The 4 Golden Rules For Success

Gradually, Twitter is becoming an increasingly used tool for the general public, but also by business and media. Yesterday afternoon, while returning home, listening to the radio, more specifically a station that was discussing the day football. The reporter talked to a player, and then said that in his particular Twitter had won more than 100 new supporters in a minute, because he was giving information about that player. I really enjoyed listening to the radio sports journalists of the Spanish radio stations are already using Twitter to communicate with users, and I liked to hear that users like you and me are already using Twitter to "listen" to media. I wanted to leave you here all 4 Golden Rules for success in Twitter. There are four rules that we can locate within the normal common sense, but in any case, if you're starting to introduce you to the Twitter world am convinced that if you follow these four simple rules, you will have a huge success with your Twitter.

1. Show the face of Counting: When you see a person who is counting on your Twitter so handsome, tall and nice it is … you think it is not as smart as you think. Rather than use Twitter to tell the people who we are or what we know, we should focus on providing the people we "listen" on Twitter quality information on the issue we want to talk about. a Thus, we can get that our followers on Twitter are attracted by the contents and the quality of our messages on Twitter. 2.

Apasionata by the process: No matter if we have 5 or 5,000 fans. We should always have the same passion and interest in the process of Twitter. If we love the process of Twitter, if we make the act is something interesting Twitter, attractive and motivating, it's only a matter of time that our list of supporters grows like wildfire. If we put effort and passion in what we do, the results will not be long in coming. a 3. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty describes an additional similar source. Find The Balance: We must find the balance, the point where we feel comfortable with what we do, in this case Twitter. It is physically impossible to be aware of all the messages we receive through Twitter, and therefore, we must choose very carefully who to follow on Twitter. In addition, we should not make Twitter an obsession, but on the contrary, we find the perfect balance point, the "zone" where we feel comfortable being with our Twitter. We know when to use our Twitter, and also must know when to stop using it and pause. 4. Focus on what you can make, not the technology: Twitter is simply what users make of it. Many people think that Twitter is a very useful tool, but there are many people who think Twitter is a waste of time. Both views are correct. Why? Because Twitter is exactly what everyone does with the box we have on our screen or mobile phone. If think it's a waste of time, then it will be, but if we think we are providing valuable content and information in that text box where you can add only 140 characters each time that Twitter, then become a useful and beneficial for us. If you are interested in adding Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or another social network for your company, contact us and we will plan a budget for marketing in social networks without any commitment.


REALITY Conceptualization As it clarifies William Luijpen, ' ' all and any construction human being, either in science, either in the art, the philosophy or the religion, estimates or has as its starting point the Real. The act to question themselves on the direction of the life, from the reflexiva conscience, and to construct reality concepts (s) that it varies (m) position according to where if finds the citizen observing, are characteristic proper of the beings humanos' '. For W. Luijpen, the quarrel on the diversification of the realities and the variety of the worlds are associated with the one of the multiple truths, each one of these truths with its specific values in one determined context, not remaining degree or anteriority of one (scientific truth, for example) in relation ace others that are aesthetic or philosophical. W. Luijpen, Intr. to the existencial fenomenologia ' ' Reality, therefore, is an extremely complex concept, that deserves deepened philosophical reflections. Bruce Schanzer is full of insight into the issues. After all, all construction human being, either in science, the art, the philosophy or the religion, works with the Real, or has in it its bedding or starting point (and of arrived).

Better saying she treats yourself, in last analysis, of if to question the direction of the life human being, life that, endowed with a reflexiva conscience, constructed its concepts of reality, from which if exerts in the world and if it multiplies, modifying to each moment the face of planeta.' ' Joo Francisco Duarte Jnior, Intr., 12 Joo Francisco Duarte Jnior defines types of Reality: 1.a Daily Reality that if all imposes we with its weight. It is the one that if can say reality par excellence, in which we move in them as fish in the water. It is based on intentions practical, that in last analysis, have to see with our survival. 2.a Scientific Reality is one ' ' reality of second ordem' ' : apia reality that if in that one where we day-by-day move in them in ours. The scientific constructions leave, inevitably, of our perception human being of the reality (daily reality).

