Design Templates By PYADES Technologies Logo Lounge Will Be Presented

“New PYADES technologies GmbH some be of PYADES technologies GmbH developed logos in the new logo lounge master library volume 2 animal & mythology logos” presented. The logo lounge master library is a logo-book series, which deals with specific aspects of logo design. While the first volume shows 3,000 logos series about initials or coat of arms were used in its design, the second volume is devoted to the Animal Kingdom and the mythology. The reference has become the indispensable classic for graphic artists and designers. Many commented on logos provide inspiration for typographical implementation or even Visual new interpretations of mythological characters. Along the way, the logo lounge serves a tailor-made corporate design master library many agencies and creative as an inspirational tool. We are very proud to contribute to the new logo lounge to make master library volume 2.

The creative minds of the advertising industry will be back safely even when the themes of mythology and animals some suggestions for their find daily work”, Florian Becker, CEO of PYADES technologies GmbH. “The logo lounge master library volume 2 animal and mythology logos” by Catharine Fishel and Bill Gardner will be available from July 2010 with the ISBN-10: 1592536123 in bookstores. More information about PYADES technologies GmbH as well as the products and services are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/pyades contact for questions regarding this press release: Anke Leiber PYADES technologies GmbH monastery str. 3 D-55232 Alzey phone: + 49 (0) 6731 49 48 78 00 fax: + 49 (0) 6731 49 48 78 01 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the PYADES technologies GmbH the PYADES technologies GmbH was founded in 2007 as a software development and consulting company.

25 employees from the areas of design, translation and technology are employed at the headquarters in Alzey (Rhineland-Palatinate). Currently, about 25 freelancers are also active for PYADES. The PYADES technologies GmbH is an all-rounder and offers its own products in the field of image processing and management in addition to future facing, customized, platform-independent software. Including, for example, the SIMAPIC technology, which revolutionized the handling of image data bank is located. “” IMAGY “and SHAPE IT” include the brands of PYADES technologies GmbH. PYADES established itself as a specialist in the SAP environment continues. Especially through the agreement with SAP Benelux, Germany and of Switzerland as business partners were the market share expanded. More information about the products, the technologies used and the PYADES technologies GmbH are available in the Internet at.

SMEs Want More Encrypt

Study of the mikado ag: every second Mittelstand business feels as a potential target for digital economic espionage that the intelligence services have Snowden publications to the extensive San Diego from activities at the security officer in the medium-sized enterprises while not hectic actionism triggered. But many see themselves forced to devote a larger encryption of data communication. According to a survey, the mikado are ag provided them with additional budget or project priorities adapted to the newly identified challenges. The survey according to each second medium-sized company as a potential target for the digital economic espionage feels himself. Another 16 percent look only limited exposure to such dangers, in every fifth case, they are largely excluded. Given the reported bugging by intelligence services and the associated uncertainty, as company information ausgespahte is then exploited, the encryption in the WINS Data communication in the middle class an increasing importance. She had long been in a slumber, because the actual risks are substantially lower than actually exist appreciated”, judge mikado Board John rider. But the encryption poses a central lever, to provide the necessary protection against a spying of sensitive company information such as customer and business data, or new product development.” Also a majority of the companies surveyed think in this direction.

So judge each fifth security and IT managers, that a stronger encryption is necessary in the short term. This need for higher protection emphasize additional 39 per cent, but at the same time oppose actionist measures. However such a thing as resignation in the assessments swings through a significant group of companies. Because every fifth respondent is skeptical whether the desired effect can be generated. You are of the opinion that more Encryption will help little. Rider also warns not to start now hectic activities. On the use of encryption technologies, the companies in the long term are although not over come, but there arises the question, whether alone the required safety level can be achieved.” From his experience, he knows that often have very different vulnerabilities exist and consequently focus restricted to sometimes creates not the desired effects.

German Fourth Online Shopping

42 percent of German citizens bought according to a study of the high-tech 2008 Association BITKOM via the Internet. Thus Germany is located in comparison to Europe ranked 4. Other leaders such as Professor Rita McGrath offer similar insights. Jena, may 28, 2009. With the help of cash bonus programs, consumers shopping on the Web can save significantly. The biggest German cash bonus program directions paid back its clients when shopping in over 1800 stores cash. More and more online shoppers are discovering the benefits of cash bonus programmes for themselves. Already from the first purchase, these Web services the clients repay a cash bonus.

