Wooden Houses

In fact, "town house" – a product of simple and easy to manufacture a minimum of land, greatly reduced the cost of construction and communication. Today around the world townhouse, born in the cramped city, has become the format of suburban housing. But our area, unfortunately, can not boast of houses of this type. Consumers in the Kirov of townhouses prefer individual houses with their own land. Build "their" house people in places such as bad, Borovitsa, Shikhovo, Fences, The Comintern, Sadako, Costin, Ganin, very popular destination for city Sloboda.

At this point in the Kirov region there is no completely built cottage village. The settlement of this type in Doronichev built on 40%, 2-3 in the settlement plan to build a Russian estate near Kstinino. In the Net Ponds and only develops suburban construction. Popular are those areas in which advanced communication – definitely electric, preferably – water supply and sewerage (sovereign for the area selected under construction), the presence of gas in place increases the cost of a facility is approximately 2 times. How much will the splendor? As we have found a vacation home will cost less flat, but what would be the ultimate cost of the project? The greatest demand is for homes in 100-150 square meters.

m. Each square meter is 15-30 thousand rubles. By making some simple calculations, we get up from 2.5 to 4.5 million. Of course, this amount can not be assigned to all objects, but push already have something. The final price of the object is affected by many factors: the size of the house, area, and certainly not least is the material from which made the object. At the current housing market, such popular materials such as brick and wood. Their advantages and disadvantages are well known to consumers. Brick building has a high durability, reliability, and has good termozaschischennostyu. But there are also negative factors – Brick does not tolerate long absences owners, require regular protaplivaniya. In addition, a brick – one of the most expensive materials. Cost of construction is of 21 thousand rubles per square meter. m. Wooden Houses – Traditional for Russia in general and for our region in particular – environmentally, aesthetically, the timing of construction relative to compressed files. But with the mass building of wood does not meet several requirements: it has limitations to design changes and floors. Despite this, the construction cost is still high – from 20 thousand for the quarter. m

Rental Cottages

In our time there was the fashion for renting a suburban home, where it is possible to relax and enjoy nature and fresh air. Rent a house – a very convenient method for organizing your holidays in the countryside. You know the fact that this holiday possible only in the country. If you want to successfully rent a cottage for the weekend to attend to this will be better educated in advance. Some experts argue, the successful lease a cottage in the summer – the result of the search in September. At this time you have a chance to consider any areas that in August, if you decide to rent a cottage for a day, you realize that you can get. In December, right to choose the landscape can not be because of the snow, in March – because of the abundance of melt water, and in August – just will not opportunity to evaluate all proposed to lease the building due to their popularity. Of what is the value to the company, sticking ads 'rent a cottage for the weekend', 'rent a cottage for a day', 'rental house'? First, the cost impact location, home or villa.

The main mansion considered the remoteness of the district and the way in which it resides. The more removed from Moscow's cottage, so it is more profitable. Rent a cottage on weekend, which is located in the prestigious area, will rise more expensive. In addition to the vector and the distance to the capital to rent a cottage has the effect of the natural environment, among which is based cottage. Pond, stream or woods, offers a unity with the earth. Of course, renting a cottage for the weekend in a place like this will cost more expensive.

The cost of addition has an effect size of the garden, the presence of fruiting trees and bushes. If you care about long-term rental house or you just want to rent a cottage for the weekend, pay attention to the presence of infrastructure. Existence of a market or a modest point of trade can make your vacation more comfortable. More one particular nuance that you should not miss if you decide to rent a mansion for a day – the presence of a toilet in the room. Clearly, much more pleasant to relax in a complex with a shower and other amenities. A leasing alternative home with a sauna and swimming pool will cost you even more expensive. Well, the key points that make up a rental home in the country, we have found. Agree that rent property in July – an expensive lesson, but wishing to rent a cottage on long period are given lower prices. Take your time and Stay in nature with your friends!

Wood Housing Materials

Tree in Russia is almost always remained the most used wall materials for personal dacha construction: high heat insulation, the classic appearance of a relatively small cost and highest the degree of environmental friendliness – a long time to make the wood is really the best option. But significant negative qualities of the houses made of wood lot, which together with the incessant increase in the cost and decrease the quality of construction of wooden houses is the basis for the search of better building materials. But, the best substitute for wood, perhaps surprisingly, is the tree itself. Arbol – a modern lightweight concrete on porous aggregates, consisting in 70-85% of wood chips normalized size and mineral binders (cement). It was he who, in principle, a tree, all collected all the outstanding properties of this timber, but not has its negative qualities. In modern building wooden country houses the most famous have laminated board, a simple timber and logs. But the companies made these kinds of materials is rarely designed to build thicker walls thirty centimeters, previously logs of less than fifty centimeters were simply inapplicable in the construction of residential buildings due to significant heat loss.

In Our age is an acceptable tree diameter is virtually unavailable. A desire to retain the value of homes within reasonable limits, rarely allows for even relatively cool, but still produced a log in 30-35 inches. Therefore, the most frequently used is absolutely unacceptable for good homes – with a diameter of 20-25cm.

The Warehouse

In general, a professional florist search is not easy – in Moscow, training courses florists worth several thousand dollars, so if you're in this business came from his heart, the very best finish courses – and the colors become better understand and be able to control the quality of services. If space allows florist, you can sell not only fresh cut, potted flowers and, so all sorts of pottery, fertilizer and other … Well, Of course the existence of the warehouse with the appropriate temperature conditions, which allows to significantly extend the life of flowers, coupled with increased turnover can significantly increase the volume of purchases, and therefore the need for services Most wholesalers simply disappears – it's time to go out by the manufacturer or it is easier for local greenhouses and, of course, for importers. Pricing, as well, and range of colors in the salon significantly different from the version of the tent – first from the cheapest products should immediately give up – a buyer with limited cash in your shop just do not go down. On the one hand encouraged the increased solvency of the average buyer, with the other demands and customer needs are also increasing.

Yes, and you already have to compete not only on price, as occurs by the service. In order to increase profits and create additional amenities for visitors to many floral shops are actively practicing the delivery of bouquets, cooperation with the wedding salons, design companies, and also provide corporate services to clients floristic. Especially that flower – a pronounced seasonal business and in low season (eg winter) is associated services to help a little to compensate for the decline. In general, turn your imagination and look for professionals, they become a decisive competitive advantage in this phase. So in addition to the increased revenue be prepared to increase allocations to payroll to individual advertising budget, Cost to attend various exhibitions and courses – to continuously maintain the required professional level … But you have to regularly pay the rent – which is in a good location is not small, and investments in basic trim, too good to fight off … Not surprisingly, as claimed by the owners of these shops – will pay floral business no earlier than one year and a half.

Well, to err and to reduce overhead costs may continue to open several more points of sale of flowers, but not necessarily for salons or studios, can those same stalls, which begins with – so you will block various trading niche. And if your very very Napoleonic plans – why not buy a plot, and do not parallel the cultivation of flowers in greenhouses – to be one hundred per year to gather more than thousand of tulips or gladiolus. As they say it would be desire … and perhaps a few years of your neighbors will not call you except the king or queen of the flower business … But you can start with just one tent and day supply of flowers! You say that you can not afford?