Real Estate As A Key Element Of Investment Strategy

Sometimes the contributions to the property are less risky and more stable due to the fact that even after the stages of decline, there comes a time of renewal, with the result that real estate prices again increase. Also, as global investors, rich people are considering the UAE's leading real estate component of their investment portfolio. Investors still want to invest in regional market real estate, but the reason for this is not only a decline in the market. Experts stress that has recently become investors revise their approach to savings and investing in various types of real estate and Popular locations. Until recently, those who have cash, invested mainly in the regional market, making their portfolios out of balance.

At the same time, many have invested in one type of real estate in one market, that, according to experts, is a very risky approach. To date, the consultants recommend investment strategies to rebuild anew, to diversify the portfolio by category of property and geography. Experts point out that among real estate investors in Dubai and now there is uncertainty mainly due to doubt whether the market has reached bottom low, it is precisely the period deceleration is the most profitable for investors. Investing in real estate at prices close to their lower limit in the long term, after the final recovery of the market, you can get multiple dividends. However, at this point, many investors took a wait in the hope that prices continue to fall further. at the same time, experts point out that the UAE real estate market is facing projects, investments that will bring good profit in the long run, because at the moment the price is reached the lower limit. Properties in UAE prityanivaet speculative and not paying attention to risk for investors, with demand for 'risky' property in Dubai even higher than in the U.S., Britain and Germany, where the vast majority of millionaires in the world.

At the same time investing in real estate Dubai is divided into two types: those who want to invest money for the preservation of capital, and those who seek to profit by using the speculative approach. Moreover, speculative investors view prevails. Market experts note that future buyers and investors become more selective and more attentive to the choice of the object of purchase or investment. It is worth emphasizing that the Dubai real estate sector shows steady signs of renewal. Increased liquidity, banks have to lend again on affordable terms, costs, and rents for property in Dubai will stabilize, demand from both investors and by the end users is growing, and strengthened investor confidence.