Choosing a Real Estate Broker

You think about how to find a real estate broker, and must be handled in real estate. Firstly, it is much safer. Second, no self-respecting agency does not hold a non-professional staff. Third, in the arsenal of solid Agencies incomparably more options, among which will be found suitable for you in price and quality. Never agree to a deal with the so-called "black" brokers. The apparent lower price for services may in fact result in a complete loss and housing, and money.

"Black" brokers are not registered, do not accept any responsibility for transactions conducted (often, in the event of serious trouble of grief, Realtors simply can not be found). In addition, they may incorrectly process the deal from a legal point of view or sell an apartment in bypass url = rightful owners / url. Solve the same problems You have to. Do not agree to accept service of acquaintances who have recently purchased homes. Buying an apartment has not yet made their professional, thoroughly knowledgeable in such a delicate matter, as real estate. In general, the choice of favor of a specialized firm is obvious.

But the agency also may be different. To avoid trouble, choose only proven company with a name well established in the market and working long enough. Avoid questionable firms – ephemeral. Their task – withdrawing money from gullible people who want to save money on your purchase. Under current laws of Ukraine, the real estate shall have the following details: corresponding to the standard model of a registration certificate Proof of passing a re-entry "Real Estate Operations" in its charter and certificate of registration and inclusion in the Statistics Department Single register must have a postal and legal addresses to have a round seal with the mandatory placement firm in its field, the official company name and registration number (identification code) Required visit the office of the agency in person: a company with good reputation will never be located in a building that does not comply with its status.