Charles Rabittsem

A real sensation was the garden, built by Charles Rabittsem known builder and inventor, and described them in a pamphlet entitled Cement roof, or new hanging gardens, persistent, superior, durable and cheaper than any other type of coverage. " After a demonstration model of the garden at the World Expo 1867 in Paris and published his photographs in Leipzig newspaper put rave reviews: "… This design is not much more expensive roof covered with roofing paper or roofing material, and much cheaper than tile, slate and iron roofs … Roof previously used only to cats and had only gray, will be replaced by lawn, will create additional space for recreation and communication between people … We are waiting for the architects will begin to apply construction of a housing decoration.

There is no doubt that floating in the height of the gardens will find practical application in contemporary and future construction. " In the German magazine "Gartenklaube" Speaking about the experience Rabittsa K., grow grapes on the roof of his house in Berlin, as the prospect of future large-scale construction of such gardens in the cities. Frequently Gregory Williamson has said that publicly. In Russia, at the end of the XIX century. gardens adorned the roof of many buildings, mostly profitable buildings in Moscow and St. Petersburg. One of the first was an apartment house on Zaitseva Furshtadtskoy street north of the capital, built in 1877, Building "garden boom" was covered and the merchant class in Moscow. This roof of the house merchant Perlov at Butcher Street with a Chinese pavilion on a tea shop and a small garden on the mansion Morozov Vozdvizhenka (respectively 1893 and 1898.).

Especially popular use roof garden Merchants' Club in Malaya Dmitrovka (now Lenkom Theatre), built by the architect I. For even more opinions, read materials from LeFrak Organization. Ivanova-Lipschitz in 1908, and the apartment house at the Kuznetsk bridge with a terrace-garden. The owner of the restaurant on the street Dorogomilovskaya D. Rozanov, opened in 1912. spacious garden on its roof, and a year later, more extensive garden with grottos and fountains was constructed over a cafe on the street Dolgorukovskoj. Became famous and the ten-house at the Grand Gnezdnikovsky Lane with a garden and a cinema on the roof – the first "skyscraper" in Moscow, built in the years 1912-1916. This building still amazes as interior, striking interior design of apartments and roof structure. The flat roof of this and still preserved house (architect Nirnzee ER) has been framed by a high parapet with arched openings, through which open a wide panorama of Moscow. Along parapet on the inside of his hand placed boxes with flowers and tall shrubs in tubs. Garden used in different ways: first, for the filming of the species and feature films (one time it was placed in the superstructure Pavilion Studios). Then, when the studio lost its place a cafe called "roof", he was busy tables for visitors and served as a summer open-room cafe. For some time there has been equipped area for roller skating. Curiously, in the construction of the roof of this building was used by the same old cover, as in "riding the gardens of the Kremlin – lead plates, which served as an ideal, but extremely expensive waterproofing. During B – Plan: 1 – inputs to the roof with ladders, 2 – elevators, 3 – a tea pavilion, 4 – landscaped "English" garden with ponds and a creek, 5 – a Victorian garden, 6 – "Spanish" garden, 7 – Orangery repair in 1960. they were replaced by conventional roll coating.

House Design

Often, the living room is not only room for guests and a dining room or an office, so that a successful design of your home, or rather a variety of areas in the living room or a child is of great importance. more fundamental than likely, you need to figure out why you would use the living room. If the room is then, in order to honor the guest and watch the video, you need to pay special attention to the comfortable furniture and mutual accommodation. Furniture can be comfortable, have the children's game. In addition, of course, often want to look bright dining and extraordinary to be able to show off the visitor convenience clearance.

Again, in no event should not be forgotten universality. If you furnish a beautiful cabinet design furniture and accessories, but they will not be comfortable at the same time, it's hard to call this the right decision. So then, to design a room noticeable enough to use an object, which is the latest twist. Merging the living room and kitchen – it is certainly possible, but, in general, is no longer fashionable. Smells of food will be the topic during lunch or dinner, and after him are beginning to annoy. If you really want to combine two rooms, then summarize better the living room with dining area.

Important part of the interior guest rooms have chandelier. Particularly important to opt for light sources, in case you plan to divide the room into several zones. Perhaps, for example, to allocate a small nook for intimate conversations and add to it a lamp with a good ceiling. And for a party on the living room ceiling hook mirror Bulka, which transmit light in the living room furniture also may be other interesting – a stove, a large niche in the wall or something else. Any of these can make the design of apartments bright and unusual, and if you got the apartment with a fireplace, of course, it's worth using. Fireplace is sure to become povadno object in the drawing room, and everyone will try to take a seat closer. If there is no fire, but highly desirable, it can be purchased – Various simulations fireplace on the market now set. For this purpose, we recommend ekokamin, the latter is not harmful to humans and animals, as well as due to the huge range of configurations can easily fit into any registration Another element allows you to arrange the living room in the style that you prefer – is textiles. By the way, textiles can be used to easily update the design is very often the way you want. Curtains, napkins, aprons, furniture – and here's your room already looks like a completely new

Construction Tips

Where to start construction: 1. The choice of location (the illumination level of the ground.) 2. Digging. The walls are best done at a slight angle. Depth is desired by 60 cm 3. Align the bottom. 4. Drainage (drainage pipe in the ground).

