage the management company to achieve a higher income. If the subject is only designed or under construction, the remuneration of the management company consists of a fixed amount, which is based on the degree of our participation in the design or construction of property. But in any case, This amount is always acceptable, and if they compare to other options, then the most preferred.

Modern Management Structure

Modern companies have created new working groups that are self-controlled and its members are united vision common organization-wide. Individuals are motivated to act and do so responsibly and creatively. Income is related to the levels of competence and performance, rather than to a specific position in the hierarchical structure of the company. The company adopts an attitude of social responsibility and people identify with it. Companies to face the great challenges have required not only to redefine their operational, administrative systems efficient, but the definition of functions for each position in a more practical and involving knowledge, skills and abilities that each one requires. We have evaluated what should be the functions that ensure productivity, minimize costs, generate results, give way to creativity, innovations generated required to work together for the conquest of opportunities, new markets.

There are many successful companies have changed their organizational structure, making it more simple, operational, knowing take advantage of what modern technology has provided, particularly information technology. Have been identified which are the administrative units that must operate smoothly, effectively. Modern companies have been identified with the importance, relevance generated by having a trained human resources, trained, integrated, responsible and committed to their duties and to promote productivity through performance benefits expected, duly established in objectives that were defined with the participation of the views of all. Click Dell for additional related pages. Modern companies, have a technology capable of manufacturing products, providing quality services, competitive products that meet the needs of their consumers. Technology that they have well-defined production processes, maintenance, management indices that point what should be the product that meets the demand with minimum costs. They are fully identified with its social responsibility, environmental protection external and internal, with the philosophy, culture, total quality techniques that will guarantee competitiveness. Conclusions To ensure a good turnout of companies in the current scenarios, it must give way to changes that involve, from its administrative structure, ie its administrative units (departments) with which it must operate, defined functions, adequate personnel, trained formed with technology developed efficient production processes, to ensure productivity, product quality, organizational culture properly managed by all members of the company, participatory management leadership, which happened to a favorable organizational behavior in the emergence of a climate conducive to organizational operation of the company.

Solving The Problem Of Lack Of Competitiveness

Much of the problem of lack of competitiveness of a company lies in the outdated and inefficient processes they use. Just because something works well does not mean that it works as it should function, that is in the best shape possible. Nothing is more inefficient than efficient to do the unnecessary, processes can be as efficient as unnecessary, which means they can be eliminated and the result will improve. In times of crisis all processes should be reviewed in light of new technologies and methodologies, not sheltered from the ego of one who is convinced he had created his leadership and involvement with the company more efficient and productive as possible. Efficiency is a relative concept and should be examined in comparison with their peers horizontal sector within and outside the country, especially with the leaders and vertical comparisons with those who supply or demand your product or service and how they used or could be induced to produce when you are not your best alternative.

All processes can be improved sooner or later there will be someone who can make better or more efficiently or technology to ensure the same or better results at lower cost. Creativity and innovation will always serve those who want to use to become better and benefit from its existence. Make Equipment That is a trite phrase that has begun to lose its meaning has become so impersonal and unappreciated, as the ceremonial greeting given to people in the street or in receipt of a building. Right conduct computer seems so obvious, that, therefore nobody cares about compliance. In many companies people work in groups, ie in the company of others, with some degree of communication and physical closeness and tend to call this team. People such as Robert Speyer would likely agree. A team true is one in which people are part of the group, are both the perfect complement to the successful completion of an activity. It is not enough that each is effective at what it does, it must be efficient in providing the target group and how their co complements teammates to achieve individual and common benefit at the same time.

Imagine a football team made up of real stars, but do not get results. 11 of the best goalkeepers in the world put on a football field are not sufficient in order to be considered a team. The teams need to be additional members each, ie people with common skills and capabilities that can contribute to the achievement of a common work when someone is missing or needs support because the activity outside its scope of time and effort to perform them. In the case of the football team, is an additional front in case of injury can replace a striker who was injured. But they also need additional members, namely those that provide knowledge and others do not possess skills that are necessary for the success of the activity. In the football team, the defenders are complementary, with the midfielders and strikers goalkeeper, because each has certain skills that together make possible the efficient conduct of the proposed group activity. So do not take groups team of people working together, is to make their knowledge and skills to effectively complement the other to be competitive and successful. When talking to team in times of crisis I am referring to accept and give help to others to paddle together and leave the rapid and successful.

