Construction Process

It often happens that during the construction process, it disappears, even if it was at its beginning. I finally, the third option. It harmonizes, like, the pros and cons of the first two: self-construction, hiring a “free brigade” of workers in heavy and unskilled work (wallpaper pokleit and other works of this nature can be done yourself). And also hire the person supervising the construction progress at home in your absence. We are talking about not hiring a contractor, and hire crews of workers. These are two big differences in the Russian reality.

This difference is striking when comparing the price issue for completed raboty.Delo that Russian law imposes on the official record of building organizations weighty financial burden in the form of direct tax income, social taxes on the formalization of the workers. From year to year percentage of these taxes vary but on average they will be approximately not less than one third of the profits of the organization. Plus, the organization has to incur additional costs for rent and office service, maintenance jobs that are not involved directly in construction work (secretary, assistant, accountant, zavskladom and others). In addition to this, any organization is to lay a certain percentage of profits for depreciation for the replacement of equipment used in the process stroitelstva.I percentage of the development of the enterprise itself, in fact, this estimate graph is called a ‘target income’ (Incidentally, according to current estimates of norms on certain types of work regulations provide for the planned profit up 80% of payroll).