Building Materials

You have decided to build a log cabin saunas, steam baths in the village or at the dacha. And immediately the questions arise: What size should be room, where she was placed on the site from which to build the walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows needed for a bath foundation and many other issues. Dimensions baths identifies the device and dimensions of its basic premises – the sauna, washing, dressing rooms. Urban residents, master garden plot, can build a temporary building – bath and is in it, along with all belongings, until the completion of the garden houses. Best Bath – chopped, log saunas from well-dried logs. Dimensions log bathhouse chosen on the basis that it will simultaneously wash 2-3 people, so the dressing-room and washing area should be enlarged.

After the bath not only soaring and wash, but relax, socialize. Therefore, if the bath is not sovmeshena with other buildings, the area it should be at least 10 m . Steam room must have a minimum area of 9.6 m . Dressing room or locker room – 4-6 m , dishwasher – 5.6 m . At the entrance to the bath suit vestibule, it prevents the penetration of cold air inside. In small baths often combine washing and steam room. For separately under construction bath dressing room should be mandatory. If you plan to use the bath only during the warmer months, instead of dressing-room we can construct a terrace.

In a well-landscaped baths and have a terrace and dressing room. However, each developer changes the set of premises and their size on your own. Raazmery anteroom take based on the fact that a person shall be no less than 1,3-1,5 m , width of not less than 1 meter. Dressing room should be insulated, the windows wide with high sills, at least 140 cm from the floor. It should be everything: from clothes hangers to wood and coal. Over the vestibule is washing or combined room and washing steam. At each bathers shall be at least 1 m area. Steam room – the main place in the bath. It must be supported by high temperature, uniform heating to clean and the possibility of using a broom. The door of the sauna should open in a waiting room, and not vice versa, to avoid wetting clothes. To reduce loss of heat and steam, the door was satisfied with the low box and a high threshold. Along the walls are wooden shelves in 1, 2, 3 tiers, 170-220 cm length shelves Even the smallest bath has all the qualities baths and provides an opportunity let no comfort, but at any time, take a steam bath and wash, and, heating a small bath-house and require less time and fuel.

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