Grundinvest Germany

Participation in operating companies project pays off. Unbeatable Munich. Munich, 24.04.2013. “Shortly after placing starting in January of this year group has their first disbursement for the euro Grundinvest Germany 18 Munich euro Grundinvest GmbH & co. KG” done in height by two percent for the first quarter of 2013. Overall, interest amounting to 8% per year before taxes for this Fund is foreseen.

Each pro rata is calculated from the month after the full receipt of the participation amount. A participation is possible there from 15,000 euros plus premium. In addition, it is planned to distribute an additional profit participation for this three-year short-term bonds amounting to four percent annually. This is given, if the investors have received their preferential payments and back is equity, but also Furthermore the Fund expenses were reimbursed them. On behalf of investors, a very fair system. The Quick granting of interest is made possible by the special design of the Fund. Because it invests in existing project companies, the capital is so from the outset operative”and can participate to the win, achieved through the development, construction and sale of apartments in Munich and whose Bacon belt Grundinvest euro. Just the quick sale of apartments in Bavaria’s most popular metropolis leads to his quick cash return.

Project development level achieved so far yields are all in the double-digit range. So far five established real estate development funds of euro Grundinvest a volume could be realized so far of more than 54 million which is higher than the originally planned target volume of EUR 50 million. The company is with all funds in terms of the distributions to be paid in the or over plan. All payments for the first quarter of 2013 were made accordingly. The strong specialization proved a stroke of luck, here but also the long-term market presence benefits us”, explains Jens Behre at CSM conqueror sales & marketing responsible for the distribution of the Fund. After opening the free system distribution CSM last year, demand is increasing continuously. Still, investors can benefit from an in addition granted early artist bonus, which is paid at the end of the term on the basis of paid-up Kommanditkaptals. He is two percent for deposits till the end of the month.

Went Before

As well as water flowing in rivers, is not the same water, had understood that everything in the universe tends to change shape simultaneously, the hours the months and the years are not friends of human beings. Had no doubt thought it very old that was and the time that was losing by wanting to wait for footprints or maybe some signs that identify me something that could give me the road or the idea that it was going well and that I could follow this step for a long time, me crei smart when he was negligent, was undoubtedly a nightmare for any parent than the step time and I had to change accepted had not of pagemany I said that when I was a child was more cheerful and joyful, stuck to my father in short, a happy child. Now, after eleven years I’ve transformed into a sullen closed and introverted woman, everything that a woman should not be and the prototype than any man I wish. But in the moment in which I wonder when and time change. It is not something Greenberg Traurig would like to discuss. When happened. In that moment changed radically and that I can no longer do what it was before, and is that everything changes and nothing go back, we cannot go back and verify what we do as books. Like when you get lost in a paragraph and you want to return back, something that no doubt we can do in life. Time does not forgive and is a false friend which gives us only seconds of insufferable opportunities. Original author and source of the article.

Contact Fisicolos

ServicioLos children perceive our love when we do things for them. Apart from your food to cook them or wash their clothes, are those girls things, seemingly little important, that really demonstrate that you as a parent was aware of their needs. For example: fix your Teddy bear or inflate the wheels of your bicycle. Contact Fisicolos hugs, caresses, kisses and take their little hands. They are all gestures of love that speak for themselves. Words of encouragement animate means to give encouragement. It is one more way in which their words can express your love.

All children have areas in which feel insecure and need their parents encourage them and show that you believe in them. Children will develop their full potential if they receive sufficient recognition on the part of their parents. After delivering these practice guidelines of how to love better to their children, want you to see it as a seed. Love is sowing in the lives of our loved ones. All successful sowing imply a necessary time of growth and a later harvest.

Each time that you love your children, you will be planting a seed that will bear abundant fruit. As mother who already went through those crazy years of strenuous maternity, you want to share that, everything I did while our children were small (and believe me, I tried to do and achieve many things, besides being a mother), the only thing that I can rescue today is the continuous love that I could deliver them. Everything else became smoke. I am approaching the stage of the harvest. Only God knows if it will be abundant or not. What I do know is that none of those moments of complete delivery was in vain. Original author and source of the article.

The Gills

A new labour culture, a mentality conducive, people delivered, well trained, that takes commitment seriously. That is engraved in his heart the statement of Mission of the company which provides its services. It is the attitude and desire of wanting to be the best of all.Be the best employee, employee model, could be having much that see arrive early, comply with all orders to the letter, worry by doing things since you first right, strive for reaching the goals required regarding quality, production, timely deliveries, and customer satisfaction, not miss work, bring good relations with their peersrespect each other, with their peers and their patterns, but being the best team demands the best of each one, all, each individual Member of the team, all with the same spirit, with the gills, enthusiasm, motivation to become the best team. The best among all the good adds us, that the virtue of doing one thing, well as the dictionary tells us is something that brings one already, but which can also be learned. But it is a whole. It is not only one thing. A new labour culture, a mentality conducive, people delivered, well trained, that takes commitment seriously. That is engraved in his heart the company mission statement in which renders its services. It is the attitude and desire of wanting to be the best of all.Be the best employee, employee model, could be having much that see arrive early, comply with all orders to the letter, worry by doing things since you first right, strive for reaching the goals required regarding quality, production, timely deliveries, and customer satisfaction, not miss work, bring good relations with their peersrespect each other, with their peers and their patterns, but being the best team demands the best of each one, all, each individual Member of the team, all with the same spirit, with the gills, enthusiasm, motivation to become the best team.