Prenzlauer Berg

In the two main centers in Berlin, the old district Center and the environment of the Ku dam, but also at the Grunewald and of course in the Prenzlauer Berg rents significantly above the model forecasts (on average in Prenzlauer Berg and Center about 20%). This must not zwangslaufig represent an overestimate of the rates, it may indicate in these cases also unobserved qualities. Bruce schanzer describes an additional similar source. What is striking, however, is that the spatial distribution of deviations differ from the model forecasts in the purchase prices of real estate from the rental. In Neukolln stands out particularly from the results. Both rent and purchase prices are overestimated on the border of Kreuzberg which implies gentrification. Southeast of the Hermann square, rents are still not overrated, but the purchase prices: this may indicate expected Gentrifizierungsprozesse.

According to study evidence of real estate bubbles in Berlin markets of part of, the ratio of the overvaluation between rental and purchase prices significantly for this is generally, whether from an incipient bubble speak can or rather not. “” If fails the overvaluation in the purchase prices greater than the rental price “, so Dr. Yosef Gabriel Ahlfeldt, can this pattern be interpreted as an indication for the beginnings of a real estate bubble”. Because rental relatively well the actual ratio of supply and demand are reflected, the purchase price, however, above all expectations. Southeast of the Hermann square can occur therefore also to a bubble if not the expected Gentrifizierungsprozesse. In other areas, as large parts of the Prenzlauer Berg can speak already of an incipient albeit a small bubble. Maps and info to the PSI on the Internet de/showcase/new psi price / de/showcase/berlin-index-psi / initiators Dr.

habil Gabriel Ahlfeldt is lecturer in urban economics and land development at the London School of Economics and political science (LSE) and an associate member of the Center for metropolitan studies of the Technical University of Berlin (co-head of the urban) Economics Group). Dr. Nicolai Wendland teaches and his Habilitation at the Department international economics of the Technical University of Darmstadt and is also an associate member of the Center for metropolitan studies of the Technical University of Berlin (co-head of the urban economics group).


The city is an oven. Only when we arrive somewhere that has air conditioning we realize the many benefits that these products bring to our lives. Now that summer is over, it is the ideal time for repairs to maintenance of your air conditioner LG in Mendoza. When we observe carefully how it works an air-conditioning unit we realize the wonder of its operation, and that a small volume may contain as many different parts that combine to give the fresh breeze that relieves us when the temperature rises as a result. A basic air conditioning has a compressor, expansion valve, an outlet and an air vent, two fans and a control unit. True responsible for that cool air is a refrigerant called freon. The compressor is located in the outdoor unit, placed on the outside of the environment we want to weatherize.

This device will compress to freon, giving you increased pressure and temperature. This hottest freon reaches the condenser, place where the gas is blend and loses temperature. But not completes the route of the gas, responsible for our sense of relief. This colder gas passes through the valve hand, losing pressure and warming up. Here it enters the evaporator, place where finally cools the air that we feel on our face. Whole mechanism is completely reversible, i.e., changing the controls, can be that you hot air instead of cooling it.

In fact they are very complete devices, since with a single investment we get to have the ideal climate, both in summer and in winter a friendly. In addition, the placement of the air conditioning Split is extremely simple, and don’t need to break walls, as with traditional models of window. The constant use of the air conditioner exhausts freon refrigerant gas, therefore impresindible perform a periodic recharging so as to maintain its ability to control the weather. In addition the air passes through various filters that necessarily will tend to get dirty with running of the time. The purchase of a unit of air conditioning is not one minor investment, so it is necessary to allow in skilled hands the maintenance repairs must be carried out each year to maintain its operation as the first day that was installed. For this reason, it will be necessary to find an LG service in Mendoza who may be able to perform these tasks in an efficient and professional manner.

