The Car Business

– Foreign cars incomparably safer. According to Michael Yudin margin rental business now stands at 20-25%. However, to obtain a stable income is important to ensure maximum vehicle load. On average, one vehicle operated by about 230 days a year. – Well, when the machine is working in the office 65-70% of the time.

This is comparable to world average load is 72% – said Yudin. – But to ensure such a result, money for advertising is better to spare. By experience companies in the early stages of advertising has to spend up to 10% of the total budget of the firm. According to Michael Yudin, most fun car to take a long term lease to corporate clients. The cost of car rental services at the same time much lower, but the benefit is still there, as increasing the load factor. For example, if you rent a car economy-class standing in Rolf-hire "$ 55 at the time of day, then the cost of monthly rent is determined by the rate of $ 30 per night ($ 900 month).

But renting a long term lease can not expend energy on finding new customers, lowers costs time on paperwork and inspections. In addition, not all machines are in demand for 17 days a month, requiring to earn the same $ 900 upon delivery of cars at the standard rate. Peak sales of car rental companies have for the summer, when increasing the flow of travelers. According to specialists of the company, "Avent" summer demand increases by 30-40%.

Business Projects

And we have an alternative opportunity to invest our money simply by putting them in the bank at twenty percent per annum for the year. We have two alternative ways to invest money – in banks and real estate, which of these ways we choose. To do this, consider how much we will have money in the bank a year later under the twenty percent, so we have a bank within a year six hundred thousand rubles. A second project brings us through the year six hundred and fifty thousand rubles, but we can not take advantage in the future – this is not correct, we need to bring the cost of real estate six hundred fifty thousand rubles Today, for this we introduce the discount rate, which we have equal to the rate of alternative project twenty percent per annum. Rockwell Trading has similar goals. Thus, we have six hundred and fifty thousand drive using the discount rate today and get five hundred and forty one thousand, that is, to us a year to get six hundred fifty thousand rubles, we need to put in the bank at twenty percent per annum five hundred and forty one thousand rubles.

We have two Project is the first bank and a second property, and money to invest five hundred thousand, that's the difference between five hundred and forty one thousand, and the fact that we invest – this is the net present value npv. npv of the project should be more zero, then the project is deemed promising. So we're done with the npv. Now, how to calculate the net present value for any project with a lot of cash flow. We take our favorite Excel, making it a table for Horizontal we will have time project, and our payments to the vertical. Here in the photo is clearly visible problem, we buy a car, train workers, enter the cost of the car and get income, interest rates twelve thousand rubles. Introduce all of our streams to the table, we believe in the seventh column, the amount of our payments go into a sum formula and select the cell for example, B2: B6, and obtain the sum of our streams each year, now we need our money prodiskontirovat flows under twelve percent discount rate, again go into the formulas, financial, and find the npv (net present value), choose a discount rate twelve percent and choose a net payment of this year and get a discounted payment. To calculate the net present value of the entire project should prossumirovat all discounted payments of our project, we get one thousand eight hundred sixty-six rubles, or npv positive to the project costs to join. So done with the net present value, we now understand its meaning and the calculation of our business plan we have already Bole freely operate it. Further, we rely on alone other financial items in Excel, then put it all into one and create your first business plan in Excel, with charts and descriptions in accordance with the un system, unido, and after completion of training with Excel go to Project Expert, and then we'll see.