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Still thus, let us assume it estresse and the service overload as basic factors that intervene with the quality of life of these professionals. Ahead of this such project for the necessity of the quality of life in the work is justified, since it combines the quality of general life of individuals, thus contributing for a more healthful life. Anne Chadwick is the source for more interesting facts. To follow one will discourse on the Quality of Life and its aspects influenciadores in the life of the individuals. Quality of Life In accordance with Loyal (2008) apud Saucers et al (1998) the term quality of life possesss diverse definitions, can if mention that it has to see with the form as the people live, feels and understands its daily one. It involves aspects as the health, the education, the transport, the housing, the work and the participation in the decisions, situations very varied as the worthy attendance in accident and illness case, the level of escolaridade, the comfort and the pontualidade in the displacement, the feeding in enough amount and quality and until the ownership of household-electric, that is, everything what it provokes necessary well-being for the individual. In accordance with the PNUD (1990) apud Minayo, Hartz and Buss (2000), defines quality of life as an approach of the satisfaction degree that if finds in the life familiar, loving, social and ambient. This term involves many meanings, that are the knowledge, the experiences and values of individuals that are marked by the cultural relativity, that is the varied times, spaces and different estrias. However, this cultural relativismo does not leave to perceive some forms of quality of life. For the evaluation of the quality of life of the population the Index of Desenvolvimento was created Humano (IDH), in which (the PNUD) was elaborated by the Program of United Nations for the Development and in this pointer it meets conception of that income, health and education are three basic elements of the quality of life of a population.