The 4 Golden Rules For Success

Gradually, Twitter is becoming an increasingly used tool for the general public, but also by business and media. Yesterday afternoon, while returning home, listening to the radio, more specifically a station that was discussing the day football. The reporter talked to a player, and then said that in his particular Twitter had won more than 100 new supporters in a minute, because he was giving information about that player. I really enjoyed listening to the radio sports journalists of the Spanish radio stations are already using Twitter to communicate with users, and I liked to hear that users like you and me are already using Twitter to "listen" to media. I wanted to leave you here all 4 Golden Rules for success in Twitter. There are four rules that we can locate within the normal common sense, but in any case, if you're starting to introduce you to the Twitter world am convinced that if you follow these four simple rules, you will have a huge success with your Twitter.

1. Show the face of Counting: When you see a person who is counting on your Twitter so handsome, tall and nice it is … you think it is not as smart as you think. Rather than use Twitter to tell the people who we are or what we know, we should focus on providing the people we "listen" on Twitter quality information on the issue we want to talk about. a Thus, we can get that our followers on Twitter are attracted by the contents and the quality of our messages on Twitter. 2.

Apasionata by the process: No matter if we have 5 or 5,000 fans. We should always have the same passion and interest in the process of Twitter. If we love the process of Twitter, if we make the act is something interesting Twitter, attractive and motivating, it's only a matter of time that our list of supporters grows like wildfire. If we put effort and passion in what we do, the results will not be long in coming. a 3. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty describes an additional similar source. Find The Balance: We must find the balance, the point where we feel comfortable with what we do, in this case Twitter. It is physically impossible to be aware of all the messages we receive through Twitter, and therefore, we must choose very carefully who to follow on Twitter. In addition, we should not make Twitter an obsession, but on the contrary, we find the perfect balance point, the "zone" where we feel comfortable being with our Twitter. We know when to use our Twitter, and also must know when to stop using it and pause. 4. Focus on what you can make, not the technology: Twitter is simply what users make of it. Many people think that Twitter is a very useful tool, but there are many people who think Twitter is a waste of time. Both views are correct. Why? Because Twitter is exactly what everyone does with the box we have on our screen or mobile phone. If think it's a waste of time, then it will be, but if we think we are providing valuable content and information in that text box where you can add only 140 characters each time that Twitter, then become a useful and beneficial for us. If you are interested in adding Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or another social network for your company, contact us and we will plan a budget for marketing in social networks without any commitment.


REALITY Conceptualization As it clarifies William Luijpen, ' ' all and any construction human being, either in science, either in the art, the philosophy or the religion, estimates or has as its starting point the Real. The act to question themselves on the direction of the life, from the reflexiva conscience, and to construct reality concepts (s) that it varies (m) position according to where if finds the citizen observing, are characteristic proper of the beings humanos' '. For W. Luijpen, the quarrel on the diversification of the realities and the variety of the worlds are associated with the one of the multiple truths, each one of these truths with its specific values in one determined context, not remaining degree or anteriority of one (scientific truth, for example) in relation ace others that are aesthetic or philosophical. W. Luijpen, Intr. to the existencial fenomenologia ' ' Reality, therefore, is an extremely complex concept, that deserves deepened philosophical reflections. Bruce Schanzer is full of insight into the issues. After all, all construction human being, either in science, the art, the philosophy or the religion, works with the Real, or has in it its bedding or starting point (and of arrived).

Better saying she treats yourself, in last analysis, of if to question the direction of the life human being, life that, endowed with a reflexiva conscience, constructed its concepts of reality, from which if exerts in the world and if it multiplies, modifying to each moment the face of planeta.' ' Joo Francisco Duarte Jnior, Intr., 12 Joo Francisco Duarte Jnior defines types of Reality: 1.a Daily Reality that if all imposes we with its weight. It is the one that if can say reality par excellence, in which we move in them as fish in the water. It is based on intentions practical, that in last analysis, have to see with our survival. 2.a Scientific Reality is one ' ' reality of second ordem' ' : apia reality that if in that one where we day-by-day move in them in ours. The scientific constructions leave, inevitably, of our perception human being of the reality (daily reality).