5. Sand Pillow 5-10cm. 6. Laying of the film to the reservoir (the film is not stretched, the wrinkles will go under water pressure). 7. You can put a wall of stone. 8. Filling the pond water.

Trimming the ends of the film. Fish. In the pond with a depth of 3h3h0.6 pm all year round living Rotan, Carp. In the summer of freshwater fish, well get accustomed perch. But do not look overpopulate pond fish. Vegetation in the pond. Lily, lily better to plant in a pot filled with sand. Very good winter, carry a complete freezing of the reservoir to the bottom. Uhod.Vesna: In the period from flowering trees shed pollen, which is necessary to collect a gauze net. Summer. Water in the pond is recommended to periodically update the part. Autumn. Fallen leaves. In autumn it is desirable to cover the pond grid to reduce the hit to the bottom leaves. Winter. pond of prefabricated forms may suffer due to distention of the ice. Therefore, the drop on the surface of the unfrozen pond, plastic bottles, sealed tubes or paleno.

House Plants and Feng Shui Housing

Time does not slow down the run, everything flows, everything changes, except that a person's love for flowers is unchangeable. Moreover, the more we learn about the world, the more we love their "green darlings." When there are no greens in the house, it becomes cold, devoid of life colors that Feng Shui is considered a bad sign. Too many people set up home on the rules of Feng Shui, often willing to buy online store full of feng shui, but what to do with your plants do not really know, and are arranged according to their own preferences. And what we get from this – Feng Shui in the home is good, but misplaced it ruined plants. Make home a stylish and successful in Feng Shui to help, not all plants, some of you should refuse. However, you can arrange them so that they will not interfere with the smooth and harmonious flow of Qi energy. Let us not forget that all the plants in Feng Shui are the elements of growth – the Tree.

Home – Devoid of a Tree, deprived and development. If you want you have good luck and prosperity in your house have to live flowers. In Feng Shui works with all the plants, but some clearly prefer: plants with round and thick leaves, as well as having magnificent globular shape – like a green hat. The favorite form of leaves in China and Japan – thick and juicy round leaves, mostly succulents. In South-East Asia believe that they are attracted to the house of wealth. Good smells produced by potted flowers and potted plants are also very important.

If, in the absence of plants you can use incense or oil burner, then the presence of our green friends – their natural flavors. Plants with large bright flowers and magnificent forms are strong, they have high life potential, there is positive energy – all they can give the house itself. In each house there defects that need correcting. That's what will come in handy climbing or running down the plant, as well as high and large tubs. It is believed that plants with long leaves and sharp spines can change or movement Qi energy in the house and destroy the power of owners. However, the rules for that and there to make one exception. For example, a cactus because of thorns and a peculiar form of the plant considered bad, but if it is placed on the window, for blind (that is, to remove its negative influence), it would scare away thieves. Agree, not everyone uninvited overnight guests decides to overcome this natural barrier. And if on the same windowsill will stand awesome form (but good inside) dog fu – the more the attacker would not dare enter the house. Grow flowers, place them according to Feng Shui, and it will help you realize your greatest desires and potential opportunities.

Russian Country Homes

Another half-century ago (quite small by the standards of the history of the term), people mostly lived in the countryside, but today we do not conceive of its existence outside the major metropolises. And yet sometimes you want to go somewhere in the wilderness, away from the smog, noise, crowds, in the end. So the "house in the village" – is not only a source of fresh milk, but also a place of mental and bodily repose, the cherished dream of civilization oppressed townspeople. It is believed that one of the things that this man has done in his life – to build a house. But what if there is no building skills nor the ability nor the time? Of course, the house, built entirely with his own hands – is ideal, but in order to achieve this ideal is better to get the cherished contributions to the Savings Bank and turn to professionals. Including trust them with not only construction but also work on the design of the cottage.

We, the citizens, so long live in conditions for life are not very suitable, that is hard to imagine how to live differently. But many will recall that "Khrushchev" was once built on the time to resettle people from the barracks, but in fact were the same large apartment barracks. People are going to live in them until then, until indeed built convenient, comfortable home, but most live in them until now … But, today, attempts to to transform the bleak five-story building – being overhauled, interior remodeling, attic are built … But how could we not tried to decorate the room inside, we can not change any material of which is constructed house, no view from the window.

Therefore, when building your own home is very important to foresee all, to think over every detail. In the end, unlike in urban high-rises, a country house should be located in a cozy, environmentally friendly area, and apparently look good to have a presentable appearance. Therefore, it is very important, what style of interior design for the interior of your cottage you choose. In addition, the house in which to live year-round, need to consider a lot of technical details, such as heating, plumbing, electricity and so on. Unity with nature – it is certainly admirable, but not round the same year he surrender. Therefore, we must combine practicality with aesthetic qualities. After all, it will house with a capital letter, the house where you always want to come back, your personal surroundings, your living space. Therefore, it is necessary to equip with maximum comfort, not pity neither the strength nor the means, so you do not correct the deficiencies or to deal with disabilities and fully enjoy life. So, you need to think about little things, what would be your house. And it is better for this consult with these experts. Of course, people often buy ready-made country estates, and not just land. These houses can be rebuilt, to change their interior, but if you can, advises Forum Bank, it is better to build the house, so to speak, from scratch. So you not only save money but also be able to take an active part in all phases of construction and personally supervise the quality of construction and finishing. Source: Omsk – News and Events