When you carry plants with root balls need to pay attention to the fact that the components do not collapsed. In no case can raise the plant by the trunk. If the room is too heavy for one person, it should be put on a piece of cloth or a film and move together. The probability of adapting bush decreases in the case coma damage during transport or planting. In such cases, after planting should especially take care of soil moisture, and also to limit transpiration that is, the evaporation of water from plants through wrap it in sunshields net, burlap or other fabric, air flowing. Such protection can also be made from the film, but then you need to do it, the ventilation holes.

After planting with a lump can not be too compact the soil around them so as not to spoil the room. * Planting of plants grown in containers now, this method of growing plants is the most popular. I farmed like manner of plants, there are most likely to get accustomed to the new location. In containers not only grown shrubs typical of hedges, such as, for example, privet. Storage containerized plants significantly eased, they were not necessarily planted immediately after purchase and can keep even a few weeks, paying attention only to the fact that the soil in the container does not dry. Another positive aspect is a very long period landing of such plants, continuing the first-round, except for the season when the soil freezes.