Definitive Solution the platform antidesahucios PAH requires paralyze the evictions, to establish a retroactive payment in kind and social rents. The en will be in the Genoa Street, outside the headquarters of the PP at 1230 hours. The PAH requires that the moratorium be applied if the cause of non-payment is caused. Rajoy announced the cessation of evictions for vulnerable families. The platform for people affected by the mortgage (PAH) has convened an acampada coinciding with the meeting between the PP and the PSOE to give a solution to foreclosures. The Platform wants to hear and claim that all measures deven passing by halt the evictions, to establish a retroactive payment in kind and social rents. The en is convened in the Genoa Street, opposite the headquarters of the Popular Party at 1230 hours.

The PAH considers moratorium on which work PP and PSOE unacceptable if only applies to the proceedings not yet initiated. Thus, this measure would not affect foreclosures that are already in progress and therefore would out to hundreds of thousands of families who are already immersed in the procedure. Since the PAH, we demand the immediate cessation of all evictions affecting families, provided in the case of residence and good faith debtors, they asked in a statement. The PAH requires that the moratorium applies to all families provided that the cause of the failure to pay is sever and provided that in the case of residence.These and not others are the only acceptable criteria. The platform takes 4 years warning about the situation, making visible the problem and working on the proposals, despite which no has been convened to query. In its statement added that up to the judges, the EU and UN also have criticised the Spanish foreclosure procedure.

The scourge of evictions is breaking lives and literally destroying families, ensures the PAH, which criticizes both PP and PSOE have had plenty of occasions to tackle this indentation and they have not done so. To the PAH no publicity measures worth nor minor modifications in the articles. The PAH does not accept rebates, or mincing electoralistas/populist. So we want everything and we want it now. Our demands are clear, indivisible and non-negotiable: stoppage of all evictions of residence in the case of debtors in good faith.Retroactive payment in kind. Conversion of the housing stock which accumulate the financial entities in a public park for social rent. they add. These demands will arrive soon in the Congress of Deputies through an ILP (legislative Popular initiative) that have already signed more than half a million citizens. See more: en to demand to the PP and the PSOE a definitive solution to the “scourge” of foreclosures

Migration Problem

A long time ago that the migration to USA have become more frequent and more dangerous. In past years the ideology of migrants was the of back and forth to improve its economy, but return to live in his native country. Today most of these migrations are converted to permanent stays. These not only migration go accompanied of dreams, but the family, culture, way of life, and as some claim, if they can up with the parakeet cage. Migration today represents a very strong problem for society by all the dangers that this entails. Many people really have no idea of the crimes that may occur during this process. The problem of migration goes beyond the Act of going to live in another place. This decision, the reasons why people decide to migrate, they are only the beginning of a great torment, which have no idea that they will experience.

From the river that must be crossed, the wall that must be jumping, long roads that traverse supporting different climates and situations such as safari for women, cheating by coyotes, abuse the authorities committed against these persons among other things worse. All these situations that migrants have to cross go hand in hand with the quality of life in their country of origin. Though it may seem illogical, to migrate you need to have an optimum of poverty and need, since people in extreme poverty do not have enough capital to pay a band of migration, better known as polleros, so crossing them to another country. This price increase is due to the extreme safety that the American Government has placed at the borders. The violence to which these persons are subjected is inversely proportional to security and rights which should be received by the countries involved. Unfortunately, Mexico has become the world leader of migration. In my opinion, to break with this immigration epidemic, the Mexican Government should implement a plan to support people in poverty, contribute to the creation of new jobs through the investment companies both domestic and international, and above all increasing the security of the country. Original author and source of the article.

Website Articles

Advertising strategies have taken boom in recent decades. Products require coordinated activities so that the results are expected. The case of web pages is no exception and constantly tested new strategies that seek the benefit of sites and users. One of the most requested forms of promotion today is the building of links between a series or articles directory and the web page that you want to advertise. To better explain, let’s imagine for a moment a series of articles written with keywords that can put each one of them within the range of search for users. Once they have access to the article they are conducted outside this portal and transferred to the website that we want to visit. The key to the success of this type of strategy, lies in the quality with which drafting of articles and the skill that you have to put external links that lead to the main objective. Thus, can ensure that there are several advantages that presents this kind of directories: If you placed specific insurance within the articles, we can make more visits by each visitor who attempt to plagiarize publications and put them on your web page.

You can use the anchor text of our preference. Unlike other strategies, articles directories give the opportunity to place multiple links per domain. The traffic that is received is insured by the same directory of articles. However, not everything is rosy. If talk of benefits like all, also should mention some of the disadvantages entailed by this type of advertising strategies. Firstly, the owner of the web page that tries to promote themselves through directors of articles will be forced to treat only topics or content related to the topic of the page in question. This really isn’t a problem, but it is the quality that is demanded of them, because you cannot copy and paste several times the same article. Requires innovative drafting every certain period, only in this way will they can obtain all the benefits expected. Original author and source of the article

Bad Breath Solution

Millions of people suffer from this problem, which many consider to be minor but that can heavily influence our social life and self-esteem. Know what to do to combat it. What is halitosis or bad breath? Halitosis is a condition of the oral health characterized by persistent bad breath. Often, identify the cause of bad breath is the first step towards treatment of this preventable condition. What causes bad breath? There are so many causes of bad breath as there are sources of bacteria in the mouth.Bad breath can be caused by the following: certain foods foods that you eat greatly contribute to the care of your oral health, including breath. Products such as garlic and onions, or any food are absorbed into the blood stream, are transferred to the lungs and exhausted into the air you breathe. Until the food is eliminated by the body, the possibility of affecting the breath of a person is present. Xerostomia (dry mouth) this condition often is a great contributor to halitosis.

Characterized by a significant reduction in the production of saliva, the mouth is unable to clean by itself and eliminate debris and particles left by food. Xerostomia can be caused by certain medications, a disorder of the salivary glands or continuous breathing through the mouth rather than through the nose. Tobacco products tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and tobacco in powder not only stain the teeth and put your body at risk of contracting various diseases, but they also contribute to bad breath. Tobacco users have an increased risk of the following: periodontal disease. Loss of the ability to taste. Irritated gums. Do you want to fight your problems from bad breath to stop shame on you to others and be happier? Today you can get rid of bad breath, in just a few days, and without expensive treatments. Follow the full treatment now with this link original author and source of the article