Title Insurance Contract

There is no doubt that any newly homeowners would like to be sure that no one else in the future try to challenge his ownership of the apartment. Can help in this contract with the insurance company. The fact is that now, when incomes rise, they begin to increasingly manipulate the housing: it is buying real estate from investors' concerns, and sharing apartments with a view to improving the conditions of his residence, etc. This leads to what is on the secondary real estate market, there are many with a long history of housing transitions of ownership (title). Buy such an apartment is risky, but what to do – you have to. You can protect yourself if you sign a contract of insurance of property rights.

Realtors, inspectors before buying an apartment, confined to research papers. But this test of legal purity does not give guarantees that there will ever owner, who wished to contest your rights in court – because the documents do not indicate that he signed them, for example, under the pressure. Banks have long made it a rule to require mandatory Security Ownership of an apartment from their borrowers, as well as life and health insurance clients. Such a contract is concluded for a period of 2-3 years. Rates for insurance companies vary, but usually the cost of insurance is not exceed 1.5-2% of the market value of the apartment.