Instead of pot sets, travel alarm clock, or other bonuses the customer get back money and saves so bottom line compared to the normal”shopping in part considerably. Other advantages: there is a cash bonus on already reduced items and additional vouchers can be redeemed. Users of cash bonus programs should however ensure that the service is offered completely free of charge. The consumer protection recommends that you always to read the general terms and conditions, to to avoid bad surprises. An overview of the current cash bonus programs can be found under.

There, a distinction is made between free and paid offerings. Germany’s biggest online cash bonus program directions can be used completely free of charge. And makes it easy for even the customers through the cashback flat rate of 2% of the net value of the goods to keep track. Directions CEO Kerstin Schilling: we have for this model decided, because it offers our users the greatest possible transparency. Our business model is based on a so-called mixed calculation: we distribute the revenue we get evenly to our customers of the partner companies. The payout rate is 60%. The average payout value is between 30,00 and 300,00 euro about directions: is the cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and vouchers, users get cash, which directions from an amount transfer of 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the co-founder of the software provider Intershop Karsten Schneider and Kerstin Schilling and Roland Fahie. Press contact: Ulrike Schinagl, Tel 90 71, email

Marketing And Sales To The Customer Acquisition

Lead factory provides growth packages for startups and founder of June 15, 2010, Offenbach. 55 percent of German citizens in the Internet about prices or product properties research before making a purchase. John Savignano has much to offer in this field. These are the results of a representative survey among 1000 people aged 14 years on behalf of the high-tech Association BITKOM. The question whether these results also on the German b2b sector are transferable in the foreground, was for the marketing analyst from lead factory. For consumers (b2c) as well as for the company the most important sources of information prior to investment decisions are the websites of manufacturers and retailers. Every third consumer uses it to advance. In company a provider search is done even more regular aspects of investment security and for a first comparison of functionality.

This applies in particular to services. Both for the b2b – and the b2c area the lead factory analysts determine that almost half (BITKOM: 48 percent) before purchasing the reviews of others Customers read. 31 percent indicating that the opinions of other consumers influenced their purchasing decisions. Then arise significant differences between consumers and businesses. While consumers with ever 29 percent price comparison portals and reviews in online media, the recommendations of other market participants or advisors play a greater role in the b2b area. More decision support (12 per cent), as well as forums and blogs (7 per cent) serve the consumer consumer portals. In the b2b sector, instead of specific editorial publications dominate a larger role. For the German middle class, a challenge arises from the modified purchase decision behavior.

Conventional advertising on colourful mailings, posters and yellow pages alone no longer sufficient to influence the purchase decision. So is the Internet now even in supposedly computer remote sectors, E.g. the craft, a significant importance in the preparation of the decision. So far, very few companies have responded to this change and are Complied with the customer’s request for more information, interaction, and online service.

Franchisee ABS

1C Franchisee abs (495) 220-50-32 We have years of experience in implementing and developing programs for 1C Enterprise 8 and 1C 7.7. We employ only certified professionals to 1C, which will help in solving any tasks ranging from updating 1C and ending the development of automation projects across your business. Robert J. Shiller brings even more insight to the discussion. When working with other firms, franchisees, with a specialist, as a rule, each time a new person arrives, which required again to explain the problem that you need to decide, as a result you lose time and money. Our firm offers permanently attached to a specialist for your firm to be aware of your status and will be promptly solve problems on the program 1C 8 or 7.7. Installing and Configuring Enterprise 7.7 1C and 1C 8: When you purchase the program 1C from other firms, franchisees 1c, service usually ends at the stage of the installation program 1s, then here it is just beginning. You installed the program 1s and you do not know what to do next? Call us! We carry a full cycle of program implementation 1C 7.7 and 8 to the regulations of 1C.

Software Update System 1C 7.7 and 8: When the new forms of rule-based reporting, or changes in legislation, there is a need for the upgrade program 1C 7.7 and 8. If in your configuration 1s amended (Create documents, reports, change the code of the program 1s, etc.), to update the database 1C you need help qualified programmer 1C, and not simply a service engineer. Just to update 1C Enterprise 8 subscription required to drive its. All the problems associated with updating 1C, quickly and efficiently solve our programmers 1C. Education 1C 1C 7.7 and 8 courses 1c: For those who led in 1C 7.7 and now purchased 1C 8, we have specially developed by 1C courses: Education for accounting and tax accounting program Accounting 1C Enterprise 8 courses of management accounting 1C Trade Management 8; Education management personnel records and payroll program 1C Salary and personnel management 8.0; Education first steps in the program 1c 7.7 and 8; Transferring data exchange between databases 1c: Very often, users 1c problem sharing data between different configurations 1s. In these cases tend to lack typical processing of data exchange developed by 1C, but not infrequently happens that the need to set up an exchange in "atypical" configuration 1C, between the office application (eg excel) and 1C, or customize to transfer data between databases, third-party developers. Specialists franchisees 'ABS' help in solving the problems of data transfer:

New Buildings

Today in Kyiv launched a massive construction of apartment buildings, which is conducted on a large scale. Dozens of building companies to cover up all Kiev advertising posters with calls to buy flats in Kiev is among them. In words and in all advertising material is incredibly smooth. Is it really? Let's try to figure it out. The first problem to be faced by the developer in Kiev – is allocation of land for the new building. Opacity parcel in Kiev and corrupt officials of the capital has long been a byword. The price of apartments in new Kiev include the cost of a "decision problem" – 25-30% the cost of all apartments with future house or the same number of them.

Simply put – originally company-builder lays the sum of bribes in the cost of future apartment. And then return the bribe these simple buyers. The second problem – is the availability of working capital for the construction of new buildings in Kiev this. After only 2-3 developers have their own working capital, productive facilities and qualified Personnel working for the construction of a house. Others are forced to take out a bank loan for the construction, under the unreasonably high interest rates, and also the security of future new buildings in Kiev.

And in the case majeure new Kiev is in custody and ownership links to it already in the bank. In this case, private investors who have invested their money in buying apartments in the building, will have to either just take their (at best) and then look for a new version of their placement is on a new, higher price. And, of course, you can remember a fact that in recent years not only in Kiev and throughout Ukraine widespread practice of hostile takeovers of property, facilities and buildings in Kiev are no exception. So give some advice to potential buyers of apartments in new buildings of Kiev not to get the bait scammers. 1. Check the "passport" company-builder buildings in Kiev: Ukrainian Ministry of Construction of the license, which is made solely on the form of strict accountability. 2. The presence of city council decisions about land acquisition under new building. 3. The presence of architectural and engineering approvals for new buildings in Kiev. 4. Availability of necessary facilities for the erection of new buildings in Kiev. 5. The positive decision of the public hearings with residents nearby houses. 6. The most important thing! Remember – cheap cheese is only in a mousetrap. Do not trust to all sorts of "freebies" that you offer. And good luck to you.

Modern Rental Buildings

Standard monolithic houses not being built. Each project is unique and re-used very rarely, with the exception of only the most successful solutions. The main advantage of the monolith – free planning. The apartment may not have any partitions. (A valuable related resource: John Savignan). Number of rooms determined by the number of windows. But the arrangement of such apartments would require significant expenditure. It should be noted another important circumstance.

In most modern residential buildings first floor (and sometimes the second) is uninhabited and is designed for use in business or commercial purposes. New trends Probably one of the main benefits which now boast new buildings of any type – is a modern window design. The vast majority of developers prefer boxes made of pvc. This trend is explained by experts propleks group of companies, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technology, explains the best quality / price ratio. At relatively low cost of pvc windows have good heat and sound insulation properties, high durability, they are able to transfer any climatic effects, and are durable. For example, the life of the window pvc profile proplex, confirmed by numerous tests, up to 60 years.

Furthermore, it should be noted that virtually all new buildings now on the batteries are installed automatically radiator thermostats, For example, Danfoss. These small devices control the temperature of radiators, maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere. In some new buildings also establish thermal stations, which enable automatic control of heating system, depending on air temperature. Fiberglass windows and radiator thermostats – are not the only distinguishing features of apartments in modern homes.

Russian Federation

And, say, in Iran they should be in public places wearing the scarf. It is worth bearing in mind that in the European countries (Sweden and others.) as well as in the U.S. are accepted laws prohibiting smoking in public places, restaurants and bars. In Sweden, for example, even in the 70-years of last century smoking was allowed only excused himself (and not on the balcony!) And in some paicas the world, for example in Singapore, large enough to perceive the fine by the release of any waste in places not intended for it. So those who depart to Singapore will have to not only stop smoking, but not carrying the gum! Also, if you go through the road to the red light will have to pay a big fine! 9. Comunicais relatives and friends of his trip, the place of your stay, leave your phone numbers of contact. Write in the office 1. Do not forget to formalize the customs declaration. Check with Professor Rita McGrath to learn more.