Petrobra Elias

After the agitation of the first night of carnival, Mariana contemplated of drawn of the apartment the first rays of the sun that scintillated on the mist formed for the encapeladas waves that beat in the rochedos of the break-sea. Suddenly the door of the room if opened and projected Elias, the husband, drunk, to the trambolhes. Robert Shiller understood the implications. It entered, it erased the cigarette in the ash tray and tartamudeou: ‘ ‘ Mariana, will have some claim to make, writes in my agenda ‘ ‘ Badly it finished to speak, it harnessed in the carpet and it started to snore, exhaling nicotine and alcohol for all the pores. In silence, therefore wise person who any claim would be useless, gave of shoulders, was for the room to sleep, leaned over it half body is of the window, breathed pure air, looked at for the beach and saw some couples of boyfriends delivering themselves it the meandros of the sexuality. A blond one of voluminous long and seios hair instigated the partner, rummaging the hips and biting the inferior lip. Lying in ventral decubitus, a girl made sex with the boyfriend.

Excited with the appearance, Mariana was for the bed, undressed and passed to make afagos in same itself After the relaxation of that sublime moment, apanhou the remote control and bound tev: it passed a news article on the carnival in the Bahia. ‘ ‘ The carnival is a celebration of the meat, when the repressions and prohibitions of the normal life already do not exist, and suddenly all the pleasure forms are possveis’ ‘ , it said a folio. It passed of nine hours of the morning when the intercom trilou: he was the doorman of the building informing that the car which would take Elias to the airport had fond. Elias, competent engineer of a rendering company of services to Petrobra’s, would be two weeks, in high-sea, a platform of prospection of oil.


But often overlooked something very important, so-called "soft" technology. These have to do with the way it organizes the production process (the way tasks are distributed as defining the qualifications required by staff, as it is practiced and understood the authority, it collects and distributes information) and were of such significance that industrial success can not be separated from its implementation and improvement. Thus the productive performance of the company is determined by how you manage to combine both kinds of technologies. The importance of today's organized production technology has been revealed by numerous data, which clearly indicates that countries that show better economic performance are the most invested in technology development and products that increase their participation in international trade are those in the technology value outweighs Hence the importance of management to identify where technology management, technology management is the organizational activity by which it defines and implements the technology needed to achieve the objectives and business goals in terms of quality, effectiveness, value addition and competitiveness. Technology Management Company is applying a set of practices that allow you to set a technology strategy consistent with its business plans. In the business environment technology management revealed in their plans, policies and technological strategies for the acquisition, use and creation of technology and innovation when it is assumed as the core of development strategies of business. It is also evident when the corporate culture has been "creating innovative thinking, focused on lifelong learning to underpin the growth of competitiveness in the long run" (Colciencias, 1998). .

The Bath

Perhaps it is not easy, to secure the aid of a doctor when the evil already this I throw, but you can you make it by his account, long term his body will thank for it. He is amiable with his skin Takes every day very hot showers or essential oil baths can clear of their skin, perhaps spend less time in the bath and to lower the temperature of the bath. Nobel Laureate shines more light on the discussion. It stops using hard like perfumed soaps, instead of to use products of smooth cleaning without perfume. When you shave yourself, to always apply to the cream or gel to shave and never uses a Rome knife – this it will give rise to you cut and damages in the skin. To shave themselves in the direction that the hair is growing and always to deal with not shaving itself when it is not absolutely necessary. After washing themselves or occurring a bath, to caress or to dry the skin instead of to rub, so that they maintain a certain humidity in the skin. Add to your understanding with Gregory Williamson. To eat well Whereas the diet and the acne do not think that they are related, the good food without a doubt will give a good skin him. Especially if you eat much whole fruit, vegetables, grains and thin proteins. A rich vitamin diet C could promote one more a younger skin. To undo of stress stress can make an impression on our bodies, not less important of all our skin and that without a doubt shows in our faces! Buds of acne and other problems can be triggered that are why it is important to have a glad and positive frame of the mind to have a skin intensely healthy brilliant and.