Federal District

What is the express divorce? The divorce express a legal form that has been approved in several countries of the world and that not only speeds up the normal process of divorce, but covers the needs of each Member of the family. In a few words is a procedure more quickly and with less cost. Quick divorce in Mexico in our country is a method recently approved by the authorities of the Federal District. With this kind of divorce there is no need for a cause for divorce, enough that either of the spouses expresses his desire to divorce. There is no possibility of opposition from the other party and the divorce period shall be one month. When a couple is terminated a relationship, you can take into account quick divorce, which is a way of avoiding the long and expensive formalities. The limitations of the express divorce are: have lived at least one year as a couple.

Not be married by pooled assets. Women should not be pregnant. There should be no children’s through, or they must be over 18 years of age. If there are goods from through, the couple shall stipulate the destiny of them before going to court. Formalities under this category will be deleted in this way. In addition it should be noted that, in the Federal District, the procedure can be carried out in two hours. With information: / and original author and source of the article


In the Hispanic Journalists Convention, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said: have to turn off the Spanish television, referring to that Hispanics will not get very far in the United States if they do not learn English. He said it, preventing that he knew he was going to get in trouble for making this statement, what validates the firmness of convictions and honesty that characterize it. Greenberg Traurig addresses the importance of the matter here. Arnold is right in the fact that if one lives in a society where the majority speaks English, by logic better you know the language, otherwise it will multiply the adversities. But make a mistake when you compare: I know that when I came to this country, very rarely I spoke German with someone. No talk with someone, because find Germans or people who know German in the United States, it is not a thing of: all the time; everywhere. But to speak Spanish just approaching any petrol station, entering a store or stop a policeman. German, nor was the language that the European immigrants they preferred to speak when they arrived after the second world war. Also to find Germans and share language and customs, you have to cross an ocean, something completely different to the geographical factor that separates the United States from Latin America.

The EU is not homogeneous in language and habits, like most of Latin America. In Europe, each one proudly speaking their own language, although found in a smaller, adjoining space. There were times that is encouraged to be part of the melting pot American; in Spanish comes to mean: be part of the crucible. The idea has not changed, although it has been distorted by the left-wing American, with its affirmative action positive discrimination – which began to identify blacks as African-Americans, Hispanics or latinos with the cultures of the southern, Oriental and other ethnicities with their ancestors, highlighting their differences rather than their similarities with the Anglo-Saxons, promoting what they called multiculturalism.

Transition And Other Poems

aurea I do poems in verses black and white verses so that every poem is free. Rebel Miserrima life of favela that I lived. Helpless devoid avid life, life without brio, under bridges, over rivers. VI vil, hostile, divided. I would like to see her in the light of candles, Dinnerware Ah! Life vile, vile. He saw life more vile? Did you see? O ORC! To see me vile worm, osare see it in extremis in the light of candles! Wrap do idiot! Don’t you know you’re nothing? Just thin rusty layer protects you from rot. Hungry worms surround you. You ignore in a magical pass, in a second just falls by land all the arrogance and beautiful gift wrap reveals the fetid mass? The bitter taste of the gall, uncertain vision, twisting of the legs, the total decontrol.

everything is inevitable! Any day will be easy prey: the time is impiedoso. The tragic end does not depend on your will. The arrogance that nothing but facet of your various faces empty and worldly useless. To the setting sun, the withered face and corroded bones hurt more than those that took the caution and the good sense of being simple and hidden. They will be your cute hair do and which utility will have your hair, subways, dispersed, and orphaned threads opaque on bones.? Transition is so cold hollow and so dark the Orchard where to deposit my aching body! _ As the recess is cold if the body is dead? From now on only the soul feels Ah! This rough bed where I am spoiled and this room dark and so tightly closed! I want to get up, but I’m tired that rumor is that in the room to the side? There is a garden near: feel aroma of flowers. I want to get up, but I’m tired I’m so tired but without pains. And the rumor increases in the side room. _ Lower the drawer! _ says any now.

Who died while I was sleeping? Close to the door I hear someone who cries, regrets the fate of who is starting. I want to get up, with such force inert my hands and my body hard. Prays the priest in a strange language, while I am prisoner in this dark room. Land on the roof will falling. It seems that the world is collapsing the air I need in the closed room and a crowd is out crying. I feel a slight tremor, one chill already almost as soon as I’m feeling. Why not take me out of this cold room? Someone died while I was sleeping. It is hollow so cold and so dark the Orchard where to deposit my aching body! _ As the recess is cold if the body is dead? From now on only the soul feels translation: Graciela Cariello original Autor and source of the article.

