The Car Business

– Foreign cars incomparably safer. According to Michael Yudin margin rental business now stands at 20-25%. However, to obtain a stable income is important to ensure maximum vehicle load. On average, one vehicle operated by about 230 days a year. – Well, when the machine is working in the office 65-70% of the time.

This is comparable to world average load is 72% – said Yudin. – But to ensure such a result, money for advertising is better to spare. By experience companies in the early stages of advertising has to spend up to 10% of the total budget of the firm. According to Michael Yudin, most fun car to take a long term lease to corporate clients. The cost of car rental services at the same time much lower, but the benefit is still there, as increasing the load factor. For example, if you rent a car economy-class standing in Rolf-hire "$ 55 at the time of day, then the cost of monthly rent is determined by the rate of $ 30 per night ($ 900 month).

But renting a long term lease can not expend energy on finding new customers, lowers costs time on paperwork and inspections. In addition, not all machines are in demand for 17 days a month, requiring to earn the same $ 900 upon delivery of cars at the standard rate. Peak sales of car rental companies have for the summer, when increasing the flow of travelers. According to specialists of the company, "Avent" summer demand increases by 30-40%.