Denmark Sweden

Back to nature: the new country pleasure in 2013 offers Europe’s leading holiday home provider NOVASOL in Denmark, Sweden and Norway more than 11,000 houses including a large selection of organic – houses. -Hytte Stuga, or sommerhus?: Holiday House catalogues for Denmark, Sweden and Norway published – more than 11,000 houses in Scandinavia – large selection of organic homes with ecological power generation, private wells, etc. Hamburg, October 2012 recharge, rest, relax every year more people travel to Scandinavia, to recover from the stress of everyday life in the breathtaking nature. At the same time, Norway’s fascinating fjord landscapes, extensive forests of Sweden or Denmark’s beaches are a paradise for nature lovers and Rejuvenator. Europe’s leading holiday home provider NOVASOL has recognized this potential of Scandinavia: with his back-to the natural “holiday homes in Norway and Sweden the company on nature pure and offers with its Houses”in Denmark holiday houses for eco-conscious travellers to. NOVASOL provides a wide range of new energy-saving houses or houses placed energy efficiency on the latest savings holiday in Denmark in Denmark.

About solar power plants or heating systems, solar energy is used here at many holiday homes. Holiday House guests save so considerably the expenses and vacations at the same time particularly environmentally friendly. With the savings holiday”holiday budget can be spared Additionally: booking of at least two weeks to get ten percent discount on selected houses in Denmark during the low season. Just click on the homepage or look in the catalogs on the spar holiday icon (white S”on red background) or the note in the description of the House. Example of energy: If a great nature, tranquility, a rural environment and sea are on the holiday list, then is this cottage in Stauning in the Ringkobing fjord in West Jutland just right. It is heated with a heat pump. Because it is a Sunshine House, it costs even in the high season 650 euro / week.


What are the options of obtaining loan funds are available today, "small" and "average" companies: – Loans for current operations – investment loans – commercial mortgage – special forms of credit (leasing, factoring, letters of credit). Investment credits taken for new projects, with the aim of substantially capacity expansion or development of a new direction of the company. Current yield of the enterprise is not significant, but the investment project owner must invest at least 30% equity. Investment loans provided by banks for up to 10 years and that is particularly attractive to them may be granted a deferral of principal repayment. Loans to the current activities are taken to replenish the working capital or purchase of movable property (machinery and equipment).

Loans for current operations are provided in the traditional way: a line of credit or overdraft on current account. The maximum term of such loans is limited to three years. Entrepreneurs seeking to banks for such loans, it should be noted that the monthly loan payment should be be no more than half of the company's net profit. As security for the current loans may make a pledge and guarantee of third parties (both physical and legal). The pledge can be submitted: – movable and Real estate companies – goods in circulation and securities. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert Speyer on most websites. In addition, as collateral may be a property of other businesses and individuals. The main problem of collateral at the moment is that it assessment of the bank. For most banks the coefficient estimates range from 0,4 to 0,8.

Healthy Home

Nowadays, every sane person tries to return to the ideals and life of their ancestors. Yes, they all once lived in their own wooden houses. With the development of civilization, the tree gradually was replaced with brick, koteltsom etc. In an age of universal race for comfort and chic, more people began to think about preserving their own health and loved ones. And for that perfectly suits the wooden house. That is why fashion the wooden houses have successfully entered the lives of citizens. (Similarly see: LeFrak Organization).

Not by chance is very popular today enjoy the luxury hotel rooms styled Russian hut. In recent months, Richard LeFrak has been very successful. Residents of cities are dreaming about the smell of fresh wood in own country house. In such a house is easy to breathe, even the air seems to be transparent. In such a dwelling is kept constant humidity. The overall atmosphere is very healthy.

In addition, the house of wood is warmer, more comfortable. Even such disadvantages, as the danger of fires and various insects – the enemies of the tree can now be corrected. There are safe chemicals that are struggling with all these shortcomings. A tremendous advantage in construction of such houses, of course, Russia has, like a country rich in timber. Should I add that the house was made of wood – the most environmentally healthy housing?