Apartment Prices

Essential had the Federal Law "On introduction of the lc rf from 29.12.2004 189-FZ, privatize dorm room. Since its implementation was associated expectation of increased demand for one-bedroom apartments with the lowest price. Enough a large% of residents of hostels had a desire to change his room with an additional charge for the apartment. Such a possibility in Vologda only appeared in September 2006 (it took 1.5 years to resolve technical issues on privatization former dormitories). The above factors, as well as an ample cash flow caused by high oil prices have caused regular, the most dramatic increase in the price of residential property, which began in August 2005 year and accepting speculative nature of the 2 nd half of 2006.

The peculiarity of the situation at that time can be considered a large share of investment purchases, both private and corporate. In 2003, their share does not exceed 8-10%, while in 2006 the expert estimates suggest that at certain moments the share of investors among buyers reached 20-25%. Was especially beneficial to buy housing by installments or loans. The second feature – getting most major developers of credit lines, which removes the need for them to drive sales of apartments in the early stages of construction, many companies are considering the option of selling apartments in a high stage of implementation project or after the date object. The emergence of free cash developers have completely switched to cash payments to contractors. In September-October 2006 it was bought up most of the apartments primary market.

Property Materials

Typically, the production of stainless steel handrails use the following materials: Stainless steel handles are the most popular solution – advantages of stainless steel as a material for manufacturing steel handrails made of stainless steel are obvious: – the life of welded polished stainless steel handrails are 20 to 50 years – welded polished handrails Stainless steel require virtually no maintenance costs – a durable, resistant to vandalism material is ideal for the performance of handrails with stainless steel exteriors and interiors of private homes, hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, night clubs, elevators, swimming pools and other public places – an excellent resistance of the material of handrails with stainless steel corrosion is provided by an oxide film covering the surface of polished stainless steel. This extremely thin protective layer on the surface of stainless steel handrail has the property to repair itself when applied mechanical damage – welded stainless steel handrails are safe for fire or explosion – welded polished stainless steel handrails meet sanitary standards and hygiene requirements; – welded polished stainless steel handrails do not need to be painted – even intentionally damaged polished stainless steel railings, you can quickly and inexpensively to restore to its previous form – design of handrails with stainless steel to create an image of quality and reliability – stainless steel – making it Stainless steel handrails, which are amenable to welding, well polished and polished, allowing architects to realize their boldest decisions in the field of design – Stainless steel handrail with stainless steel well fits into the interiors with the use of any building materials. .

House Projects

In recent years more and more urban residents tend to purchase or build from scratch your own house outside the city limits, to be able to turn away from the city suetyna Nature. Cottage – most common type of suburban real estate, and in recent years, more than one hundred cottage communities grow around Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other major centers of Russia. Country cottage – it's comfortable and with tastefully decorated private house, designed for year-round habitat of your entire family, in fact – your family farm, their homes, a place where you and your family will always feel stable, safe and reliably. The facade and the overall appearance of a country house and interior design, and layout of the rooms inside the building are designed for maximum reflect your idea of a perfect house, in harmony with your tastes and inclinations, emphasize the uniqueness of your personality. Therefore, means a lot right approach to finding architectural design of your future suburban housing. Before you look for a house project, it is necessary finally resolve all issues related to the land on which to build your future home. You should consider all the features of this site, hydrological and climatic conditions of this areas, the specifics of the landscape and topography.

If it turns out that your land is located in the valley, be aware that difficulties may arise during the season of floods on rainy days, and this suggests that we should estates to take specific actions to competent relief organizations – that is qualitatively solve the vertical layout of the site development. Only by taking into account all the features of the site, a future homeowner may choose house designs. In this issue, you can choose either of two ways. You can go into an architectural company to place your order the original project, which should be in this case was created by professionals with taking into account all comments, suggestions and requests of the customer. The basis for this project can be put coined by you sketch Modified specialist. Very efficient and the other option: in any of the so widely submitted online catalog is not difficult to find a model, the finished project home.

This option will rise to you cheaper than doing the original design a country house, given the fact that the model project is also possible to adjust, tune, and 'driving in' to your needs and requests. Choosing a catalog or ordering a specialist designs of cottages, based on the volume's wishes and needs of members of your family. When This should be carefully considered all the circumstances: the number of family members, their age and the specifics of the work, and the inclination to plan leisure activities, and in addition to special tastes and interests. These features will be determined when the project is so important options at home, like floors, the presence of porches, basement or attic, the number of living rooms, number of guest rooms, game rooms, bedrooms, classrooms, availability of library greenhouses and similar places, as well as the orientation of rooms in the sides of the world. Not quite right to believe that all of your requests will be satisfied solely with the creation of the original project. Today already existing standard designs of cottages are shown in such a wide variety of sets that it is possible to pick up the project, the most appropriate to the needs of your family and individual aesthetic inclinations.