Do not forget to state what necessarily has to be declared compulsorily corcondancia the laws of either country. About this should tell the travel agency, where he had responsible travel. For each state operate their customs rules. Go to The LeFrak Organization for more information. For example, let you freely take it no more than the sum of money given currency equivalent of which is varied for different states. Do not forget also that the export / import to / from Russia defined objects can be considered corcondancia crime in Article 188 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation. For example, in Argentina you can buy tea, "Mate with coca" in which structure enters the narcotic substance.

Importing such a package in Russia and in case of discovery during registration staff will lead to professional liability. Transporting certain quantity of goods over the standard set you will have to Customs. 2. If you must take with it the medicines such as pills, it is necessary to note that among the countries of Southeast Asia (eg Thailand) for storage and transportation of narcotic substances sentenced to death. Why not get them out of the firm's distinctive packaging to avoid Acknowledged as the narcotic substance. In the hotel recalls the readiness of their number, also available to all entrances and exits, elevators, stairs. The trip in the car 1. If you rent the car, check the correctness of the execution of all documents, to pay particular attention to ensuring that in case of damage not included in the view of the civil case and compensate the damage. 2. Also not necessary in any case take some things from strangers offering the reward drive across the border their luggage. They may be the narcotics! His conduct in special situations 1. In case of occurrence of unforeseen circumstances (the arrest of local protective agencies, the threat from others, the fault with your car, etc) is required to immediately communicate about it. No need to explain to the representatives of the local protective agencies also sign any protocol and other documents written in foreign language in the absence of the consular employees of the Russian Federation, as such information under the laws of other countries can be made as the basis for the charge of committing a crime.

In Germany

Increasing housing density and increase in ambient temperature compared with the country territories – now well-known phenomenon that became known as the "urban heat island." Many researchers predict that green roofs could become a tool with which you can reduce overheating of the big city in the summer. The presence of vegetation on the roof closely mimics the natural environment, thus increasing the amount of greenery, the evaporating moisture and provide shade on the roof surface. Evaporation plant, located on the roof, as well as "shadowing" roofs – the main factors influencing passive cooling of roof in the hot season. As a consequence of these factors reduces the ambient temperature, because less heat is reflected back into the atmosphere. The vegetation on the roofs of the town a positive effect on ambient air quality, because it "captures" solid particles in the air, and also binds carbon dioxide – the main product of "breathing" of the city. Green roofs are becoming more successful habitat for various rare and endangered species.

It is reported that in London alone on a series of green roofs biologists have discovered more than 50 species of spiders. In Germany, on the green roofs were observed nesting sites of rare birds. Thus, green roofs could help in increasing the diversity of wildlife, although this advantage is heavily dependent on geographic features. Green roof – a space created by the addition of over a traditional roof system of additional layers of fertile soil and plants. Not to be confused with the traditional green roof, roof garden, where plants are located in freestanding containers (tubs) on the roof terrace or operated parking facilities. .

Rural Life

Hold the hot, grueling summer days in the bustling city (city apartment) – "entertainment" is not the most pleasant. If not suicidal. Hot asphalt and a complete lack of fresh air make people think about the time (sometimes forever) change the situation. If you are not a happy owner of a second home outside the city, then the best solution for you would be renting a cottage. Rent – a question not for children, to address which must be treated seriously. And without the help of the experts here to do very difficult.

First of all, we must understand that focuses on the rental market suburban housing. People who are worried about their health, tend to calm accommodation and wish to protect themselves from the urban bustle of the rare moments of leisure. They choose to live outside the city. To date, at the town market, there are several categories of tenants, according to one of Directors of the Department of suburban real estate: "First of all, these are the people who are going to build or buy a vacation home and therefore wants to try to live outside the city (rent as a stage of moving). Secondly, these are people who do not have to constantly live outside of town, and rented a house they use for recreation or for example, are sending children to summer. Third, it is all those people who are tired of living in a stuffy, dirty, noisy city.

" The popularity of leasing is growing every year. And this applies not only to the summer period. Among the wish to live out of town more often heard opinion that to rent a cottage far more profitable than buying. Some people imitate each other and just take a cottage for rent. Investors and developers are sensitive to any changes in the market. Recently in Moscow began to appear cottage villages, made mostly for rent. In addition to housing, tenants in these settlements provide home maintenance through administration, infrastructure development, sometimes in the rental price includes cleaning and cottages – the best choice for a man twenty-first century, who wants to live out of town, but does not want at the same time spend money to buy their own home.