Mortgage Loans

It is not clear why so many home buyers, even with good pay, receive waivers from banks and why, when calculating the individual terms of interest rates are sometimes a few points higher than in advertising. To find out the real picture of mortgage lending in Samara was monitored proposals of banks, lenders home purchase. In the area of mortgage lending in the autumn of 2009 there is a revival. For 3-ago quarter has shown that the market begins to recover. Confirms the dynamics of growth in mortgage lending and the statistics of the National Commercial Bank. Not surprisingly, bankers today are rather optimistic and almost certain that 2011 will be a year of revival mortgage.

And the great hopes for the mortgage confer not only the specialized mortgage banks or the market leaders, accounting for just and the bulk of issued mortgage loans, but commercial banks. Mortgage – low-cost destination for any bank, it's customer base for years and the high profitability of operations. In 2011, the expected revival of the mortgage on the old high level. Many lending institutions in 2008-2009 suspended the proper mortgage programs and loans are issued only on the program HMLA. Some lenders have left the mortgage sector to stay. Beginning with second half of last year, banks gradually began to return to the mortgage market.

Now a number of lenders have taken quite an active role in promoting the mortgage products. Sberbank, VTB-24, Delta credit, City Mortgage Bank, UniCredit Bank, AbsolyutBank, Bank of housing finance and others. To clearly understand the situation in the mortgage market in Samara, were monitored. As a result of monitoring revealed that at the present time in Samara, about 100 working banks offer mortgage products around 30. On the one hand, it can not but rejoice, but on the other – too optimistic a picture looks. And, sensations, there is some discrepancy between official and actual practice. Now there are many, even quite financially wealthy citizens, the banks refused to grant a mortgage loan. Today, choose Bank, which will give you the right loan, find the credit program, which is convenient for you, rather than just. This is a difficult job which occupies a lot of time. Proposals from the banks are now quite a lot. Size of loan rates seriously varies – from the really low interest in the banks, working on standards AHML to high rates of commercial banks. We must remember that the smaller the loan, the lower the interest rates. In addition, if the banks operating under government programs, only the official income on Form 2 Personal income tax, then the commercial banks may set off and "gray" income. For example, UniCredit Bank considers income coming Relatives and additional income of the borrower. Any income of the borrower is ready to consider and Rosbank. On the one hand, the borrower is a plus. On the other, negative: in informal income bank nakinet couple of percent, ie the rate on the loan will increase by no less than 1%. If you consider the availability of mortgage loans in terms of real estate, it is worth emphasizing that the vast majority of mortgage programs offered today by banks, designed to ready housing. Mortgage for housing under construction can be considered very accessible, simply because only a handful of banks willing to lend to buy dolevok, and even then – not all.