Brazil Slaves

Monkey: that one that make micagens, caretas and imitations. Malemolena: laziness, sleep. Mandinga: Witchcraft, witchcraft, talisman, of quincago wants to say voice, curse. Maracatu: Brazilian dance afro-; of origin banta. Maribondo: Of quimbundo madimbondo, means vespo.

Mocambo: Hut, clown, shelter of slaves, in the mind; of quincongo mucambu, that it means cumeleiro or straw roof tenheiro. It still finds mocambor north-eastern, farms, populations and villages with this name. Moleque: Of quimbondo mu? leke, boy, boy, man young, person without word, amused youngster, man scoundrel. Mungunz: Of quimbondo mu? kunz, canjica, food of dry maize stew. Quicongo: reign, empire, directory. Quimbundo: individual of the quimbondos, people banto of the region of Angola, language of this people. Quilombo: Of quimbondo Kilombo, shelter, hiding place, fortified of run away slaves, generally distant encampment of the population of the rough ones or in places of difficult access.

Quitanda: small it would mercearia, tray where if it displays candies for sale. Quitute: of quimbondo ki? tutu, indigesto, refined food, would iguaria. Gumbo: fruit of quiabeiro that constitutes a capsule prolongated with the well formed tip, eatable while green. Samba: popular Brazilian with strong influence of the African row dances, music that folloies this dance, place where if she dances to the row sound. Senzala: Of quimbondo sanzala, lodging that if destined to the housing of the slaves of the farms and devices. Umbanda: Of quimbondo u? it flows, Brazilian, resultant religious form of the sincretismo of candombl, the espiritismo, the catolicismo and other cults. Zabumba: species of, wooden great, cylindrical drum and with both the closed extremities. I buzzed: Maximum leader of quilombo of palmes (century XVII); the word comes of the language bantas and meant spirit, ghost, that if binds the idea of immortality; it seems to be present in the spirit of the black movement of Brazil.

Sundays Alves Ribeiro

Already the plant Gentleman of the Bomfim was established in to year of 1912 will be you Sundays Alves Ribeiro and Baquia Ernest Birth. also had throughout the years to other administrators. They had been employee in the decade of 40 INTRODUCTION to understand the history of a civilization is necessary before to study the personal accomplishment of great protagonists. History is nothing more than innumerable together biographies decade of 40, standing out the importance of them inside of the economy manufacter, as well as the regimen developed inside of the company, faced difficulties had the time to be favorable to the masculine work, relationship employed master and the questions of sort. Thinking about the social matter of the woman and about the conquests acquired in elapsing of the time in the social and working context, it was that the yearning in knowing the history of the laborers of the textile industry in the city of Ranch appeared, a time that the woman is considered that one who has the function to procreate and to take care of of the members of the family. The woman obtained to be successful these barriers throughout the time and entered the work market, market this restricted one only to the men. This reality was transformed from the period between-wars occurred into the world. The plants had been feminizadas and same postwar period they had been gaining space in the work market. She intends yourself with this study to sensetize the faculty, learning and the society in general of the importance to know the participation of the estancianas women in industry manufacter, as well as knowing until point had contributed in the economic rise of the city, therefore they veem showing that they are capable and that they can as well as the men, to work worthy, obtaining to play diverse roles as mother, wife and laborer or any another function.

Sale Cut A Feature Of Rent

The short sale has become increasingly common since the real estate bubble burst, sending the values of a property that fell to lead at levels that had been unprecedented for years. The sad fact of the matter is that many homeowners who bought property during the boom that age did not have any option but to short sale he or face foreclosure. So therefore, if you intend to sell a rental property, you will need understand how short selling works, what it means for your mortgage and how affects your taxes and your click to know how to clean your credit and credit. Calculate the value of a current rental property until you sell your rental property, you will need to verify that it is worth what you think it’s worth. If you’re selling property through a broker, he or she will calculate it for you. If you don’t have a broker, you will have to hire an authorized assessor estate to handle calculations.

