Social Rights

I believe that the conscience of who we are and what we want makes possible in them to turn this game instituted socially being able and that destroys the biggest wealth that we have that it is our right to the freedom, that is, to live in freedom of not imprisoned choices and culturally instituted the social standards of the leisure. Individual and Collective CHAPTER i Of the Rights and Duties (…) Art. 5. All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, the freedom, the equality, the security and the property, in the following terms (…) CHAPTER II Of the Social Rights – Art. 6. (*) They are right social the education, the health, the work, the leisure, the security, social aprevidncia, the protection to the maternity and infancy, the assistance to the abandoned ones, in the form of this Constitution (…) IV – minimum wage, fixed in law, national unified, capable to take care of to its basic vital necessities and the ones of its family with housing, feeding, education, health, leisure, clothes, hygiene, transport and social welfare, with periodic readjustments that preserve it the purchasing power, being forbidden its entailing for any end (CONSTITUTION, 1988, pgs: 3 and 8). Although a hard reality of the robery of the playful one (MARCELLINO, 1995) of the child as of the adults exists in such a way, currently, it is needed to create possibilities to usufruct of its rights of playing as moment to be lived fully in all the aspects. Research points the validity of the therapy of the laugh, a condition of improvement of the mood in relation to the life, in everything that turns to its redor? friendships, situations problems, limitations, at last, therefore if believe this are its form of being and being in the world to the returns with games, toys and the tricks becoming playing as inherent action to the human being, to not only diminish stress but as right in fact and not right acquired.