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Ethics is not ended, nor be denigrated in the war, simply disguised himself to represent what a group of power wanted it to represent, would acquire power and status through the belief of human minds, in a way, this breach of ethics in the post-war was not more than a perverted interpretation of what was already used to seeing as normal, typical in this case it was the human destruction. From the ontological perspective, human beings was under the Supreme values as love, trust, justice, all those aesthetic values were converted into material, economic, values which caused such disruption between being and having, between knowing what the ethics would serve at that time. European thought of somehow helped to establish this link between being and action, the ethical and the antithetical, moral and not immoral, all coupled with circumstances and what is the influence of religious groups as the Church to consolidate and modify certain behaviors coupled with certain rituals and why not say, myths which many individuals would be convincedThis religious idealization in the post-war was also a determining factor to interlink the concept of moral morus, housing-with the religiosity of the being, is needed of the myth of the religion to be ethical? What is of true mode, a conception of divine, sacred, untouchable object of good, unchangeable, that has no motion since it assumes a perfection, and somehow, although Jaspers says that philosophy does not have an object sacred as opposed to religion, it is possible to see that many philosophical doctrines that have survived have been seen as unchanging, perfect, are considered ideas to which neither time nor space does them harmThus an ideologica-filosofica doctrine may have been that a. Hitler spread, when you see that the war would end good, desirable, and immediate perhaps what Jaspers comments on know die, and that was precisely the concept of war, die with dignity by a physical defect or simply an ethnic condition, but would have to take that step.

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