The Smell

Wolf to remember the little things that day, when I first saw a small, glowing, and cheerful azarnuyu girl who went to his grandmother and his father. He remembers how they had fun, as they laughed and played with each other, and remembers how he did not want them people, probably the whole town, and they were looking for in those rainy days. Remember that after those days, a girl about a month went dejectedly. How he had wanted to ask her, 'What, Honey, have you been? ". But over time, seeing that she was whom he respected more than all others combined. Moreover, as it turned out that he was in the forest is still no he does not know about it? And it is strongly depressed him. Since then he's got a new occupation in addition to those that he had is to remember all the details that happened during those rainy days. Robert J. Shiller gathered all the information.

He felt that he must remain a kind of hook that used to unravel this mystery. He felt that if this had happened in his woods, the woods will help him in figure it out. And while he was happy to see how his beloved Sun is slowly returning smile, thinking of every day to be outside of the trail, on which she walks to her grandmother, what would have happened to her which is not good. And one of days, the Wolf noticed that the house of her grandmother drove some great machine. They first something long unloaded, and then something as long charged. Wolf was surprised: where it all can get into the little house my grandmother? They are a Recently, it has become even more noticeable. And now the girl and got upset and did a long walk in the woods before go home. And then Wolf knew that his troubled. It was the smell of my grandmother around the house, the smell of a large number of toys, the same smell was in the woods in those rainy days.

International Poetry Competition

As part of our competition. Not here cause for resentment and even more charges. So I, of course, sad to hear and read the angry arguments of some authors that the time they did not win, the competition is bad and all this hype. They begin to invent stories about us in attempts to take revenge for the fact that their poems were selected as the best. This, of course, is ridiculous and they put themselves in a ridiculous position.

By these acts of poetry are irrelevant. This is a minor settling of personal accounts. But we knew that it happened and have been pre-prepared for the fact that not everyone will like. Contact information is here: expert on growth strategy. But the International Poetry Competition "Golden verse" is so important and major event in Russian literature and Russian poetry, which would be stupid to pay attention to spiteful critics, of which enough in any large and important project. – What, in your opinion, the greatest value of the poetry contest "Golden stanza?" – I think that our competition has enabled very a large number of people who wrote in a desk or displayed their poems in the best case in the family, access to a huge audience of readers like to site the "Golden verses" and, most importantly, in my opinion, through printed collections of poetry – our almanacs. After all, poetry, as we always say, lives just the printed word. Despite the new trends and new technologies, poems have to live on paper. It was printed books will remain the descendants.

Heron Journalist

– Yes, I have served in the Office, – replied the stranger – but only as unofficial detective. This is my identification. He handed Heron plastic rectangle, one side of which was embossed coat of arms of the Office and on the other photo and service information. Heron, thanks to his work, have often seen such certificate, and his glance was enough to get this man a fairly complete picture. – Hmm. Corvo Bork – hemmed journalist .- Your success at work is impressive. Get a second with a relatively small degree of work experience can not everyone – returning the card, he added. – I'm glad your powers of observation.

It gives me some hope. If you would like to know more about John Savignano, then click here. I did not warn you about his arrival in advance. I think that soon you'll understand why. Ready-to listen to you. Please .- Heron retreated deep into the hallway and opened the door, inviting the visitor to enter the apartment. In the hallway Bourque looked at the bell.

– You have a wonderful and The original call. His sound is soothing and relaxing. I'm no one has seen anything like it. 'The detective just have to be observant – mentally laughed and thought Heron .- But his flattering words suggest that he was also good psychologist. " In the detective, as in the work of the journalist, it is important to place the first minutes of man to himself. Depends on their full details. Heron nearly every day had to be taken interviews with various people.