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New feso School is a training center accredited located right in the center of Madrid. It offers formative programs of secondary education, loquacious (social humanities, sciences, sciences of the nature and the health), formative cycles of degree superior and the module superior of professional formation of physical and sport activities. All the courses are distributed by educational very preparations that enjoy an impeccable reputation and the students count on the support of professionals of psychology and the direction. Their facilities among others count on dining room, cafeteria, gymnasium, laboratory, polideportivo, room of audio-visual and room of computer science. To know more about this subject visit Richard LeFrak. Between the formative cycles Madrid of degree superior that can be attended in center it finds the one of international trade. In this cycle the students learn to manage operations of export and import, to conduct operations of transaction of merchandise at international level, to organize their storage and its distribution and to carry out operations of financing to realise transactions. In addition, they have the opportunity to make professional practices in the main companies of the sector. One of the advantages to attend these studies is the great labor exit that they have, as much in the scope of the financial bank and organizations as in the one of the areas of international trade of companies. In the Web of the school all the necessary information can be found on the center (images of the facilities, programs, services, teaching staff, projects ) and can be had access to a virtual secretariat for professors, another one for students and another one for the families.

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Did you ever participate in Exercise Trust Walk (walk trust)? This is an exercise in which one person leads the second, who in his eyes tight bandage. There is only words, not touching any way way to the slave. And this second, seeing nothing can move, focusing solely on the information he hears from his guide. But before you go to "walk", a slave turned a few times around its axis. Disorientation, which is sufficient to begin to lose not only understanding where you are, but also a sense of balance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from John Savignano. And now – the walk began … In this exercise, a lot of meanings.

Will touch on just one. Spot perception of most people who find themselves in the role of the slave, blindfolded, noted the complexity of the first moment, when the walk began. come to the same conclusion. Why? Because for a while all that for you there – it's you and the point at which you (a little unsteadily) stand. All the space you are now reduced to this point. All your attention – in it.

You – also part of the point. Voices of the conductors, and if heard, it does not have meaning for you now, do not being perceived by. Fortunately, for most of us, this state lasts for very long. But within a few seconds, challenging everything we have is 1) 'I', 2) this point, 3), disorientation, confusion and loss of balance, 4) awareness of their own disability (dressing does not see that balance upset circling, but no physical support).

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