International Poetry Competition

As part of our competition. Not here cause for resentment and even more charges. So I, of course, sad to hear and read the angry arguments of some authors that the time they did not win, the competition is bad and all this hype. They begin to invent stories about us in attempts to take revenge for the fact that their poems were selected as the best. This, of course, is ridiculous and they put themselves in a ridiculous position.

By these acts of poetry are irrelevant. This is a minor settling of personal accounts. But we knew that it happened and have been pre-prepared for the fact that not everyone will like. Contact information is here: expert on growth strategy. But the International Poetry Competition "Golden verse" is so important and major event in Russian literature and Russian poetry, which would be stupid to pay attention to spiteful critics, of which enough in any large and important project. – What, in your opinion, the greatest value of the poetry contest "Golden stanza?" – I think that our competition has enabled very a large number of people who wrote in a desk or displayed their poems in the best case in the family, access to a huge audience of readers like to site the "Golden verses" and, most importantly, in my opinion, through printed collections of poetry – our almanacs. After all, poetry, as we always say, lives just the printed word. Despite the new trends and new technologies, poems have to live on paper. It was printed books will remain the descendants.

Dragon Age Origins

We first heard about Dragon Age in 2004. At E3 the company announced the development of BioWare role-playing game. A year later came platformers version Jade Empire, and after three and Mass Effect – one of the best RPG on Xbox 360. Development has been much delayed and the release date was postponed to 2009 year. Because of the delay time to schedule the game blanch, but the atmosphere and gameplay only won. Dragon Age has adopted all the best from such monsters as Baldur's Gate – the dialogues, travel in style, Neverwinter Nights and spectacular fights of World of Warcraft. Developers managed to create a believable, adult and violent fantasy-world. The world that captivates and does not release the player until the very end.

Running game Dragon Age begins with the rather extensive editor appearance of our hero. Using a set of tools provided by the developers, it turns out to create a truly unique character. Here and choose the sex and race, skin tone, the volume of the head and nose. You can choose even the timbre of his voice and mannerisms of speech. But this affect only the sentence, which the hero shouts out at the time of the battle, because the cues during the conversation is not made public. The game features six prehistory (man-noble, the magician, doliysky elf, a dwarf aristocrat, a dwarf, or a commoner urban elf).

And then selects the first interesting feature of Dragon Age – Six variants of the starting event. A long time nobody will be surprised by the presence of multiple endings, but the initial event, no matter what the character does not select a player usually the same. BioWare have corrected this mistake. Path magician and poor urban pixie differ so much as is possible. In addition, the background has an impact on developments throughout the game. For example, the ratio people to an aristocrat and former golodrantsu will be very different. And it is not so important that all paths ultimately lead to the only possible complication of the global – the very presence encouraged at least some choice. Main classes in the game Dragon Age: Origins of three: the warrior, mage and a thief, but they are flexible. No one will prevent the soldier to learn some magic spells, and the magician – to learn to fight with heavy swords. That's just the question arises, whether such experiments? Practice shows that no matter how flexible the system was not a class in the game, the greatest success has always sought characters is a narrow and strict specialization.


Concubinage in Peru our code Civil in its article 326 regulates concubinage considering it as: the union indeed voluntarily made and maintained by a man and a woman, free matrimonial impediment, to achieve goals and carry out duties similar to the marriage, provided that such union has lasted at least two continuous years. This should be understood as concubinage perfect, since concubinage in the strict sense is a typical of a man and a woman standing with the note of faithfulness and honesty and continuous and unimpeded to transform in marriage, however must be understood in its broadest sense concubinage as the union will indeed that occurs between free people or people with marriage with third parties therefore have impediment to legalize this union. The determining causes of concubinage include social, legal, economic and cultural causes social causes: because of social inequality that exists in our country, is one form of contribution to the constitutions of fact, as for example in the Andean zones for social reasons they opt for the servinakuy or marriage to test. Economic reasons: Due to insufficient economic underdeveloped countries as the Peru, where there are low income or poverty give rise to proliferation of joints in fact, although some have the purpose of celebrate the civil marriage, due to their limited income are not able to assume the costs of a marriage, although given the mass marriage in the municipalities but due to expenses which must assume to travel to local the municipality induces them to persons follow the path of concubinage. Legal causes; The legislator has opted for two legal institutions such as: marriage and divorce, however the formalities for the celebration of the marriage, are not the most appropriate since hinder it rather than facilitate it and not promote it, because these formalities concubinage is promoted. Cultural causes; In fact unions are given in our country with greater intensity in places where the population is low level cultural and economically poor reason not aware of replacing joints in fact by marriage, or who choose to follow their ancestral customs, or religious marriage which is not more than another way of promoting concubinage. The both social, economic, legal and cultural causes contribute to concubinage however the legislator should opt to give a solution to this and not ignore it but regulate it or welcome him within a coercible standard for its demise or removal, or protected giving guarantees, can opt for two roads such as; seek its depletion or eventual demise or lend amparo or confer validity you need, since children are being harmed from the instability of the union, and the cohabitant to dissolve the union remains stripped many times by his domestic partner of heritage which both have formed since it generates one of them unjust enrichment. Original author and source of the article..