Failing that, you can try to approximate the value of a property facing up the sales prices for similar real estate characteristics theirs (and that are located in the area of your feature) that were sold over the last few months and calculating the value medium. Calculate costs closed its next step must be to obtain free credit reports and then imagine closed costs the combined sum of required fees end sale. If you have a broker, he or she can calculate this. If not, you can consult your local title or company to a real estate lawyer. Once the value of a property and closed costs are calculated, you can put your rent for sale feature. Be upfront about the fact that you’re doing a short sale. While it may be that you deter some buyers, it will make it less likely that buyers who are interested will draw.

Northeast Region

This is my homage all the people northeastern, who although the regrets, create its children and children with much dignity. They face days and days of arduous work and never they are gotten tired to also fight because the fight is part not only of our biography, but of our soul. The forts only survive in the Ipu-Cear test, northeast My love all the declared northeast As ‘ would say the Clan; ‘ NORDESTEMENTEAFRO’ ‘ If it deceived who thought That north-eastern only it has forr Very worse who thought That northeastern is everything defeated Not Sir! 1 state to free the slaves ‘ ‘ LAND OF THE LUZ’ ‘ thus Our Cear of the pride was called speaking Stimulated for the jangadeiros of ‘ ‘ DRAGON OF THE MAR’ ‘ Wants more n? Pride pra we Patativa of the Assar the Bahian most pertaining to the state of Cear is obvious Who? who? Rodolfo Tefilo Ipu portraied of the Iracema romance de Jose de Alencar Is our city has history pra to count In the fight northeastern the great warrior if it discloses Saves! it saves! Frei Mug the pernambucano paradise Fernando De Noronha I all flow Of the ipuense green the radiating Pipe northeastern has bravery in the heart similar Courage of vulgo ‘ ‘ LAMPIO’ ‘ Hopeful northeastern tries the life well distant giant Heart does not fear the great city Is we with the buckets of concrete That we construimos the building In the great cities But badly remunerated, you knows! If the life is thus to make what? Or better life the politics Did not give pra you to it to understand? One day we go to change everything this Nor that I have that to wait 2 coming of mine loved CHRIST This way the moral prevails Sees if you do not forget I you are made in northeast.

Greek Archives

Then in we ask, why ours antepassadosregistravam the information, that is, they drew in walls of caves? Jexistia at this time the concern to preserve the information for the geraesfuturas? Leading in consideration estesquestionamentos, would not be appearing at this moment one begins of archive 2? Because these registers and the concern in behind keeping these foramdescritas information that the thousand of years in grottos. The caves can be considered an archive, and entopodemos to affirm that the first slight knowledge of archive had appeared in the daily pay – history, due to existence of this type of information, before exactly of the invention of the writing. As You mark (2007) ' ' Historical Aorigem of the archives retraces to the beginning of the writing, in the civilizations doMdio East, has about 6 a thousand years atrs' '. The first archives had appeared deformed spontaneous in the palaces and the temples. Some of the main archives dAntiguidade are: Palace deEbla in the Syrian, Archive of the Temple of Medinet in Egypt in the Sc. XI B.C.

Hititas 3 had been the first paraarquivos peoples to construct a special building, in the Sc. XIV B.C. We can affirm that the author defends the thesis that osarquivos, in its origin, would be a natural and spontaneous phenomenon, since oaparecimento of the writing. With the writing it appeared the idea to keep, to congregate to eorganizar the existing supports of writing in the height. She can yourself be said that osprimeiros archives appear of natural way and intuitivamente.

Already Schellenberg (2006, P. 25) affirms que' ' The archives as institution, probably, had had origin in the antigacivilizao Greek. Between centuries V and IV B.C. when the guardavamseus athenians documents of value in the temple of the mother of deuses, that is, in the Metroon' '. Maso author does not present certainty in its theory where the archives could tersurgido in the civilization Greek.