Salvador Lutteroth

Santo and Blue Demon, synonymous of free fight, belonged to the World-wide Council of Free Fight the one that, as well, is synonymous of luchstica tradition in Mexico. The CMLL was created in 1933 by Salvador Lutteroth, who is met like ” padre” of the free fight, but the international vision of the league and its entrance to NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) favored the change of its name. With altars to return to put in fashion to the free fight, from years 90 Television it began to transmit the events of the CMLL in the Mexico Sand so that all the owners of a television could see the encounter (and the commercial ones that were programmed among them, of course,). In a market in which an option only existed, Antonio Shod Rock created the AAA (sharp Triple A), a new league of free fight that not only would rob peleadores to him to the CMLL, also would rob the spectators to him who were to him faithful during so many years. Sometimes one is confused to be the best ones with being first. During mucos years the CMLL was the best league because it was the unique one, but now must be moderate against the Triple To and not only with this one, but with international companies like the WWE that quickly has lowered the rating to him to the Mexican companies. Nothing is this still and this fight is without time limit.

Barcelona Habitat

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Positive Energy

The speed increase brand goes faster. You should realize that time moves faster and there is less time to respond to changes. Give up the life you lead now, and devote their energy and the energy of the planet. Create a group can support each other without competing. 2012 represents a series of predictions that have been misunderstood and ignored. Regardless of the information that appears online, is an important fact about time and a cycle is coming to an end. Nothing is supposed to remain the same and that has growth must be the change. 2012 speaks of a polar shift that will take place and has to do with North and South poles, causing magnetic energy to reverse the earth energy change as human beings do from time to time in our lives.

The polar shift will cause the end of physical life on the planet, but our consciousness does not end as we have prepared for the change in energy. To understand what that means to you, you must first look at what is doing in your life, how you live and what is important to you. Look inward and examine what effects you think. You can then let their conscience continue to grow and let it guide the direction to continue forward. Stop what you are doing for a while tranquilize the heart to feel and see if you are happy or unhappy. Have been following your instincts, follow your intuition or will be following the trends of society that does not suit you? Let be guided by your heart and be honest about the life you’ve been living.

Begin to increase your energy to increase their views about their aspirations and look up on all the positive and helping others do the same. Remember that because we can raise awareness of this trend and raise energy. Use the visualization of the clear light to radiate to others and the earth to increase the positive energy and overcome the negative energy.

Clinical Immunology

Allergy feel spring has come. Nobody knows how it has been. Antonio Machado. THE processes allergic will see aggravated in spring allergies are one of the most common diseases of our time. Aggravated by factors such as pollution, a significant number of Spaniards suffers allergic processes that resurgent each spring with special force. By its effects, and the medicines that fight them, they can pose a risk while driving. According to a report of the Spanish society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology at least 15% of Spaniards has allergic problems. It’s a health problem, increasingly common in developed countries, that is accentuated in the spring by the amount of external agents that linger in the air in our country are very common allergies caused by numerous pollens from various gramineous plants that have their most active phase at this time of year–and which favoured its adverse effects due to certain situations such as pollution environmental from big cities.

The most common symptoms suffered by people suffering from allergies in the spring season usually rhinitis and conjunctivitis, which affect the respiratory system and eyes and that can be an issue important when driving a vehicle. The most serious cases, sustained by a 4 or 5% of the population allergic, can bring in bronchial asthma with what the risks behind the wheel are increased considerably. The way of life in big cities is increasing the number of agents that produce allergic to a greater number of people diseases. In addition to allergies to pollens that can both be wheat, rye or olive of an urban park lawn-, arise others to drugs, the hair of domestic animals, housing dust mites, certain foods or certain products used in the industry and their workers suffer. Keep the patient as far as possible the factors causing your allergy is one of the first recommendations that make the specialists. In case of allergy to pollen, the most common, restrict the field trips and keep the House or car Windows closed as much as possible to avoid contact with the allergen are the first steps to take. From the medical point of view, the vaccine prior to the onset of symptoms is revealed as a very effective treatment.

Later in the season will have to count on the necessary medication to help ACE mitigate the effects. Antihistamines, compounds used to combat allergies, have evolved since its use began half a century ago. Although classical antihistamines – which are used in most of the flu and sometimes be prescribed simultaneously with the antiallergic actual sayings – can produce drowsiness, headaches, drowsiness or dizziness, to cite some secondary effects, new products, maintaining the effectiveness have reduced these effects. However, the response to drugs can vary considerably from one patient to another. To avoid side effects is essential to comply with the instructions of the physician regarding the compound to take, adequate dose and not self-medicate or mix among themselves or with alcohol, drugs, in these cases, and can cause a manifest deterioration of the ability to drive vehicles. And is, as the poet said: I am like a blind man / by those roads / always thinking about la Penita black / who have been with me. Francisco Arias Solis the first condition for peace is the desire to achieve it.