Municipal Loan

Mortgage loan modern Russian conditions for small businesses is especially important because allows to lose no time to acquire the necessary business real estate, without having the initial capital – on the security of this same (not owned by you) of the property. Documents evidencing the loan, a borrower gives the lender for a mortgage, said mortgage. Distinguish between private bonds and mortgage deed. Private mortgage – debt issued by a borrower (for example, mortgage banks) to the creditor and notarized. In private, the mortgage must be specified loan maturity, the value percent and the name of the property, the employee pledge. Giving out loans secured by property, mortgage banks are receiving loans from other banks, which provide a so-called mortgage deed – long-term loan repayment obligations under the mortgage of the property, which mortgage bank gets bail. Mortgage deed – a form of securities secured by real estate and in circulation in the market. Loan secured surety, involves a contract in which the guarantor undertakes to repay the lender the borrower's debt if necessary.

As this type of loan can serve as a guarantee wholesaler for retail, the manufacturer of goods for the merchant business for each other, etc. Special hopes small businessman holds the surety – the state. In some cases, state and federal Municipal authorities need to be very beginnings of small businesses in its territory, but do not have real means to stimulate this activity. In these cases, the authorities guarantee to banks it may be way out. (In this case you can say to the official: "This matter must be me and you.

I am ready to work. You are required cash contribution, but no money for that. So even if charged, but the money under your guarantee will give the bank. ") A special form of guarantee is mutual responsibility – mutual pledge to each other group of persons or entities. The loan, secured a written commitment – a key form credit. The most common form of a written commitment to a bill. Bill – a written debt obligation prescribed form. Owner notes (note holder) receives unquestionable right demand beyond the period specified in the instrument of payment specified in the same amount of money to the person issuing the bill (drawer). Noteholder has the right, without waiting for maturity to put the bill on the market (in turn). In this case, usually on the instrument is put in addition to the signature of the drawer has one or more signatures of persons, guaranteeing payment on them. Credit, cash-based trust, based on a verbal promise to repay the borrower's loan by a certain date. This type of loan is applicable only when the lender to the borrower is experiencing a special trust or has it powerful leverage. The purpose of credit control by the lender is to receive profits. Provision of credit – risky: there is always a danger of not getting the whole debt and interest thereon. Therefore, it is particularly important in the management of credit to identify the reliability of the borrowers. This is achieved is through bank credit and financial analysis activities particular borrowers on their creditworthiness.